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Fantasy apps in India Dream11, My11circle, Winzo, RummyCircle


Fantasy apps help sports lovers earn money online. People in India admire sports immensely. Everyone is actively engage in sports talks very often.

Sports have a huge fan base in India. Now there is a good chance to earn money online. Fantasy apps help to earn money online.

Fantasy sports platforms are growing at a good pace. Their user base is also surging day by day. The current market size of fantasy sports is $62 Billion. It is expected to grow to $300 Billion in 2026. 

Now here is a list of fantasy apps where one can earn money online.

 In fantasy apps, users have to play with skill and talent in the respective games. Users have to make the virtual team. If the team makes the best performance base on a real-life basis then he gets rewarded.



Dream11 is a fantasy sports platform. It is founded by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth in 2008. Now it is the market leader. It already has a market share of about 90%. Moreover, it has a high user base of about 10 crores or 100 million. Its headquarter is in Mumbai.

Dream11 valuation is $5 billion. Then is one of the trustful platform in India. Besides this, the first fantasy app startup became a unicorn in 2019.

In dream11 users can play fantasy cricket, Kabaddi, football, hockey, and basketball.

Dream11 brand ambassador is former Indian Cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Its famous campaign is “Dimakh Se Dhoni” where it suggests that to win in Dream11 one needs skill and knowledge about the game. 

How dream11 started


Harsh Jain founder of dream11.Harsh Jain was born in Mumbai. Further for his higher education, he left India. In the US he came across fantasy sports and possesses a great passion.

While he was playing fantasy football matches with his friends. So he was enjoying it a lot. Then went to the University of Pennsylvania for his higher education. He continues to play fantasy sports with his friends online.

Harsh Jain had great passion and loved fantasy sports for a long time. Then in 2008, he came back to India. At the other end, there was the launch of the very first season of IPL.

So Harsh Jain went in search of fantasy sports for IPL. Then he came across some illegal and dummy platform was very annoyed with the experience.

Foundation of Dream11

Harsh Jain wants to tackle this inconvenience of fantasy sports in India. He was very sure India is a big market to tap in. Even India is a country where it admires sports deeply.

Finally, Harsh Jain decided to start to fantasy app. So he approaches his friends but no one was ready to take off. At last, he found very passionate co-founder Bhavit Sheth.

Dream11 was not a platform with clear intent initially. The platform had a free-to-play and season-long model in the initial stages. Then this fantasy app keeps on adding extra features like

  • Blogs
  • live cricket scores
  • Adding friends like a social media app
  • Numerous other games

This made the platform more vulnerable. In terms of revenue and popularity. From 2008 to 2013 the company runs with no profits. 

Subsequently, Harsh Jain had Social media agency. This agency was popular and made a good revenue stream. So he managed to run the fantasy app Dream11 simultaneously.  

However, in 2013 Harsh Jain made few changes in the business model. The pivot from free to play model to per match and freemium model. This was the game-changer for Dream11.

Dream11 a fantasy app become a market fit product in 2015. The company made generated some revenue.

The company users base starts to increase day by day. A lot of organic traffic and referrals came around. Dream11 became a recognizable and trustful platform.

Even investors are ready to invest in Dream11. A lot of well-known companies takes part in investing in Dream11 like

  • Tencent
  • Steadyview Capital
  • Tiger Global Mangament
  • TPG
  • Falcon Edge Capital
  • TCV

Many more active investors take part in investing. Till now Dream11 raised $785 million of fundings. Now the dream11 valuation is $5 Billion in 2021.

Now, Dream11 is an emerging fantasy sports platform. Currently, it has a market share of 90%. Dream11 contests also increase to 1000+. It is now the leader of fantasy sports.

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My11Circle is another most trustful fantasy app in India. It is under Games 24*7 a gaming company. Bhavin Pandya and Trivikraman are the founders. Here user can start their fantasy journey with one rupee.

This fantasy app gets launch in 2019. The brand ambassador of My11Circle is Saurav Ganguly President of BCCI.

In this fantasy app, users can play against legendary cricketers like Saurav Ganguly. This contest is popularly known as “Beat the expert”.Users have the chance of beating teams build by cricketers.



Winzo is a mobile gaming platform in India. It has several online games and fantasy games on its platform. Winzo takes off in 2016 in New Delhi.

Founder of Winzo are Paavan Nanda and Saumya Singh Rathore.The company’s growth trajectory has 2x growth since the Covide19 pandemic. Where most of the people lost jobs and then drive to Winzo to earn money online.

Winzo is available in 12 different regional languages. Then any players can play games with others on a real-time basis. Moreover, users can chat and add their friends to the games.

This fantasy app has more than 70+ online games. This platform serves game developers to launch and monetize their apps.

Winzo fundings have taken this platform to great heights. It raises funds of $5 million in 2019 from Kaalari Capital and Hike.


 Further, the company raises funds of $18 million in 2020 from Markers Funds and Courtside Ventures. Winzo claims that it has 30 million users. And also double its revenue every 78th day.

So Winzo is the best platform for both games and sports lovers to earn money online.


On the other end of the fantasy games, Rummy is gaining users from everywhere. Till now rummy is considered an illegal and wrong practice but the government of India declared that it involves skill and knowledge of the respective individuals.

So every company wants to start poker games online. Bhavin Pandya CEO of Games 24*7 grabs the opportunity to launch poker games online in 2009.

 RummyCircle gains high growth in both revenue and user base during the covid-19 pandemic. RummyCircle users are more than 20 million and its revenue surge to 1225 crores in FY2018.

Top circket fantsy apps

Fantasy appsDownload link
Dream11Click here
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MPLClick here
GamezyClick here
Myteam11Click here
My11CircleClick here

In this way, fantasy apps are ruling the digital industry. It’s a new way to earn money online. 


But these fantasy apps might get addictive and put individuals at losses. 

So fantasy games should be played with their own risk and responsibility

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