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Ashneer Grover Spent 32 Lakhs for 500 Rupees Of Vegetables


Ashneer Grover is now a household name and a famous shark of India. The way he talks and acts impressed the whole of India. Now, Ashneer Grover is the talk of the town.

Now many, IIT colleges and startup programs invite him to share his entrepreneurial journey. In one of the events, Ashneer Grover founder of Bharatpe told about how he spent 32 lacks for the case in the supreme court.

As most of us are aware that Ashneer Grover started his entrepreneurial journey at Grofers. In 2015, Ashneer Grover joined Grofers as CFO as he had in-depth experience, and worked in Kotak and American Express. Even Ashneer assists Grofers founder Albinder Dhindsa to get funding as well.

In 2015, Grofers did not have its own warehouse for the procurement of the products. So, Grofers partnered with IC organics to get the products and deliver them to the customers.

Then, there were 30 orders came in a single day. It’s a great thing to get 30 orders in 2015 when there were hardly any users for the online grocery segment.

To check the loyalty of Grofers, the IC organics founder ordered vegetables through the Grofers platform. According to the agreement, Grofers had to procure vegetables and fruits from the IC organics stores.

But the day when IC organics founder ordered, Gorfers had too 30 orders to deliver to the customer. So, the manager told the delivery guy to purchase the vegetables at a random store and deliver it to the customer.

Here is the twist, no one had any idea that the customer was none other than IC organics’ founder. Then IC organics founder was angry about the fraud. Finally, cased a file where he ordered the vegetables worth 500 but Grofers did not comply with the agreement.

Ashneer Grover spent 32 lakhs in Supreme court

No one had thought that this trivial matter can go up to the supreme court. However, Grofers founder could not able negotiate with the IC organics founders. So, they wanted to face the case in the high court.

Now, Ashneer Grover tried to fight the case and also hired a lawyer to defend the case. But unfortunately, Grofers lost the case in the high court. Until then, Ashneer Grover spends over 15 lakhs to fight against the trivial case which is worth an order of 500 rupees.

Finally, the case went to the supreme court, and Ashneer Grover gave it to a renowned lawyer called Gopal Krishnan.

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When Ashneer Grover told about the case, there was no end to Gopal Krishnan’s loud laughter. 

Finally, the 500 rupees in vegetables dragged Grofers to the supreme court. In the supreme court, lawyer Gopal Krishnan defended the case legally and smartly.

As it is a case of matter, a lawyer asked the opponent to submit the vegetables that have been delivered to the IC organic founder. Everyone was spellbound by the lawyer’s verdict. 

But legally, the lawyer’s claim had a meaning. However, the opponent did not have any vegetables. So, finally, the case was in favor of the Grofers.

Ultimately, Ashneer Grover spent 32 lakhs for the trivial case of 500.

So, this is the funny incident that Ashneer Grover shared in one of the interviews.

Presently, Ashneer Grover fighting a case against the Bharatpe. On other hand, Ashneer raised funding of $50 million for his third startup ” CricPe”. 

Yes, Ashneer Grover is stepping into the fantasy sports sector. Now there is huge growth for fantasy sports in India. In 2021, the fantasy sports market size in India was 34,000 crores.

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