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Groww app online investment platform


Now there is a lot of increase in the share market investment apps. Even users especially millennials are very enthusiastic about investing in shares.

So, there is a lot of competition in the share market investments. Even it is a good time to invest and earn good returns. Foremost, one has to basic knowledge on share market and how it works.

It is advisable that have some vital insights about the stocks and their working. Then chances of getting a good return increase. Even there are no mistakes done at the early stages.

Now there are so many apps on the play store of stocks investment. But investors are having a lot of confusion to download the right app.

Many apps are trying to cheat users and make them bankrupt. So, it is vital to select good and legitimate apps while investing in stocks.

Groww app is the one-stop solution for stock market investment. Here Groww is one of the best and latest apps on the play store to get going.

Here in this blog, we are going to give details about the Groww platform.

  1. How to open a Demat account in Groww?
  2. Is the Groww app is safe?
  3. What are documents to upload while opening a Demat account?

One can easily get the answers to the above questions now.

Groww app

Groww is an online investment app where it made an investment in stocks too easy from its platform. This app is user-friendly and doesn’t have any kind of cliches.

The app provides supreme experience and all the activities can be done within seconds. Now there are over 10 million Groww users.

From this app one can open a Demat and Trading account in NSE, BSE. Even for alternatives users can also open accounts for mutual funds and SIP.

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Even the Groww app provides 100% paperless onboarding. Where there will be no problem of submitting a physical form of application to any company or office.

Groww app has made the entire process digital. Even this platform secures users’ data and transactions safely using 128 bit SSL Encryption. So, users can easily invest without any fear of hackers.

Groww startups were started in 2017 in Bengaluru. This online investment platform procures all the necessary information about the companies to the users. So, that users can easily make an investment.

Lalit Keshre, Harsh Jain, Neeraj Singh, and Ishai Bansal are the founders of the Groww platform. All these four founders are the ex-employees of Flipkart.

Hence, always as a trend, Flipkart employees build the startup and impact society. Even Udaan founders are also ex-employee of Flipkart.

Groww startup has become a unicorn in 2021, April after raising$83 million in its Series D round. Investors like Tiger Global, Sequoia India, Propel Venture Partner made major investments in the round.

About the Groww

One easily downloads the Groww app from the play store. Then users have to follow some steps before starting trading.

Initially, one has to sign up with their email address with the app. Then with the next step, your mobile verification starts.

For the next process to happen one has to enter their 10 digit mobile number and then enter the OTP.

After that, one has to enter the PAN number and also upload the PAN care soft copy to the Groww platform.

Later, one has to enter the basic information like DOB, Bank Account details, photography.

Even there are some essential documents to upload like

  1. PAN card
  2. Adhaar Card
  3. Driving License

Even short videos of the user have to be uploaded and video length should be at least 3 seconds. As the entire process is digital this step helps the Groww platform to get IPV (In-person verification).

Finally, one has entered the signature in the digital format.

Then one can easily open their Demat and trading account. Opening the Demat account takes less than an hour. But in some circumstances, it takes a day long.

Advantages of Groww app

This online investment platform had many advantages like

  1. Groww platform provides all the necessary and useful information about the share market in its Blog section.
  2. One can easily access the history of the companies before making the investment.
  3. Even one can compare and analyze the financial data of the company to make a better investment.
  4. Users can easily view the companies performance from the past 3 years in terms of Revenue, Total Asset, and profits.
  5. This online investment platform gives other valuable info about the companies like Market capitalization, P/E ratio, P/B ratio. So, investors can get an idea about the company.

So, users get the right kind of information about the companies. Even Groww UI ( User Interface) is clean and easy to understand. There is no difficulty in finding the companies.

Groww app is procuring a lot of useful info to its users. The platform is focusing on not confusing the investors. So, that users can easily figure out the status of the company. There is complete transparency in the process.

Hence, the Groww platform is the best app to download to make an investment in stocks. Now the app is ranking in 8th position in the play store. So for easy investments download Groww.

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