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Bewakoof startup story that sells T-shirts online


Nowadays, selling products over the internet is becoming easy. Even every owner prefers online to sell their products. With the faster adoption of internet users, e-commerce is an industry that is growing swiftly.

Selling the products with the trend enhances the sales for a particular period. Besides, brand recognition will be on the top-notch level.

So, selling online is becoming the primary way for many businesses. But there is a company where it started selling on the internet over a decade ago. Now it is growing at an alarming rate.

Bewakoof, a t-shirt selling company is getting more traction right from the beginning. This company is still working hard on its innovation and strategy building.

Here users can dive deep into the Bewakoof startup story in detail. How the T-shirt selling brand become profitable with their unique ideas.


Bewakoof is online tshirt D2C selling brand. Even this platform provides services of customized printing. Besides t-shirt selling company sells T-shirts with the latest trend tagline.

Now, Bewakoof t-shirts are becoming famous and prevalent. Till now, the company sold nearly 1 crore+ product.

Besides selling t-shirts, its sells hoddies, shirts, women tops, Kurtis, jackets, sweaters, and many more.

Bewakoofs founders are IIT Bombay students Prabhakiran Singh and Siddharth Munet. These two are passionate and hard-working entrepreneurs. Always looking for opportunities to build the business.

The company has 250+ members working to bring the dream of the startup. Till now, the company made a lot of online selling and also strengthing its base. Bewakoof app has more than 10+ million downloads.

Actually, Bewakoof founders Prabhkiran Singh and Sidharth Munet are not new to the entrepreneurship world. They had a lot of experience in the field.

In the beginning, Bewakoof started as a T-shirt printing business in front of IIT Bombay college. But now the company revenue run rate is high up to 300 crores.

The next section describes the completer Bewakoof startup story. Here users can easily understand the success strategies and ideas for T-shirts online.

Bewakoof startup story: Beginning

To start any business founder should have tons of motivation. As a leader will be leading in the front. So it is essential to have an aspiring leader to start any business.

Prabhkiran Singh was an aspiring entrepreneur. He did multiple businesses before starting Bewakoof. So, he had a lot of passion in the startup world.

His first venture was Karki Glassi. It was a Lassi selling business where it provides all types of lassi in one place. Even one can Lassis of different states at the lassi corner.

Then he opened his first outlet in front of IIT Bombay. There the business got an excellent response from the customers.

Further, he sold the business to others. Again he went in search of another unique entrepreneurial journey.

So, he starts another business where is makes customize for bags, t-shirts, and other merchandise. Even this idea eventually became the inspiration to start Bewakoof.

Finally, Prabhikiran Singh and his friend Siddharth Munet found Bewakoof in 2012. Initially, the t-shirt business was not online. Instead, the duo installs the stall in their college fest once. After they sold the t-shirts and receives a lot of love and encouragement.

Then, there was the internet revolution taking at a slower pace. So, the duo made transition their business model online.

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Reasons for success behind Bewakoof startup story


There are several factors for Bewakoof success story. Both founder Prabhikiran Singh and Siddharth Munet played key roles with the Bewakoof startup story.

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Social Media power of Bewakoof startup story

Now social media plays a vital role in uplifting sales and profits. So, every business prefers to have a business account on social media.

Bewakoof, a t-shirt selling startup made a good presence on social media. Before starting a business online, they were creating funny memes content on social media pages. 

Initially, Bewakoof startup builds a huge and stable customer base on social accounts. So, there was high brand recognition and audience at the beginning. Further, Bewakoof t-shirts were getting sold via social media. Now the marketing was done by the followers on various t-shirts designs. 

Presently, in 2021 Bewakoof had nearly 4.5 million fans on Facebook and over 1.5 million on Instagram.

It made the company grow rapidly. Thus, social media was a boon for the Bewakoof business. Their active presence and engagement with followers made them build a successful business.

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Bewakoof Trendy Products

To succeed in any business, one has to build a product according to the trend and need. So, trendy products catch people’s attention.

Even the chances of purchasing also increase.

Bewakoof startup story aligns with the tag of trend. Because all the products in the company will change according to the trend. Every product like t-shirt, hoodies, sweaters, and other merchandise has customized the design according to the trend.

In this manner, Bewakoof made a lot of revenue from creating customizable products according to the trend.

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First to the market

Bewakoof was the first brand on selling customizable t-shirts. So, they had a good opportunity in capturing the market.

Even the company’s early move created brand and legacy. Then t-shirt selling brand Bewakoof was the first to make the latest and trendy title on the products.

So, the customers have had a good engagement with the products. A famous dialogue in the movie will be on the products of Bewakoof, In this way, the company took advantage in winning the trust of the customers.

Eventually, Bewakoof remained one of the iconic brands in the t-shirt industry.

High Margin on Bewakoof products

Selling merchandise is considered one of the profitable businesses. So, Bewakoof makes a high lump of products margins on their products.

Firstly, the products are customized in their company. So, they can save from third-party commissions. Then Bewakoof prints the products once the users buy the products online. So, there is no chance of any kind of overhead charges.

Since the company orders the various merchandise in bulk. So, they cut down the overall cost and provide the customer with good prices margins.

Even high-profit margin made Bewakoof a profitable startup in India. So, Bewakoof startup story is vital in understanding the core of the business model.


Bewakoof was successful in raising 60 crores in the funding round. The funding round was led by Invest Corp. Further, Ivy Cap Venture, Spring Marketing were the other investors who took part in the investment.

Funds will be utilized in expansion in their services. Even the Bewakoof brand is also extending to active and innerwear products.

Even the company, took the entry pass in the beauty segment as Cosmos Beauty. This business is also getting good responses and revenue.

In the latest funding round, March 2021, the t-shirt selling brand Bewakoof got a lot of funding worth 30 crores. 

Now the company is targeting to reach 2000 crores of revenue run rate.

In this way, Bewakood made a trademark in selling customized t-shirts online. To build a successful startup the founder should have insane passion with him. Then he can understand the market and the audience.

So, the Bewakoof startup story is a great lesson for future entrepreneurs in India.

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