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Internshala success story : internship for students


A lot of students always dream about their dream jobs. To pursue it, students, immense hard work to get good results in academics.

But many students do not get eligible for the job in placements. Because of lack of skills and awareness of the latest technology.

So internship was introduced but it was limited to IIT and IIM. Internship means getting the opportunity to learn in the company for a specific duration. Able to get to know the about the company requirements.During their final semesters.

Internships are not only available at IIT and IIM. Other institution students hardly know about it. So to tackle this problem Internshala was found in 2010.

Internshala company


Internshala a platform where all eligible students can apply for internships. Students from any degree can apply and become interns.

This platform upskills the students with the latest trends of the companies. Students can get exposure to the new technologies.

Internashal was founded by Sarvesh Agarwal in 2010. The company initially started in the founders’ house. Later became one of the reputed company down the years.

Internshala founder


Internshala’s founder is Sarvesh Agarwal an alumnus from IIT Madras. He completed his graduation in civil engineering in 2000.

He is from a very humble Marwadi background. Come from a small village in Rajasthan, Nawalgarh. Always had a desire to empower millions of people through education and technology.

Sarvesh Agarwal was very intelligent and had a great passion for reading. Because of his passion for studies, he was the only child to get merit rank in his 10th grade.

Subsequently, he got selected IIT Madras and he is the only child to do so from Nawalgarh.

Then after completion of his graduation, he worked in Capital One bank for 2 years. Aggarwal then worked in Barclays Bank as a business analyst.

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How Internshala was found


Sarvesh Agarwal came to know his friend desperately looking internship in India. Moreover, his friend found it difficult to get an internship in India.

Sarvesh understood the demand for internships in India. Then he realized that his friend a graduate of London Business school is finding a lot of trouble getting an internship.

A clear picture came to his intellectual about the students in India. Internship for students in India was merely a chance.

To tackle this problem Sarvesh Agarwal found Internshala in 2010 as a small wordpress blogging site.

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Internshala foundation

Internshala started as a WordPress blogging website. Sarvesh Agarwal writing blogs about the importance of internships.

During the initial days, Sarvesh getting a good response. Then he started to approach the companies to internships in India.

Sarvesh Agarwal got assistance from IIT Madras professors. They sent an email to nearly 8000 former students about the platform.

Sarvesh Agarwal got a good response and internship offers al-around. Then he hired some of the interns to build his own platform Internshala. They were nearly 25 interns during the initial stage of the platform.

Because of good fortunes, even Startups were booming out of nowhere in India. During 2012 startups are eagerly hiring interns for their companies. So Internshala became more famous and became a trustful platform.

Family support

Sarvesh Agarwal comes from the Marwadi family. So his family supported him very well. They always believed in him and encourage him.

After his marriage, his wife runs the family for 2 years. His wife was bank manager of HDFC bank. His father-in-law encouraged Sarvesh in his entrepreneurial journey.

Internshala business model


The company provides free internships for students. So it is free for students and even for the companies to hire interns.

Internshala earns mainly from ads render on their website. Another source of income is offering training sessions to the students. So the students get to experience and enrich their knowledge.

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Internshala has not taken any investments from any companies till now.

About the company

Now Internshala became a unique and reputable company in India. A lot of students get opportunities to work in a company. Now students get internships very easily and comfortably.

Internshala internships are more likely used by students nowadays.

The company provides stipends for internships. Even Internshala made it mandatory to provide stipends for students.

Presently there about 200 employees working in Internshala.

Vikram a technology head in the company also CTO of the company. The company says out of pride that its platform was built by interns.

In this way, a startup arises out of necessity and now it is helping millions of students. Providing a good and bright future for the students. Additionally, helping to build a great nation.

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How to apply for Internshala internship

internshala-courses-how to-appply-for-interships

Tons of companies are there on the platform. Each company is finding interns with specific skills. Follow the steps

  1. Login to Internshala app or website
  2. Find internships for your requirements
  3. Then select the company accordingly to your interest
  4. Apply for the internship by filling in the required details
  5. Finally, you get a mail or call from the company.

Even you can apply for jobs and take a course on the platform.Companies are out there in Internshala are completely safe and trustworthy.

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