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Finshots founder Shrehith Karkera Story


Startup stories were always inspiring and exciting. On the other side, there is also a struggle and anticipation. Startup founders e don’t quit quickly. In the startup story, one can easily understand the struggle behind the success of the startup. Inshorts founder Shrehith Karkera also made a lot of attempts.

Now, here we are going to explore the journey of Shrehith Karkera. Also about the in-depth analysis of Finshots founder Shrehith karkera.

Shrehith Karkera education

He graduated as an engineer at Nitte college in Karnataka. Then after graduating, he became a part-time teacher. There he was teaching to crack banking examination.

Even he did not have any entrepreneurial mindset. Shrehith Karkera always wanted to build new things. On the other side, he was also preparing for the CAT examination.

While teaching banking, exposed to a lot of students who are older than him. There he got a lot of confidence. Enthusiasm in teaching also escalated.

Finally, cracked the CAT examination, then joint IIM Ahmedabad. He feels that he was lucky to crack the examination. Because he did not push very hard to crack the examination.

Then in the first year, he went to do an internship. There he was exposed to the corporate world. Shrehith Karkera did not like the corporate culture. Then he decided he never wanted to continue his life in the corporate world.

So he was keen on building his own company. At most he did not want to be in touch with the corporate world. Then he met his friend Pawan. Pawan was into a stockbroker. He had the dream of building a stockbroker business like Zerodha.

Shrehith Karkera First startup story

Then both Shrehith Karkera and Pawan went on to start a stockbroker firm. But it did not venta according to the expectation. Because they thought they are from IIM. So the investment could be accessible.

Since they both did not have previous experience in the business. So a lot of investors are reluctant in investing.

But the duo did not lose confidence. Still trying to seek investment. However, after multiple times trying to reach an investor. Then they realized their inexperience in the business.

So finally Pawan and Shrehith Karkera drop the idea. Then they were hunting for another opportunity.

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Finshots founder Shrehith Karkera startup story

Finshots Startup

After some time, they both started a blogging website Finshots. The website was providing valuable information about stocks and financial news. They use to research the company and also release the financial structure.

They both were providing financial content in the easiest format. Even the man from the rural area can understand. Even the response was also so good. The traffic to the website was too good.

Again Sherhith Karkera and Pawan so went on to investors for investment. And they have to face a lot of rejection. Because investors but not ready to invest in the content platform. Even they were not getting the business model. A lot of people doubted the revenue streams.

So a lot of investors did not take risks to invest in the firm. But both were engaged in producing content in the Finshots. Even the Finshots website had got a team of over 10+.

Finshots founders Shrehith Karkera and Pawan were struggling to pay off the interns.

Struggle Finshots founder Shrehith Karkera

To pay for the interns and also run the screenshots, Shrehith Karkera joined the teaching job. Even Shrehith Karkera was out with Placement in IIM Ahmedabad.

But IIM Ahmedabad gives allowances to those who are into entrepreneurship. So Shrehith got a monthly allowance of 40,000. This amount helped him to manage his business.

Finshots founder Shrehith Karkera was struggling to manage and grow the business. But neither the investors nor the VCs was ready to invest.

Finshots founders had a great struggling phase in their entrepreneurial journey. But they both did not quit. Instead, they keep on producing content.

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Rise of Finshots startup

If there is patience and hard work in you. Then success will meet your efforts. But it takes time so we’ll have to wait patiently. In the case of Finshots founder Shrehith Karkera, life too happened.

Finshots was one of the best websites producing financial news. So it became easy for people to understand and analyze the financial structure. Even the stock was made easy in Finshots.

During those time, the downfall of Jet Airways was trending. So Finshorts produce content about Jet Airways in a unique manner. Instead of putting a ton of content on the site. They produced the entire financial condition in an animation manner (video).

Ultimately this content becomes viral. Finally, they got a call from Varcity (it is a subsidiary firm of Zerodha). Varcity is also similar to Finshots about producing content about stocks.

Zerodha founder Nithin Kamath call to meet. It was one of the best moments for Finshots founder Shrehith Karkera. But the meeting was in Bangalore. Shrehith Karkera did not even have money for the flight ticket. But somehow we managed to reach Bangalore.

Then he met the Zerodha Founder Nithin Kamath. Finally, Zerodha invested in Finshots startup. Because they want to add value to the company. Even they came to know the value of content that Finshots were producing.

Importance of Zerodha investment

Zerodha and Finshots

Zerodha invested 4 crores into the company. Even they did not make any kind of restriction on Finshots. Then they told me to experiment with every idea. The ultimate goal is to make people understand stocks.

Finshots founder Shrehith Karkera was excited to work with Zerodha.

Finshots Busines model

Now Finshots became one of the best companies. It was producing the best Financial news. Now it is not only a content website. Instead, there were expanding businesses. They also incorporated insurance called Ditto.

Finshots Business Model gets revenue from nowhere. It might be quite surprising, but yes it does not run even ads on the website. Because Finshots founders aim to produce content to provide value for the people. They don’t want to make money from the website instead they want to build an active community.

Finshots indirectly help Zerodha. Zerodha is a stock Brocking firm. If people invest in stocks or enter into a stock investment. Then only Zerodha can make business. So, they want to educate people about the stock market and investment.

In this manner, Finshots is helping both Zerodha and people. But Finshots is now ready to make a revenue stream. As of now, Ditto insurance has been started as one of the revenue streams.

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