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Guide for Profitable E-commerce site in India


Now the world is moving at a quick pace with technology. There is a lot of development in business sectors. Every business is now moving online. 

Because businesses are getting a high number of customers via the Internet. Even sales are ramping up high all-time through social media platforms.

So, the e-commerce business is getting more intense as a competition. Now, setting a profitable e-commerce site is a challenging task.

What is an E-commerce site?


E-commerce is the channel where your products are showcased on your website. Then your products can be purchased from customers all around the world. 

In simple words, you are creating a simple online store. Where you can make sales online.

Setting up an e-commerce site saves a lot of money. To start a low investment business then e-commerce will be the right choice. Investments also depend on the range and size of your company.

E-commerce will be a profitable business model in the future. Even the e-commerce market size in India in 2021 is $64 billion. And it will reach $200 billion in 2027.

So, there is a huge opportunity for the e-commerce business. Even internet penetration is growing rapidly. Besides, internet users are also increasing and reach nearly 82 crores in India in 2021. 

It is a clear crystal that the e-commerce business will boom for sure. Even pandemics made the paradigm shift to the online. Now, the majority of people are doing online shopping.

Here we have made some of the steps for setting a profitable e-commerce site in India.

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Steps for profitable e-commerce site


To start any kind of business, selecting a specific category is very essential. Even it applies to the e-commerce site as well. Because it will yield a good result in the end.


Ultimately, your niche in e-commerce sites plays a game-changer factor. It is better to select the niche where your passion lies. Because if your passion aligns with your business then one can work on it all day long. 

Also, one will constantly think of creative ways to make the product look better. Then one can work on the niche for a long time. Another benefit is one will be aware of the present trend and demand.

But most people, select the niche according to the present demand. It is also a valid action but even there is a disadvantage too.

 You will not be able to coordinate with niche and not be aware of the present requirements of the users.

In the end, you will not be able to make a profitable e-commerce business or site.

So, it is important to select the right niche before starting an e-commerce site. Take your own time and think about the niche.

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E-commerce brand name is like eyes of your business. Because users will only remember unique and catchy titles at the end. 

People will get an impression by looking into the logo and brand name. So, there should lot of effort to design your logo and brand name. According to psychology, humans only remember the logo then the name of the company.

Tips to design e-commerce logo and brand name

  1. Select the trendy brand name. It should be no more than two words. 
  2. The design of the logo should justify the brand name.
  3. Design the logo as simple as possible.
  4. Complex designs won’t work in the market.

Your brand name should be the word that as significant amount searches. 

For example, if T-shirts are the most searched word then your brand should be like

  1. T-shirtGugys
  2. T-short time

To know the demand of the word, then visit the Google Trends website. Then you can get insights into the numbers of the searches of each word.

If you’re not a professional designer, then you can hire some freelancers to design the logo.

Here are some of the best freelancing websites

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer

Even if you are not a professional designer, still you can make the design. Technology made it too simple. Even non-technical people also can make logos.

Here are some of the free logo designing tools

  1. Canva
  2. Freelogoservices
  3. Figma
  4. Logomaker

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Domain Name

A domain name is nothing but the name of your website. Your website name and brand name should be the same. 

You should select the brand name such that the same domain should be available.

So, you should visit the Google domains website to check availably of the name of the websites.

Here are some of the best domain name providers

  1. Godaddy
  2. Hostinger
  3. Namecheap
  4. Hostgator

So, it is best to select the domain from Godaddy and take the hosting from the Hostinger. Because Hostinger has the best customer support services. Even plans are also affordable to purchase.

Website Builder 

To build a profitable e-commerce site a powerful website is mandatory.

There are many ways to build your e-commerce sites.

The first way is to get it done by freelancers. Another way is to make a professional website via digital agencies or from any IT services. These are the ways you have to spend a lump sum amount to get it done.

It is not a one-time investment. Because e-commerce sites will have frequent changes and are also prone to some technical glitches. So, your site must be maintained by someone.

If you don’t have enough budget for your e-commerce site. There are some website builders, it requires zero coding language. It takes someone or two weeks to learn such software or applications. 

Here are some of the best website builders with zero coding knowledge

  1. WordPress
  2. Shopify
  3. Wix
  4. Webflow
  5. Magneto
  6. Zyro


WordPress is the one-stop solution for the e-commerce site. One can easily customize the website according to your wishes.

Now, if your visit random 10 websites then the probability of the WordPress website reaches 6.

For more functionality, you must download some of the plugins. There will be both paid and free WordPress plugins.


Shopify is the simplest way to build an eCommerce site. Its user interface is very simple. One can learn to build an e-commerce website within a week. Here you can’t make many customizations.

However, the plans start from $29 or approximately INR 2,150.

Even you can also start a print-on-demand business easily. Shopify provides million of third-party vendors, and integrating with them is far few clicks. 

