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Classplus startup story: online teaching platform


In this era everything is digitalizing. If you want to grow your business then your presence online is crucial. So that you can reach a large audience.

Technology had a very great impact on businesses. Especially, during the pandemic, it portrayed its potential at its peak.

Now foods are being ordered online. Then people are not moving outside for groceries. Instead, they fetch and order for home delivery online.

So even the education sector also digitalizing at a rapid pace. Now students are more reliant on online courses. Every student has a subscription either on Byjus or Unacademy.

In these times, even tutors have moved on to online. Because then only they reach highly targeted audiences. Then parents believe that this platform is on a high standard.

This was made possible from the platform called Classplus . Here in this blog, you will get complete Classplus startup story.

Classplus startup

Classplus is an ed-tech startup where it provides a platform to teach online. This platform helps online tutors, teachers to set up their online classes. In addition to that, teachers can sell their courses online.

Classplus was found in January 2018. To empower the education sector vial technology. Even for the better performances of the institutions. 

Mukul Rustagi and Bhaswat Agarwal are the founders of Classplus. They found because to solve problems faced by the tutors.

Classplus has its presence in 1100 cities across India. This platform is driven by modern technology. Moreover, for every hour 50+ tutors are joining this platform. There are around 300 employees on this platform.

Around more than 1 lakh educators are using this platform. Even students are also finding it easy to learn via this platform. So, there are over 7 million students are part of Classplus.

Sourav Ganguly is the brand ambassador of Classplus. He urges tutors to go digital and set up online classes in Classplus.

Classplus startup story is unique and providing best platform in for the teachers.

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Classplus Services


This platform is a savior for tutors during this pandemic. Because the country was under lockdown. So, students are denied from attending schools and tuitions.

Online teaching got prominence over time. So tutors were busy finding online teaching apps. So, Classplus found every tutor teaching app.

Classplus was the best online teaching app in India. Because for their valuable services like

  1. Tutors can grow their business and reach high geographical areas. Now they can set up their online classes and invite students via links.
  2. Now tutors can easily take attendance and also have look at learners’ performances through this app.
  3. Conducting online tests is also easy and customizable. Now, tutors can assess the complete progress of the students. 
  4. This apps provides interactive sessions between teachers and parents.
  5. Fee payments are accepted through this platform. 
  6. Contents of the tutors will be safe and secure. This platform provides SSL AES256-bit encryption for high-end security.
  7.  Tutors can promote their classes and courses through multiple social media apps.

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How Classplus startup story


Mukul Rustagi and Bhaswat Agrawal were met in 2007. They were going for the tuition for Joint Entrance Examination(JEE). From there, they become good friends and spent good times with each other.

Further, Mukul Rustagi went to IIT Roorkee for his studies. While Bhaswat Agrawal got a seat in Netaji Subhas Institue of Technology.

Then were busy in their studies and couldn’t meet frequently.

After completing their graduation, Bhaswat Agrawal was working in Microsoft. Mukul Rustagi was working in Future First company.

Then in 2015, they met each other and planning to start on their own. So, they thought to start their coaching classes. Finally, they quit their jobs to start tuition.

Then they come across a lot of difficulties while setting their tuitions. So, they wanted to tackle this problem and approached many tutors to get more info.

They got to know a lot of tutors undergoing so many problems. Tutors cannot efficiently manage classes. 

They are not able to get accurate progress reports of students. Moreover, they are fed up with exorbitant rents. Fee payments were hectic tasks.

So, both Mukul and Bhaswat found Classplus in 2018 to solve these problems. It was a one-stop solution for all the tutors. 

Now the tutor’s reach for students was not limited. Tutors can also reach distant students via online classes. Even tutors can get extra income by selling their online courses.

In this way, Classplus startup story completely dedicates to its founders.

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Classplus startup stoy: fundings


Classplus was gaing more usres at quick pace. Even pandemic fueled up its revenue. 

In India around 26% of students attend tuition. Tutoring is a big market worth $11.5 billion.

The company raised $ 65 million in 2021. The leading investor was Tiger Global. Other investors like GSV Ventures, Alpha Wave Incubation, Blume ventures, and RTP Global.

In 2018 they raised $500,000 million. The major investors were Let Venture, Manish Amin, Pallav Pandey founder of Fast Fox, and Knowlarity.

In this way, Classplus is empowering both educators and tutors. With the help of this platform, educators can take tuition online. From online tutors, students get an immense amount of knowledge.

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