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Byjus startup story Byju Raveendran


Learning plays a vital role in every student’s life. Even parents emphasize children’s studies. Now there is a lot of value for education ever before.

Now, parents are always so conscious about the academic performance of their warden. So, there are a lot of ways to improve your warden learning ability.

There are a lot of ed-tech startups making learning an enjoyable event. Now students are more likely to get attracted to videos content.

So, many ed-tech startups are creating effective video content for improvised learning.

Now, more ed-tech startups in India are revolutionizing the way of learning. So, if take the word ed-tech startup, Byjus is at the top of the list.

Now, Byjus is the top learning platform in India. Even it has a presence in various countries like the UK, Australia, Brazil, the US, and Indonesia. So, it is creating a huge impact on the education platform.

Now, it is producing premium content for the students to get better results. Even there is two teachers’ advantage, the topmost teacher will teach the subject and the class teacher will solve the doubts. Isn’t it nice?

From having only 8 students in his tuition center, Byju Raveendran has built a company worth $18 billion. Byjus startup story is very inspiring for everyone. 

Passion can build great things. Even Byju Raveendran made it possible to build a multi-billion dollar startup.

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Byjus Startup

Byjus is an Indian online educational platform. It provides educational content in video format effectively. Even, the platforms have teachers from IITs and top positions.

This platform provides education content from kinder garden to higher education as well. As it provides live coaching classes for the students preparing for their competitive examination.

Byjus has become the most valuable startup in India. Even its valuation gross up to $18 billion in 2021.

 In the future, Byjus will be the future education for the students. Even it is expanding rapidly. 

Even Byjus are acquiring small companies to its firm. Eventually, creating a monopoly in the ed-tech sector. Till now, Byjus has acquired 16 startups worth $2.6 billion.

Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath are the founders of the Byjus company, They both started the firm in 2011. 

These two founders are now married. Even the duo have an immense passion for the teaching sector.

Nearly 80 million users are accessing the content of the Byjus. Even pandemic boosts the users base and revenue of the company. There are nearly 5.5 million paid subscribers on its platform.

So, Byjus is going to reach a newer height in the future. It is essential to learn the Byjus startup story and founder Byju Raveendran’s passion for teaching.

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Byjus Startup story

Founder passion reflects the success of the company. In Byjus’s case, it is true. Byju Raveendran’s love for teaching made him build a successful company.

Every startup starts with small capital and space. Even Byjus started in Terrace and now the company values over $18 billion. Moreover, it is the most valuable startup in India.

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Byju Raveendran story


Byjus Raveendran is a humble person, who comes from a small village Azikhode in Kerala. His parents are teachers in the profession.

Byjus Raveendran always loves sport over education. Even, he always engages in sports and represents his state many times.

His parents were always supportive and encourages him. So, his parent’s attitude had a huge impact on his life. 

Then, Byjus Raveendran had the habit of self-learning. He never uses to take help from his friends and teachers. Because he loves to study in his way.

Then he got an interest in science and maths subjects. Even in his childhood days, he would teach maths to many children. So, his passion for education grows gradually.

But never put a halt to sports. So, he continued his sports journey alongside.

Then he continued his studies in the government School in Malayalam medium. So, he could not get the opportunity to learn English. But still, he manages to learn and speak English from sports commentary.

Further, he opts to go for engineering. Because he thought that he will have enough time to play sports. Even he did not have any interest to do Medical.

His love for sports made him a pioneer in the field of football, Table tennis, and Cricket.

Finally, he completed his graduation in the government college of Engineering, Kannur.

Foundation of Byjus startup story

Then Byju Raveendran got a job in a Shipping company as a services engineer. So, the majority of the time, he use to work in different states. Even he got the opportunity to visit different places.

Byu Raveendran understood the educational sector of different states. Then he use to come to his hometown for holidays. There some of his friends are working towards clearing the CAT examination.

So, Byju Raveendran is known for his exemplary skills in mathematics. His friends approach him to teach him to learn mathematics effectively. Even Byju Raveendran aggreed to teach. 

Further, he taught 8 of his friends in a room. Then they got good results in CAT. Besides, even Byju also gave an attempt for CAT. Out of surprise, he got a 100% result.

From then, Byju name widespread for his teaching skills. In a consecutive year as well he secured 100% result. So, his performance made everyone surprised.

