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Bill gates divorce with Melinda : Bill gates affair allegation


Bill Gates Microsoft founder and tech entrepreneur. Bill Gates officially announced his divorce from Melinda gates on May 4. This shocking news surprised everyone.

Bill Gates’s marriage broke out after 27 long years. They both agreed to the separation. However, they realized that they cannot grow together as a couple in the future.

After the divorce everyone is curious about the future Melinda and Gates Foundation. Mr and Ms gates agreed to work together in the foundation. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation worth is US 47 dollars in 2021.

They came to a good decision as the foundation should not get disturbed.As this foundation is our social cause and development.

After the Bill gates divorce, many speculation and allegation come to light. Bill gates accuse of multiple relationships with other women.

Reason for Bill gates divorce


Bill gate’s divorce came to light on May 4. There are rumors that Melinda gates were approaching lawyers since 2019. Their relationship worsened over the past two.

Here are some major reasons for Bill gates divorce:

Bill Gates had a relationship with Mr. Jeffrey Epstein who was involved in criminal activities. Jeffrey Epstein is involved in sex trafficking of girls and prostitution from minors.

Melinda Gates showed her hatred towards Bill gates because of his friendship.

With Jeffrey, Bill gates discussed his unpleasant relationship with Melinda. Jeffrey also advised Bill Gates to leave her. This incident came to light this week.

Bill Gates accused of his wrong kind of approach with the women working in his foundation.

There is also an allegation that Bill gates had a sexual relationship with an employee for a long time about 20 years.

Microsoft board members received letter of complaint from the female employee. As employee complained about bill gates filthy approaches toward her.

When Bill Gates Relationship with Mr. Jeffrey Epstein at to light in public in 2019. Melinda was greatly suffered from this news.

Due to Bill gates Unpleasant behavior with staffs, Board members insisted him resign from his CEO post and also imposed an investigation.

These are all the allegations and rumors been spread all around.

Bill gates had denied all the allegations. He gave the reason he is focusing on philanthropy after his divorce.

Presently Bill Gates one of the top four richest people in the world. Bill Gates’s present net worth is US $ 126 billion (2021). His fortune will be decided after sharing with Melinda. Bill gates divorce might be the richest one.

Before Jeff Bezos’s divorce from Mackenzie Bezos is considered the costliest divorce in history. Divorce worth the US $ 38 billion.25% stocks of amazon made her the second richest woman in the world.The current worth share is over US $65 billion(2021).

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