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Dukaan Startup Story


Digitalization is growing tremendously. Corona pandemic had just lit the fire on the growth of digitalization.

Now everyone is moving online. Because to grow their businesses. Schools and colleges are teaching through apps.

But now the lifestyle of people has changed. Online orders getting prominence across all the cities. People are not moving outside their homes.

So all businesses must come online. Now startups are waiting for the opportunities to take off. One of the startups identified the pain of micro, medium, and small businesses going online.

Suumit Shah founder of Dukaan App. He made it all simple. Now through the Dukaan app, every local business can create an online store within 30 seconds.

Here in this blog, we dive deep to learn about the Duukan startup story.

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Dukaan startup Story 


Dukaan app provides free service to local businesses. This app was launched in 2020. Now all micro, small and medium Enterprises can move online within 30seconds.

This app is a savior for local businesses. Because every business is struggling to move online due lack of knowledge.

It is very simple to create an online store through Dukaan. Besides creating online stores, one can easily manage inventory and orders in it. Dukaan startup story is inspiring to many buddin entrepreneurs.

Dukaan Services


This app provides essential features to grow your online business. Apart from creating online stores, These are the following ways how to grow an online business through Dukaan.

  1. You can create your products list and categorize them. On top of that, one can easily share info through all social media.
  2. Marketing is one of the essential tools to grow a business. Dukaan provides the best templates related to your business. So, create, share and get more customers.
  3. Dukaan app provides all the superior features for local businesses. Like one can easily create discount coupons for their products. This feature feels like small businesses as big enterprises.
  4. Further, online stores can accept online payments through Dukaan seamlessly.
  5. Visibility of your stores now became very easy. Users can easily notify the stores by scanning QR codes. Dukaan provides individual QR codes for online stores.
  6. One can easily create a professional business card, store banners, and attractive WhatsApp stories. To promote their local businesses.
  7. You can create your customer’s contact list and send your products info with just one click.

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How to make an online store for free


Download the Dukaan app. Then enter your mobile number and put verified OTP. After doing this, you can able to add your business name and category.

That’s all. You are all set to run an online business. Dukaan Startup story makes the lives of many merchants happier and easy.

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Dukaan startup story Founders


Subhash Choudhary and Suumit Shah are the founder of Dukaan. Although they come from different background their intention was identical. To create and impact society in a positive manner.

Subhash Choudhary comes from a rural village in Bihar. His family was facing a financial crisis due to the death of his father.

So the situation worsened. His mother earned 10 rupees from her tailoring works. Then his mother helped Subhash in his studies a lot. With a lot of hard work, Subhash completed his class 12th.

He had a desire to do his graduation. But he couldn’t do it because of the financial burden. So his mother suggests going to Mumbai for the job.

Then with the help of his uncle, he had joined computer classes. There he learned basic hardware and networking. Subash found it tedious to work with the computer. 

Because Subhash had no prior experience. It was the first time he was working with computers. 

Then with a lot of determination and hard work he completes his course. Then he got a job in Zenith as customer support. Further, he started working very hard and was giving good performance.

Then he after working for 4 to 5 years he got promoted to the top position as a Lead. Besides, he earning a good sum of 50 to 60K.

All of a sudden, he was told by a higher official to fire up to 80 candidates. Because the country was facing a financial crisis. Even the company also had a bad impact.

Then Subhas Choudhary realized the importance of job security. He thought to do something on his own.

Finally, he quits his job and started his blogging journey. There he earned a lot of money. Besides, he was also doing affiliate marketing.

During this time, he met with Suumit Shah. 

Suumit Shah

Suumit Shah had a great interest in entrepreneurship. He had experience working with Mcdonald’s and Kunal Shah. 

During his college days, he made his earning through web designing.

Even he worked with startups like and Tiny Owl. He had a great experience in SEO.

while Subhash and Suumit met at a conference and become good friends. Thereafter, Suumit insisted to start a business of their own.

Finally, they started a company called Risemetric a digital marketing agency. Then the business had great revenue in the first year worth 54 lakhs. Great companies like KFC, SONY were the client of the agency.

Foundation of Dukaan


The digital agency was running well. Meanwhile, in 2020 there was an outbreak of pandemic in India. 

So the whole country was shut down. Then local businesses were facing losses due to lack of sales. Further, big companies were moving online.

While Suumit got the message that Jockey was accepting order vial Whatsapp. Then Suumit addressed how they are going to manage to deliver the orders. He doubted it was an efficient manner.

Then Suumit understood the situation of small local businesses. So to tackle this problem Suumit started working on it.

After approaching the merchants he understood the difficulties. Merchants were not able to make more sales and also finding it hard to move online. Because most of the merchants were not technically smart.

Finally, Submit Shah and Shubash Choudhary found Dukaan in 2020. After its launch they good responses. Within one month there were more than 1 million online stores making business online.

From this app lot of merchants can easily create online stores. So, merchants can deliver their products to distant places. Dukaan also helps in connecting with delivery partners. 

To start an online store, download the Dukaan app!

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