So, he got a lot of students’ requests to teach mathematics of CAT. By that time, Byju realized his passion for teaching. So, he quit his job to continue his journey in the field of teaching.

Later, he noticed that students would travel long distances for his teaching. Sometimes, students would come from different states as well. His teaching was so effective that no one would even whisper.

Byjus Success journey during the starting point

To accommodate students, Byju Raveendran started booking halls and auditoriums. So, he did a lot of teaching in the seminar hall effectively. Even he conducted his classes in various states as well.

Even he also taught in Indira Gandhi stadium. Where he delivers his teaching in front of 15,000 students.

Finally, Byju Raveendran understood the importance of education. Also came to know about the system of passive learning in the education system.

So, he build Think & Learn company in 2007 with 8 of his friends. The platforms helped students to prepare for the CAT examination.

Later, he started the Byjus company in 2011, keeping Think & learn as its parent company. Byjus platforms help students to learn effectively by giving content in video format.

During the times, he met with Divya Gokulnath who was a student in his class. Eventually, ended up becoming a couple.

Then there was a faster rate of adoption of mobile in India. Even the rates of mobile and tablet were affordable too. So, in 2015, the Byjus learning app was launched.

Then the startup has launched a series of innovations and also expanded its services. Initially, it gave video content of the competitive examination.

Gradually, Byjus went on to launch ICSE, CBSE syllabus video content as well. Even then Byjus went on to expand on various countries as well.

Now there are around 80 million users on the Byjus platform. Byjus is now the most valuable startup in India with a valuation of over $18 billion.

Byjus Business Model

This ed-tech startup, Byjus earns from the premium models. In this way, Byjus offers video content on a specific topic for the students. Nearly all the subscription reaches nearly around 1 lakh.

On another side, Byjus will be all live lectures on all subjects starting from class 1 to 12. Here, they will charge a specific sum.

Even the marketing strategy of Byjus are well executed. It has unique marketing tools. Initially, Byjus ties with various school and colleges and try to hook up the students for Byjus classes.

Here, Byjus can access all the students in the schools or colleges. Then it is easy for them to join the students in the Byjus classes. 

If one student excels in their academics from Byjus classes then the mouth of word marketing works here. So, then every other parent is aware of the performance. Eventually, parents insist students join the Byjus classes.

Overall, students have a high probability to excel in Byjus classes. Because top educators teach on the platform. Besides Byjus also provides effective video content to the students.

Even the Byus startup story was so successful because of the advertisement. Their recent ads campaign “parents se Partner thak” means parents treat their students as their partners. 

Now the latest ad campaign is “double teacher advantage”. Here India’s top educators understand the topics and class teacher clears the doubts in a single class. 

Their effective ads campaign are the success factors for their growth. Even Bollywood superstar Sharukh Khan is the Brand Ambassador for the Byjus. So, it enhances the trust and credibility of the platform.

Byjus Acquisitions


Byjus is India’s largest educational platform. The startup has created a lot of demand in the country. Even Byjus started to increase their growth from acquisitions. 

The ed-tech startup, Byjus has continued to acquire small and growing startups to fuel their growth. 

Akash Educational platform acquisitions with Byjus startup story

Its most valuable acquisition is Akash educational services. Byjus has given nearly $1 billion for its acquisition. It has come during the time of the pandemic. 

Akash Educational service is a platform, where it prepares students for competitive examinations. This platform had offline models of teaching. Even it had its centers across 200+ Indian cities.

During the pandemic, all schools and colleges were shut down. Even tuitions and every education service did not have the opportunity to function. 

So, the Akash Educational platform had to face a tough time. Besides, the platform was struggling for revenue.

During that time, Byjus strategically acquired Akash for nearly $1 billion. So, Byjus got access to teach the students offline. Even they got the opportunity to partner with a reputable platform.

Whitehat Jr acquisition

Byjus had a robust team on focusing the academics of the students. Even they had all related courses on every vital competitive course.

But, now coding has immense demand in the market. Now, every business is going digital and a lot of innovation is happening in AI And ML. So, the future skill is coding.

By then, Byjus was aware of the market need. So, it closely observed the exponential growth of Whitehat Junior. This platform teaches coding for students between the age of 6 to 12. The startup was led under the leadership of Karan Bajaj.

