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Earn through Dream11

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Now, earing is not a big task until and unless if you are very knowledgeable in that respective field. Now in India there is a lot of fantasy gaming platform has raised rapidly. If you have a piece of great knowledge about cricket and wanted to use it in a good way and want to make some money then there is a lot of platforms for you to explore.

fantasy games are just played online where you can make a team and just want to join a contest, then if the team which you have selected performed well in that particular contest and you will be awarded money specified according to your team rank.

Dream11 is one of the biggest fantasy gaming platforms where you can play every game like football, basketball, football, kabaddi, hockey, and many more games. In dream11 one can perform more than one contest and can win lakhs and thousands of rupees.

How to play

  1. Download the app
  2. create an account using your phone number and Gmail the match that you want to play and then you can choose your players with limited points.

4.Now you can choose captain and vice-captain in your team. These players will get 2X and 1.5X points respectively. This player will be the key players and if they play well your chance of winning the contest will be more close.

5.Next you have to choose the contest in which you want to participate. There will be a lot of contests where you can participate with lakhs of competitors or a group of 5 or two members also. You have to pay for a contest before joining. should be ready with your final team within half or one hour before the real match begins and after that, you can’t make any changes. can also notice your team’s performance in real-time. Finally, if your team performs well then the money will be rewarded.


fantasy games can be addictive and can land an individual at financial risks, so it is advised to play responsibly and at your own risk

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