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Top 2 Worst pitches in Shark Tank India Season 2


Shark Tank India opens the doors for many startups for investments. Even many good startups are featured in the show. Ultimately inspiring the whole of India.

On contrary, there are the worst startup ideas that got featured in the Shark Tank India Season 2 2023.

So, here are the Top 2 worst pitches in Shark Tank India Season 2 2023.

Bottom Line Spray

Bottom Line Spray Startup Founders

The Startup Bottom Line Spray is making portable toilet jet sprays. As Indians are very attached to their fundamental practices. So, even Indians while traveling abroad, feel disgusted to use tissue paper in the toilets.

However, Indians always love to use the jet spray in the toilets instead of tissue paper.

So in 2019 Aadil Attarwala and Prathana Shah founded the company ” Bottom Line Spray”.

So, Bottom Line Spray founders are asking 35 Lackhs for 5% of the company.

Shark Tank Judges on Bottom Line Spray startup

bottom-line-spray-products-in -shark-tank-india
Bottom Line Spray Products

Shark Tank Judges started to share their experience the aborad. For a while, Shark Tank Show became a room of embarrassment.

Aman Gupta opened up and told that he takes a water bottle to the washroom. Then Anupma Mittal would prefer to take the water bottle and use tissues.

While Peyush Bansal visits mostly Japan and shares that Japanese toilets have varieties of Jet sprays in the Toilets.

Sales and Revenue of Bottom Line Spray

However, Namita Thapar became so embarrassed that she refused to talk about it.

In terms of sales, Bottom Line Spray startup sold 7,000 units so far. Even the price for the one portable Jet Spray costs around 2,000. As Bottom Line Spray products are available in marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart.

The startup did 11.8 lakhs in sales in August 2022 and also 2.2 lakhs in sales in September.

However, the revenue growth is declining and also startups did not have many impacts. Even Shark tank Judges also stated that the products are not necessary for the consumer.

So Bottom Line Spray is one the Top 2 Worst pitches in Shark Tank India Season 2 2023.

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Sayonara : Top 2 Worst pitches in Shark Tank India

Sayonar Petticoat Startup

Sayonara is top on the list among the Top 2 Worst pitches in Shark Tank India Season 2 2023.

Yes, even Shark Tank India telecasted the pitch for less than 5 minutes. Every judge was laughing about the unnecessary product idea of this startup.

However, Sayonara founder Sahil Shah asks for 1 crore for 10% of his company.

Sayonara founder, Sahil Shah claims that it is a patented product. He made a petticoat with unique designs.

Where he claims that this unique design of petticoat facilitates the woman while going to the washrooms.

However, the patented product did not earn any respect in the Shark Tank India Reality show. 

Even Shark Tank Judges were embarrassed about the products. Everyone thought that if Ashneer Grover was there in Season 2, then the founder would be taken abusive remarks from Ashneer.

However, Ashneer was not there in Season 2. So, finally, Shark Tank Judges rejected to investment.

So, these are the Top 2 Worst pitches in Shark Tank India Season 2 2023.

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