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India gives lots of importance to marriages. Here, in the land of religion and traditions marriages have special importance.

India is among the top country where the average age of people comes under 30. So, there is a lot of demand for marriage in India.

Tying the knot is a long process, especially in India. Because there are lots of religious practices are made before getting married.

Initially, the stars should be aligned between the women’s and men’s horoscopes. Then the other complex process takes off. 

But there is a lot of problem with a lack of choices. When you are about to marry then one will contact the marriage broker. Then the broker will show some women photos. But the choices are less than 20. One cannot get the opportunity to find the right choice.

So, this was the existing problem in society. But no one was ready to solve the problem. Until the launch of startup.

Here in this blog, one can understand

  1. Who is the founder of
  2. startup story
  3. Anupam Mittal Biography Startup Story

Startups are there always to solve the existing problem in society. So, here the founder should have the determination and hope about his vision.

It’s better to start with Anupam Mittal founder. Anupam Mittal was born in Mumbai on 23 December 1971. He belongs to the business family. Then his father owns a factory. So, Anumpa Mittal got exposure to business at a very young age.

Then Anupam Mittal did start his business and then it all failed. It was all the learning experience and stepping stone in his life. Later he got a contract with the European trade business. Then flew to Europe to look after the business.

But still, he failed in the business too within a few months. So, he thought to continue his studies and going to do his post-graduation at Boston University. 

His interest in business never ends. So, he did his MBA in Operation and Strategic Management in the batch of 1994-1997.

After completing his education, Anupam Mittal joined to Microstrategy company in 1998. There Anupam was earning a good amount of money. 

But in the early 2000s, there was an internet bust in the world. So, all the investment done on the internet companies was severely failing. As a result, there was a huge shortage of investment in the market.

Therefore, there was a financial crisis in the internet companies. Then the companies were removing the employees. Even Anupam Mittal lost his job and money too.

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Foundation of Startup Story

Finally, Anupam Mittal came back to India. Even the lost his job and money still he had hope for a new beginning. So, he was looking for business opportunities around.

Then he found the Sathyanet solution company. Here the company was focusing on building websites for businesses. Later the business was running successfully and earning good revenue.

But destiny had a different path from the Anupam Mittal. Accidently, he met a marriage broker and then understood the matching process. Anupam analyzes the business model of the marriage broker.

Finally, he came with drawbacks in the business model. The major issue was the lack of choices. An average marriage broker would have contact of about 30 to 40 pair matching capacity.

So, one should be limit choices in this process.

Then the commission fees were not fair enough. The marriage broker was charging too high. 

Anupam cracks the solution to all the problems. So, he started initially. Then within a few months, he got a lot of good responses.

Finally, he rebranded the company as startup in 1997. There are other problems with taking the domain name Shaadi. The owner of the domain was making a demand of 25 lakhs.

Here, again Anupam Mittal made a crazy move. Whatever he had earned from the internet service company he gave away the money to purchase domain name rights.

Initially, there were a lot of problems arises while hiring. During the time of early 2000s, there was a lack of tech entrepreneurs. So, the company was facing trouble while hiring the employees.

With all the struggles and setbacks startup went one set new impact on society. People use to get got matchmaking pair and were satisfied with the results.

Then Anupam Mittal became a successful entrepreneur and also became an active investor in other startups as well.

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In the website or app, users will get the choices to look. One can select the bride or groom based on the city, religion, age, and language.

Then the following results will appear. Before that one has set up their profile in Later one has to pay a certain amount of fees for the bride or groom details.

Therefore, here the company is charging the commission from both ends. Till now, the company had made matchmaking in the lives of 3.5 crores of people.

In this way, Anupam Mittal became a great entrepreneur in India. He is a great inspiration for all budding entrepreneurs. startup made a good impact in the society and now looking for bride or groom just search in

Now, Anupam Mittal is also one of the Jude in the Shark Tank India show.

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