Suppliers for profitable e-commerce site

After creating the foundation for your e-commerce site. It is vital to select the suppliers for your e-commerce company.

It is better to order in bulk so that one can get heavy discounts. Now, many B2B startups are there to get the job done. Here the startups connect manufacturers directly to the consumers.

Selling high-quality products is essential to retain customers. If there is a default in your products then the consumers won’t visit your site again.

Here are some of the top B2B platforms to place bulk orders

  1. Udaan
  2. Indian Mart
  3. Alibaba
  4. Tradeindia

High-quality products are the main pillars for a profitable e-commerce site.

Payment Gateway

Online transaction is the most preferred mode of transaction. Having a payment gateway is vital to have more sales. Now digital transactions are peak.

Payment Gateway acts as a path for the money to send from customers to reach your bank account. Even payment gateway providers take 2-3% of commission on every transaction.

Here are some best Payment Gateway for e-commerce sites

  1. Razorpay
  2. Instamojo
  3. EBS
  4. PayU

Logistics for profitable e-commerce site

Logistics plays another 75% of works in succeeding in your e-commerce company. Because speedy deliveries are more appreciated by the users nowadays.

So, it is vital to select the best logistics partners. Event logistics partners charge accordingly on

  1. Distance
  2.  Weight of the products

Here are some of the best Logistics partners for e-commerce sites

  1. FedEx
  2. Bluedart
  3. Delhivery
  4. ShadowFax

Logistics plays important role in delivering the products to the consumers.

Customer Support

For any business, Customer support acts as a backbone. Here, users can convey their inconvenience and rectify their doubts.

Ultimately, customer care makes businesses succeed or fail. Now, many users investigate the company and then make a purchase.

So, it is important to have the best customer support at the backend.

Here are some of the best customer support team

  1. MyOperator
  2. Aidey
  3. Go4customers

Marketing to make a profitable e-commerce site

Building an e-commerce site is not a big deal in today’s world. Because now many platforms offer zero code website builder.

After launching your site, it is vital to have visibility on all social media such as Facebook, and Instagram. So, it is worth registering to such platforms and you also increase your branding.

At the initial stages, one should post their products on social media with high-quality photos. Then users get the best impression on the products and the chances of buying will be higher.

One can use software such as Vimeo and Inshort video editing tools for portraying their products.

If your e-commerce site improves day-by-day then, the company can proceed to register for Facebook and Instagram ads. From these methods, you can really target your potential customers.

As nowadays social media platforms customize the ads according to the user’s interest. So, the probability of getting the right audience will be more.

Another way is to promote your products from the influencers. As influencers have a high user base and your products sales also touch up the roofs.

Social media platforms are boon for every business online. Therefore having social accounts on your brand is a must and should.

Tips to grow profitable e-commerce site


At the initial stages, any business has to try to get more organic traffic. Then one can have clarity of the demand and visibility of the brand.


To, increase the organic traffic one has to choose the keywords precisely.

 Even early-stage businesses have to select long-tail keywords. Because short tail won’t get the desirable results. As other giant companies are already have captured the word.

For example, long-tail keywords are

Best shoes for men in 2021

Top 10 best black shoes.


Having a blogs section on your site helps the company to get the right kind of audience. Blogs are nothing but descriptive facts or stories about the relevant topics.

If your e-commerce company sells fashion products then you have written a descriptive essay with relevant keywords and titles. 

For example, sample blogs title should

Top shoes for men in 2021

Best hoddies for women during winter

Best clothing for the summer season 2021

In this manner, your e-commerce site should have blogs. Then the right kind of audience will enter your site. This is one of the organic methods to increase visitors and sales.

Speed and Responsive website

Your website speed should be high all time. To have the best customer experience. So, website speed has an important role to increase sales.

Many e-commerce sites will be having slow and bad customer experiences. Sometimes even it takes a minute to load the images.

Here are some of the best ways to increase the website speed

  • Initially take the premium hosting plans rather than choosing the basic plan
  • One has to constantly monitor the website performance on sites like GT Metrix and in google search console.
  • Frequent caching of images and sites is a must and should. Then it will delete duplicate copies. Eventually reducing the force on the servers.
  • Best plugins have to be used to purge caches and minify the HTML, CSS, and JS files.

On top of it, your e-commerce site should be responsive on all devices. In simple words, your website should look beautiful on all the devices such as Mobile, laptops, and desktops.

Mobile responsiveness plays a crucial role in getting a huge number of audiences. Because nowadays, mobile users are increasing at a high pace. Even many users prefer mobile to purchase the products. 

So, website speed and responsiveness play a vital role in building a profitable e-commerce site.

These are some of the crucial steps for setting up a profitable e-commerce site in India. Build an e-commerce site takes months of research and also selecting the best services providers.

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