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Boat Startup Story Made Earphone Affordable


Electronics products are an essential part of our life. Even it makes life easier and swift. So, consumer electronic products are too fashionable.

Earphones, digital watches, and bands are too common nowadays. Now everyone desires to wear Bluetooth earphones. It makes the youths look cool and crazy.

There is a lot of innovation is going through. Even earphones are also becoming way more affordable in India. Average earphones in cost around 600 rupees.

Eventually, everyone will have one. As the prices of the earphones are drastically declined in recent times.

But the actual scenario of the earphone was different. In 2012, there was a boom of mobile phone users gradually. So, other electronics products raise their sales from mobile phone users.

But earphones were costly and unaffordable to the common man. This was an existing problem in India. Where due to expensiveness users were not ready to buy earphones.

To build a successful startup, it is essential to understand users’ pain points. So, this is what made BOAT company a multibillion-dollar venture.

In this blog, we have gone through the boat startup story and its success mantra. Even you can takeaways the ways to build a successful startup.

Boat company

Boat is an Indian electronic company. It sells fashionable consumers electronic products such as earphones, Bluetooth, headsets, and many more.

Now, Boat earphones are trendy and high huge demand in the market. Boat earphones are designed for the latest trend, style, and need. So, every user insists on purchasing boat earphones.

The Boat Company was started in 2016 in Delhi. It was a tiny shop, selling indestructible apple charges in the market. After the market research, build products according to the users. Now the boat company values around $1.5 billion.

Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta are the founders of the Boat company. These two founders were so passionate on build this startup. Even they did extensive market research and then launched the product.

Due to its intensive growth, Boat company became crosses $1 Billion Valuation. Consequently, becoming the unicorn in 2019.

In India, fashionable electronic products are in great demand. As of now, Boat company has captured the majority of the market. In 2020, Boat made 704 crores of profits.

Even the Boat retail shops also increasing gradually in every Indian state. So, now there are nearly 500 stores across India and also has 20+ distributors.

So, it is interesting about the boat startup story and their strategy.

Boat Startup Story


For every successful startup, its founders are the pillar for it. So, it is vital to have the idea too. If the founders and ideas are effective then the startups will become successful for sure.

The same concept applies in the Boat startup story. Here the founders and their effort made them build a successful company.

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Boat startup founders

Aman Gupta is an aspiring entrepreneur and had a lot of interest in the business. As their family was running an electronic products business.

Boat founder, Aman Gupta was a charted accountant. He became a charted accountant at a very young age. Even his interest in business never ends. So, he took an MBA course at Kellogg Graduate School.

So, he was passionate and also looking for the opportunity to build something new. But he could not find the idea.

Then he completes the MBA and explores his life in a reputable company. He worked in KPMC and JBL companies.

Foundation of Boat Startup Story

While working in the JBL company, Aman Gupta came to know about the strategies of the company. Also aware of how the company made the consumer build the products.

Even Aman Gupta came to know the problem of the Indian consumers. As the earphones were too expensive to purchase. But still, people are buying with a heavy heart. So, customers are buying with bit unsatisfaction.

Then, he was trying to solve the problem. So, he met with his friend Sameer Mehta and discussed the problem. Here the duo did not go on to build the startup. Instead, they tried to focus on the user problem effectively.

Both Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta did two years of market research. So, they put their legs in the consumer’s shoes.

Then they got to know about the problem and the relevant solution.

In 2016, both Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta build a Boat startup. Initially, there was a problem for Apple phone users. As they could not able maintain the charger and using the broken one for a long time. So, they started selling the apple chargers ( Indestructible charges).

Then the company was able to understand the consumer’s needs. Accordingly, they were expanding their services and products.

Fortunately, there was a boom of mobile phone users in India. Besides, internet penetration was at its peak. So, it was a good opportunity for the Boat company to lead in the competition.

Then, the company had never looked back again. Their success strike is running in the market. In 2020, it made nearly 700 crores of profits. Besides, it sells nearly 15,000 units per day. These all factors made the Boat startup story a successful one.

Business strategies of Boat Startup story

The boat company was able to be successful by following some of the key steps. Here are the business strategies of the Boat company

Consumer Behaviour

Products will be successful if they fulfill the needs of the consumers. Now the products should align with consumers’ desires.

Even Boat startup also emphasized consumer behavior. Then they came to know about the demand for earphones. Further, Boart earphone get into the market and become successful products

Like the products, were built according to the latest trend, styles, and need. Everyone knew that Boat earphones are one of the best in design and quality.

Boat Products reliability

Indian users were obsessed with using earphones. But the users were not able to buy due to its expensive price. At that time the main players were JBL and SONY.

These two companies were producing the best quality of earphones. But the prices were too expensive to purchase from the common man in India.

On the other side, Chinese products were not having credibility. Even the products were also not up to the mark in terms of both quality and reliability.

These all the problems came to the knowledge of Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta while doing market research. So, Boat founders were able to build good products in the market.

So, the Boat earphones were one of the most affordable and stylish earphones in India. These factors were able to make the Boart startup story successful.

Fashionable products

Boat company made the products in such a way as it looks fashionable. Now the boat products were not taken as electronic products. Instead, consumers purchase Boat earphones to look stylish and look.

Even in the ads also Boat products are portraits as fashionable products. So, the Boart startup made a lot of good strategies to get a knot with the Indian consumers.

Social media

Now any business has gotten into the social media Duniya to make its brand visible. Because most of the users were spending a lot of time on different social media accounts.

According to the trend, now social media is the best way to increase products sales. Even brands can create huge communities and provide updates on the products.

Boat company was successful in building massive amounts of followers on social media. Even every Boat product will be promoted effectively on the platforms.

So, any brand needs to create its community with social media. Then the advertisement cost will be reduced to a certain extent. Besides, brand visibility will be at the greatest heights.

Boat Company Ambassadors

Indian electronic consumer brand, Boat selected the best Ambassadors to the ads. As the company opts most of the ambassadors were Bollywood stars and from the circuit.

India is having one of the highest cricket fans in the world. So, here Boat company excellently promoted the products with stylish cricketers like Hardik Pandya, KL Rahul, and Shreyas Iyer.

Here also Boat company opts young and most followed cricketers. So, the product’s sales were also sky-rocketed.

Even Bollywood actors Kaira Adwani and Karthick Aryan played a stylish role in the Boat earphones ads.

In this way, Boat made a lot of profits and created a strong engagement with the consumers.

In this way, Boat company is ruling the consumer electronics products in India. Now big companies like JBL and SONY are struggling in competition with the Boat in India.

Boat startup story is an inspiring story for many entrepreneurs. So, there are many such strategies that Boat company had inculcated in their business plan.

The boat company had become so valuable in just 4 years of its launch. Hence, the company founders Aman Gupta and Sammer Mehta were the key people for the success of the Boat company.

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