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Spinny startup deals on second-hand cars


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Now a car is not more a vehicle. Instead, it has become a social status indicator in this modern world. So, everyone desires to buy for various reasons or purposes. But intents will be identical for all.

Buying a new car is always intimidating. No one wants to take a brand new costly vehicle. Because many people prefer to purchase a used car because it will be affordable and even if it gets damaged it won’t hurt the emotion of the owner.

Even many people try to become perfect drivers taking the used car and then try to buy a brand new car.

Indian second handle car market is about $27 billion in 2020 and is estimates to reach $50 billion in 2026.

So, there is a huge demand for cars in India. Now loans, EMI, low-interest rates, and accessibility are becoming way easier.

As a result, people are also urged to buy cars. But there is a lot of hurdles while buying second handle cars. Because there will be high commission rates of the broker. Another fault is the lack of transparency and trust factor.

Sometimes there will be credibility neither from the dealer nor from the seller. So, it is tough to handle and deal with the cars.

The spinny startup is the solution for all the problems. It is a platform where one can sell or buy cars.

In this blog, one can understand the services Spinny startup provides to its customers.

Spinny startup

The company Spinny is a platform where second-hand cars can easily sell and bought with no complexities. Even there will be completer transparency between the buyers and sellers. 

In addition, Spinny startup gives all kinds of support. Even one can sell the car at the best price. Even the company will assure to do the payment on the same day after the inspection of the car.

Niraj Singh, Ramasha Mahaur, Ganesh Pawar, and Mohit Gupta are the founders of Spinny startup. These founders made the car selling easier, trustworthy, and best price.

Spinny was started in 2015. This company provides the best cars at an affordable price. Even there will no case of speculation. So, this platform is with complete trust and transparency.

This company has got the strong and best investment partners like Tiger Global Management, Avenir Growth Furoze Dewon’s Holdings, and Abu-Dhabi-based ADQ. Even Indian cricketer is mostly known as the god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar also invested in the company.

Now, the Spinny company is growing at 4X growth every year. Then revenue growth is over $300 million. Even the company is also expanding, presently Spinny is functioning in 20 cities across India. Major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata.

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Spinny Business

Every problem has solutions. But many will ignore the reality and move on. But the real entrepreneur will never cross over the problem. Instead, he will see the problem as a business opportunity.

Then he or she tries to build a new startup and wants to provide the best services to the people. 

In India, purchasing or selling a car is integrated with a lot of complexities. Even there will no guarantee that one will get the best outcome over the deal. The majority of the people will lose a lot of money in the form of dealers’ interest.

Then there will lack transparency and trust issues while purchasing or selling a second-hand car. Sometimes, people will be cheated with the quality of the car.

Ultimately, selling the car is a big task and even purchasing also has the same kind of complexities. The majority of times, third-party dealers will take a high percentage of commission and not be completely transparent over the deal.

So, there the market was unorganized and fragmented. Then Spinny startup provides the best deals over the car. Even the completer process will completely transparent. 

There is not any kind of trust issues or commission rates. Here, Spinny company will buy the car with the best prices accordingly. There will be 200 points of checklist about the car. So, buyers can easily analyze the quality of the car.

Even the company will give you the freedom of returning the car within 5 days.

In this way, Spinny company is providing the best services to its customers. In 2021, Spinny startup has crossed $1 billion valuations and went to the unicorn club.

Even Startups like Cars24, Droom, and Cardekho are revolutionizing India’s car used market. Even this market is growing at a rapid phase. 

So, these companies will hold an equal share comparatively between a new car and the used car market. All these companies are giving a lot of benefits to the consumers. So, even consumers are also responding and keeping a lot of trust in the startups.

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