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Ed-tech startup Byjus became the most valuable startup in India


Ed-tech startup Byjus is now the most valuable company in India.Bjus a learning app seen exponential growth since lockdown 2020. Edtech giant Bjus raise the worth of the funding of $350 million this June 2021.

Byjus become the 11th most valuable startup in the world with a valuation of $16.5 billion.

Major investors are UBS Group, Zoom founder Eric Yuan, Blackstone Fund ABQa, and Phoenix. These investors are actively invested in Byjus.

Bjus is now worth $16.5 billion in 2021. So fintech giant Paytm has taken 2nd position in the list of the valuable company. Paytm net worth is $ 16 billion and planning its IPO this year. To raise $ 3 billion.


Since April, Bjus raising funds more aggressively. The company had raised $ 1 billion in April 2021. Leading investors were Boron Funds, Facebook founder Eduardo Saverin’s, B capital Group, Hedge fund XN, and Exponent Holding.

 Ed-tech startup Bjus acquisition is now becoming more essential and huge. Because recently Bjus acquired Akash Institute for nearly $ 1 billion. 

Akash Education Services has more than 220+ centers across India. Moreover, 2 lakh students pass out successfully each year.

WhiteHat Jr helping students of smaller age groups to learn to code is also part of Bjus. Bjus made a deal worth $300 million with the WhitHat Jr.


Smaller Ed-tech startup-like Scholar, Uomo, and Toppr are now with Bjus after its acquisitions last year. Some reports say the Toppr deal worth $ 150 million.

Now Ed-startup giant Bjus are in talks with Gradeup and Great learning. Gradeup provides higher education from top universities online. 

Whereas Greatlearnig provides the latest courses to its users.So that its users get a job in top companies. So we can expect its acquisition very soon.

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Ed-tech startup Byjus Growth 2021


Coronavirus pandemic made everyone sit in their house. A lot of industries were shut down. Even education institutions and tuitions were not an exception.

So students turn around to online learning platforms. As a result, there is a huge spike in the growth of ed-tech startups.

Bjus claim that it has a total of 88 million users. Including 5.5 million paid subscribers. To facilitate the students it made all courses open in early 2020 post lockdown. Even it saw an 86% course renewal rate.

Ed-tech startup Byjus made 2X of revenue in 2021. In 2020 it reported 2800 crores. But in 2021 making 2x growth in revenue of worth 5600 crores.

Ed-tech startups become the spotlight for investors. Investors are actively investing in it and startups raised $2.2 billion as a whole in 2020. In the previous year, raised around $ 553 million.


Ed-tech space has seen a lot of growth and potential during the pandemic. So its market size might reach $ 10.4 billion by 2025. 

But now the present market size of ed-tech startup space is $ 2.8 billion.

Ed-tech startup Byjus is leading in the front in this space. Have a plan to extend its services to foreign countries. 

It has the ambition to launch Byjus’s future school. It might start to expand its services to UK, Indonesia, the USA, and Mexico.

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Startups nameValuation in Billions
OYO Rooms$9
Ola Cabs$6.3

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