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How startups helped India: Paytm, cred, zomato


How startups helped India: covid 2nd wave

India is now recording the world’s highest number of daily cases around 400,000 cases. India’s covid situation is worsening day by day. Health infrastructure has adverse and regrettable conditions.

As in the country have oxygen shortage, there is scarcity for beds in hospitals, the mortality rate is been increased at a pace, India now has been hit by all the side India need assistance both within and out of the country.

A lot of initiatives have been taken by our startups to ensure save lives and raising funds in their platforms to help financially.


Image soruce-twitter

It is one of India’s largest digital money transaction platforms.

It has started to raise rupees 10 crores to import oxygen concentrators for hospitals. presently it had collected 15 crores of contributions.

It is also building oxygen plants in 12-13 cities as it realized the oxygen concentrators are not highly reliable and cannot assist for a longer duration.


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India’s unique startup and a unicorn where you can get cred coins by paying your credit card bill. It has also shown great initiatives to help as it also announced that consumers can donate their cred coins which will be utilized to provide oxygen cylinders to the needy.


Ecommerce giant amazon also shown its humbleness to help India in this pandemic situation as it used its flight to carry 8000 oxygen concentrators and 500 BiPAP it also ensured to extend its help to India in the future.

Zomato and Delhivery

tweet by zomato ceo
Image source-screenshot/Twitter

It is an online food ordering platform, it also working actively to help people by partnering with Delhivery a logistic company that was trying to make a good impact by delivering oxygen cylinders to hospitals at a faster pace.


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Aid and assistance are also provided to India by foreign companies like Sundar Pichai Google CEO donating 13.5 million(135 crores) and assured that it helps spread essential information about the coronavirus in its platforms.

Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO helped India in its possible ways and ensured that it uses its technologies to help improve and efficiently support oxygen concentrators devices.

India needs a lot of assistance and financial support to fight against the severe widespread of the virus. India has the 2nd largest population of 135 crores so it is not easy to keep control of this pandemic.




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