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Ashneer Grover Controversy over Bharatpe


Controversies are not limited to Bollywood but even exist in the startup ecosystem. Now, the Bharatpe controversy is shaking the foundation of the company. Besides, there is lots of confusion, illegality, and a toxic environment in Bharatpe company.

Ashneer Grover Controversy over Bharatpe is now trending on social media and news channels. The whole controversy began, when Ashneer Grover got the spotlight and recognition in the Show “Shark Tank India”.

In Shark Tank India, Ashneer is known for his abusive behavior against the Contestants. Even his famous dialogue of “Doglpan” had thousands of memes across social media platforms.

Ashneer Grover was one of the unique judges in the Shark Tank India Judge. Besides his achievements, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit made him a special person.

Ashneer Grover Controversy

All was nice until the leak of the audio clip of Ashneer Grover. On February 4th, an audio clip was leaked, the conversation between Ashneer Grover and Kotak employee had special attention.

In the audio clip, we can notice that Ashneer Grover is hammering Kotak Bank employees. Besides, Ashneer’s humiliating tone and abusive conduct over a call made the matter worse.

From the audio clip, the Ashneer Grover controversy, taken beginning. Here, Ashneer was yelling at Kotak Bank employee because he couldn’t able aid with finance in the Nykaa IPOs.

These all hub, that Nykaa IPOs will be successful. So, everyone awaited investing in the upcoming Nykaa IPO. Even Ashneer Grover also wanted to invest in the IPO with the help of Kotak Bank Finances.

Here, Ashneer Grover and Madhuri Jain( his wife) made a plan of investing over 500 crores with financial aid with Kotak bank. But Kotak bank did not make the assistance for Ashneer Grover. Besides, Ashneer Grover was in a high position in Kotak for over 6 years.

Ultimately, Ashneer Grover breakdown his frustration over a phone call. This is the reason for Ashneer Grover Controversy over Bharatpe.

Ashneer Grover and Madhuri Jain

Now, Ashneer Grover is claiming that the audio is nothing but a fake. Then there was an investigation that went over the originality of the audio clip.

This has taken another turn over time. Besides, there was an intense investigation going on all the activities relatable to the Ashneer controversy.

Now, Ashneer Grover’s wife Madhuri Jain was fired due to her financial irregularity. In the BhartPe, Madhuri Jain holds a designation, where she is responsible for all the finances of the hiring and clients.

With the investigation, a Statement came to the spotlight that over 53.25 crores of amount did not claim any legality. As this amount is not given or used over the process. But still, Madhuri Jain utilized against norms of legality.

Besides, Madhuri Jain also spent company funding worth 1 crore for Foreign trips, personal beauty, and care. This all made here to reach the termination from the Bharatpe.

After her termination, Madhuri Jain shared a video on Twitter claiming that Bharat pe employees are making a party after her termination. Later, it came to know that the video was a year old.

Ashneer Grover Resignation

Now, even the Co-founder and managing director of Bharatpe gave resignation. Even in the resignation letter also Ashneer Grover made it clear that all the controversy is nothing but a trap. All the plan was made and then executed accordingly.

Previously, Ashneer Grover demanded over 4000 crores for Bharatpe for this 9.5% stake in the company. But the company did not make any kind of response.

Ashneer Grover points out Rajnish Kumar, Bhavik koladiya, and Kumar were the main roles for framing the controversy.

Still, all the pieces of evidence are against Ashneer Grover and his wife Madhuri Jain. Even their early act after the leak of the audio clip made all believe that they are culprits.

After the release of the audio clip, Ashneer Grove took leave for over 1 month. Following her husband, Madhuri Jain also took leave for a week.


Bharatpe made a new revolutionary move in the fintech space in India. Even the Bharatpe startup was started by Shasvat Nakrani IITian Delhi.

Later Ashneer Grover joined the board as a co-founder. Bharatpe makes online payment simple and easy. With one Bharatpe QR code, anyone can pay with any app(Paytm, Phonepe, Google pay).

Then, its bold move of giving micro and macro loans for the merchants took the company to the next level. The mastermind behind the success of Bharatpe was Ashneer Grover.

As Ashneer Grover had immense knowledge in the banking space

  1. Ashneer worked in Kotak for 7 years
  2. Then he got the opportunity to work in American Express

Here Ashneer Grover was the leading role of investors. Here, Ashneer listens to the business plan from the founders and then uses it to give the funds to the businesses.

So, this gave him exposure to the business and startup ecosystem. Ashneer use to meet many entrepreneurs and listen to business ideas. As a result, this gave him a great deal of knowledge.

After the banking sector, Ashneer was CFO in Grofers( now Blinkit) was 2 years. Here he understood the Indian consumer’s behavior and more closely understood the sales.

So, all his experience and efforts were put in the Bhartpe to build the company’s successful future.

Now, Ashneer Grover Controversy made him prey and criminal. But the truth has to come under the spotlight. Until the Ashneer Grover Controversy will be kept moving on.

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