So, in 2020, Byjus had a deal with Whitehat Junior wroth of $300 million or 2,223 crores. Even Karan Baja was appointed in a lead role by Byjus the future school in the US.

The above two are some of the vital acquisitions of the Byjus. So, here are some of the acquisitions of the Byjus in the recent times

Other Acquisition

Epic is an educational platform where it gave access to digital books to students. So, it had a wider presence US market. Eventually, Byjus made an acquisition worth $500 million.

It also acquired Osmo for $120 million. Even it is a US-based startup focusing on providing books online with the best and verified publications. The company had nearly had 40,000 books with trustworthy publications.

Indian educational platform Great Learning and Toppr are also now working under Byjus. Both startups are acquired by Byjus for $600 million.

Nearly, Byjus spent over $2 billion on the recent acquisitions. Even startups like Hashlearn, Schlor, LabinApp, Infiken, Math Adventure, Vidyartha are under Byjus now.

So, Byjus are working strategically to build a big empire in India. In, this way Byjus starting from 8 students now it has grown to a worth of $18 billion.

Byju Raveendran is the man behind the success of the Byjus startup story.

Startups’ success depends on the founder’s passion. Here Byju Raveedran’s love for teaching made him build a multi-billion-dollar company.

Byjus Losses 2022


Byju’s was the household name. In every house, Byjus was the best accompany for the students. Its most anticipated and animated videos helped students to understand the concept precisely. So it was a Massive time for Byjus to grow in the educational field. 

During its good time, it made a lot of acquisitions. One of the costliest acquisitions was Akash Institution for $ 1 Billion. It was in 2020, due to the Corona pandemic, every school, college, and educational institutions what shutdown. 

So the Aakash institution was no exception. So they are closing all their offline institution. On the other hand, Byjus went out to expand its educational services across India. Also went on to expand in the US as well. 

But after the post-pandemic, in 2022 Byjus is some deep trouble. All their acquisition word building losses to its main entity. Now the students are making the transition from online to offline institutions once again. 

So it is very difficult for educational startups such as Byjus, Vedantu, Unacademy, and others to retain students. 

In the case of Byjus, student attention is drastically down. In 2022, still, the company was making a lot of delays to announce its financial result. Meanwhile, it was the issue from Deloitte who was handling Byju’s financial report. 

So finally Byjus financial report word is closed, and it was a big shock for the startup ecosystem. Because the company is valued at over 22 billion dollars. Also one of the most valued startups in India piled up losses of over 4,588 cross. 

Byjus managed to make a revenue of over 2280 crores. so it was a big impact on Byju’s financial structure. Around 30% of the losses were piled up by its acquired company Whitehat junior over 1100 crores. 

So even Byjus were also lagging behind in the sales of tablet and educational devices. Even the number of students was also declining in the streaming services too. 

In this way Byjus’s financial results in 2022 was a big blow for Indian startups.

Another hand, Byjus is also facing a funding crisis. Because a lot of the funding round was canceled because of the pandemic. This led to unpaid loans and debts to the company. 

In 2020, Byjus acquire Akash Institution for $1 billion. In this deal, the entire $1 billion was not given. Instead, it was made to give the money at regular intervals. 

Still, Byjus could not able to pay $250 million to Blackstone, one of the shareholders of Aakash Institution.

Byjus Layoffs 2022

Indian startups are in a tough situation. Due to the economic slowdown, there is lack of funding. So in 2022, there are over 15000 employees are fired from startups.

India’s most valued startup, Byjus with a valuation of over $20 billion also no exception. There is a lot of negative trajectory in the company. Byjus in 2021 -22 losses piled over 4588 crores.

Now the company is looking toward profitability. The major losses are due to the massive acquisition of Companies. Even global expansion is one of the major causes of losses.

Byjus is planning to become profitable, so they have to cut costs. Even there might amalgamation of companies.

Byju’s acquired companies such as Toppr, Maritnation, TutorVista, Scholar, and Hashlearn will be consolidated into a single unit.

Then Aakash Institution and Great Learning will be working as a separate entities.

Even Byjus planned to fire more than 25,0000 employees. This might be the biggest layoff of startups. It is essential to leverage technology e and exclude multiple roles.

On contrary, Edtech giant Byjus is also planning to hire 10000 educators in the future. So the overall educator in Byju’s will touch over 30,000 counts.

So, the Byjus success story deserves the efforts of its founders Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath.

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