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Tiktok ban in india – rise and fall of tiktok – privacy policy

Till 2016 the people are getting entertainment through youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media platforms.

As these platforms provided long-duration content and they consumed more time and data.

But there was a lack of varieties in the content. Even people’s lives also started to get more congested. Due to their busy schedule and this desired them to get entertained through quick and shorter means.

Then a new platform gets raised named Tiktok in September 2016. Owned by the Chinese company ByteDance by Zhang Yiming. Which created a greater impact on the entertainment and content creation industry.

Why Tiktok became so famous


As from its launch, it created a series of records as it was the 7th most downloaded app in the decade(2010-19). Gained 2 Billion users around the globe until 2020.

Tiktok allowed the user to create short videos within a 15 to max 1-minute span of time. Where the content creator can add background music and filters option made the video attractive.

This platform became so unique. Where content makers should entertain the user within a minimalistic time, uniquely and quickly. This feature is loved by most of the users. Where the user can just scroll down to consume more content within minutes.

As the user-base of TikTok skyrocketed even celebrities also started to use the platform a platform acquired by TikTok around US $1billion also gave a boost for its growth as it provided the content makers with a lot of catchy lyrics and music.

Duet and challenges these two features kept user engagement at peak. Duet allows other users to make another video next to the existing video. This feature was for a funny reaction from the other side and give a new perspective.


Challenges on the other side allow users to interact with the platform by accepting the challenges.

TikTok has the best AI recommendation system where it suggests the videos based on the user’s likes and interest.

TikTok made common people overnight celebrities as TikTok stars. This platform does not require an expensive setup or background to shoot a video. The video can be made in a small-sized room also.

This platform recognized a lot of underprivileged people by their talents as this platform has a huge user base.

TikTok star can be able to earn by promoting products as promoters.

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Why TikTok got ban

Tiktok-ban-raseaons -for its ban

As the trend and craze of TikTok were at the peak but suddenly got banned in many countries due to the following reasons:

  • TikTok failed to protect the privacy of its users
  • TikTok a Chinese app where its government made a rule that any application/app is liable to submit their user date on government orders.
  • It took too much permission from its users so that the app can easily access its user’s private info
  • It became the place of social abuse, discrimination, and pornographic content which might drive youngsters in the wrong direction.

Countries like India, the US, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan have already banned. Due to the above mischievous behavior of the app, and Chinese government rules.

This is all about TikTok who ruled the entertainment sector with its unique concepts. But failed due to lack of loyalty and data breach.

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