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How BCCI makes lot of profits from IPL

IPL (Indian Premier League) is an event that takes place for a couple of months a year. Every cricket lover loves and enjoys the whole tourney. IPL gathers the entire nation by its unique game plan.IPL is governed and owned by BCCI.BCCI makes a lot of profits from IPL and it is even true that BCCI generates a lot of receive that not even ICC(International Cricket Council) makes in a year. here are the reasons how BCCI makes a lot of profits

BCCI makes a huge sum from its media rights, currently, star sports are given nearly 16000Cr to BCCI for its Broadcasting rights. Star Sports took media rights for the next 5 years (2018 to 2022). This amount does not belong to BCCI as a whole but BCCI gives nearly 40% of the amount to the team franchises.

Another way BCCI bags a lot of money is from “Title sponsor”.The title sponsor gives a lump sum amount to BCCI as it allows to display its brand name with the IPL logo. For example

DLF ipl, Vivo ipl, and dream11 ipl are some title sponsors. Presently dream11 has given 222Cr to BCCI for its sponsorship for the current year.40% of this amount also shared to 8 franchises of IPL.

Not only BCCI makes a profit even franchises also make some profits as each franchise makes money from the individual sponsor, as you can see sponsors name in a respective team jersey. Franchises make profits from their respective home ground matches as well. The ticket amount is bagged by the franchise itself. The franchise makes a profit from selling its duplicate jerseys, food contracts, and from the local advertisement in the stadium.

BCCI charges 20% of revenue from each franchise.BCCI makes money in this manner too. So BCCI is making a lot of profits and becoming the richest organizing committee in the world.

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