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How To Invest In Share Market Beginners guide


Investing in Share Market is an Art. Because everyone cannot make successful investments. Not every investment in good companies makes you good investors.

To become a good investor in stocks is from experience. It is as simple as learning to swim after diving into the pool. Eventually, one will understand the art of investing once he takes off in the stock market.

Many people will think the share market is luck and chance. But it is a completely wrong perception. If you see the good investors like Warren Buffett, Radhakishan Damani, and Rakesh JhunJhunwala they all made it from experience and knowledge.

Till now in India, only less than 20% of people are investing in the share market. This shocking number is due to a lack of knowledge and understanding about the stocks.

Many people will invest for the first time if they gain will continue or end the race. So, this is the main reason for the setback of many people.

The majority don’t know how to invest in share market. Initially, beginners commit a minute mistake while investing. Committing this mistake will put a full stop to the journey of investing.

So, in this blog one can get to know, how to invest in the share market. In addition

  1. How to make a good initial investment in shares
  2. Do and don’t in share market investment

How to Invest in Share Market


History of the company: Key factor for How To Invest In Share Market

Before investing in stocks, one should have to know about the company. Because one has to know the history of the company he or she is going to invest in. 

Even proper research should be done and also explore the track record of the company. Then if you get how the company had performed. In detail

  1. Whether the company stocks suffered setbacks previously
  2. Does it able to revive from the downfall of share price
  3. Who are the leaders heading the company and their achievements till now?

Good investors will find the answer to the above question before investing. So, now proper research and history about the company should be intensive while you invest heavily.

This is one of the factors for How to Invest in Share Market?

Commit mistake at the initial stage: How to Invest in Share Market

Becoming a good investor in the Share market is all about the experience. As it is not simply watching youtube videos, buying courses, and attending any workshop. It will improve your overall understanding of the stocks. But you can gain mastery over the share market.

So, one has to start his journey in the Share Market to understand the depth and reality. At the initial stages, start investing with a minimum amount, don’t rush, and invest heavily.

Your minimum understanding and basic knowledge of Share Market is enough to start your trading journey.

Everyone is prone to do mistakes while learning new skills. So, it is common to deal with a mistake and learn from it. How to Invest in Share Market? this question will answer all your queries, instead, start investing.

Experience is the biggest teacher in one’s life. So, gaining experience will make you master the specific field. In addition, one will get a depth reality of the market.

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Invest in a small margin

The majority of people commit mistakes like

  1. Invest huge amount in the beginning
  2. Investing without experience and prior knowledge

So, here are the key things to start investing in the stock market

Firstly, start investing in shares with minimum capital. Even if your investment became nill also, it should not affect your finances.

This is the key point one must be aware of. The small investment will make risk free and can gain a lot of experience as well. Then investment should like in such a way that it should not disturb your commitments and peace of life.

There are plenty of resources right now on how to invest in the share market on youtube. As it is free and can access easily

  1. Ranade Rachana Share Market tutorials
  2. Akshat Sharvastav stock teaching

This is one of the best youtube channels to gain knowledge on

How to invest in Share market.

 Basic knowledge in Stocks

Knowledge makes people wiser and wealthier. As knowledge gives the path to walk. Even in Stocks, knowledge in the share market is vital.

The majority of people start investing in stocks without prior knowledge. Either one would be inspired by the success of their friends or neighbors or insisted by close ones or triggered by the ads.

Eventually, one will find success in Stock Market with his knowledge and his practices. So, it is important to gain some fundamentals about the market.

Many start investing before understanding the terms trading and investing. Primarily, this is the root cause why Indians are behind in the stock market.

So, start learning about the share market before investing. Here I recommend top apps to learn Share Market

  1. Trade Brain
  2. Elearnmarkets

At last, your knowledge will make you win or lose. So, learning is also a key aspect in the Stocks.

Don’t depend on the advice of friends and family

Many beginners to the stock market will enter from the suggestion of their closed once. It is completely wrong to follow your friend’s or family’s advice.

But sticking to their principles won’t make successful investors. One has to understand the market in his way and apply his tricks to earn.

Your family or friends will share the tips to earn in the share market. But they will never share their bad experience while investing. Because it might hurt their reputation and feelings.

So, one has to swim all alone in the sea of shares of the companies. Even he or she should be aware of the present scenario of the country as well. Because it adds to make value investments.

Long term investments: How to Invest in Share Market

Everyone is hurrying in making money in the share market. But real success in the share market is when you wait as long as possible.

In reality, the majority of people will never understand the benefits of long-term investment. One has to wait for the fruit to ripen. 

So, to make high returns, one has to wait for the right time. This time can take its own time. So, patience is key to success in the Share Market.

These are one of the key factors and lessons for How To Invest In Share Market?

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