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Save Money from online apps-Magicpin,Cashkaro,Cred


Save money from online apps

In India there is going on an e-commerce hub, everyone is moving online and there is a great demand for an e-commerce network where you can save money from online apps

This market is expected to grow by about US $200 billion by 2026.

From e-commerce, there is a lot of benefits as there you can expect the item to be delivered on the date specified and there is no need to get the item in their store with the horrifying traffic outside and wasting the whole day. Moreover, you can save money through online apps

So everyone is preferring to go online and you can expect some discount as well.

Now there are many startups where that urging people to move online and also providing plenty of discounts. You can save money online. Some startups providing the best discounts on both online and offline stores. Here are some best-saving money online apps. Save money from online apps



This startup provides you all the discounts on online and offline stores. This startup is founded by Anshoo Sharma in 2015. This company is known for its great discounts and good deals that save a lot of mission.

Here when used login into the platform you can directly purchase coupons of users choice means there are a lot of coupons on various deals like on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Pharma, beauty products, and even you buy coupons for the offline store as well like in KFC, Dominos, Pizzahut and many more. Therefore save money fronm online apps (magicpin)

How to get more discounts

There is one excellent option where you can collect points, whenever you go to any stores such as medicals, provision stores you have to ensure that the specified is partnered with magicpin and then you should upload a bill and selfie of yours with a store on the background and then you get points accordingly to the amount specified on the bill.

Then you can buy coupons even with even less amount by utilizing your magicpin points.

This is the best opportunity for consumers to claim discounts and save money.

One special feature is these platforms even empower hyperlocal business and give opportunities to get loyal customers.

CashKaro Save moeny from online apps

image sorce – twitter

This another on the list of getting great deals discounts and cashbacks. It has tied up with various top brands like Mama earth, Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, and many more.

CashKaro was founded by Swathi and Rohan Bhargav in April 2013

This model has straight giveaways like it gives cash back on items purchased on the specified brands. They genuinely give back cashback after the purchase and money will be credited to the wallet within 5 to 72 hours. So, Save money from online apps

Flipkart Save Money from online apps

Everyone is having a question like how to get more discounts on Flipkart, Here is the small way that you can play some games on Flipkart and earn SuperCoins then you can use while buying products, and also enjoy various offers on subscription models.


image source-spend2save

This one of the unique platforms founded by Kunal Shah in 2018 where the user can claim huge discounts by paying their credit card bill and you receive cred coins.

On this platform, no one forgets to pay their credit card bill on time. Users can easily claim their coins to purchase various items on this platform available.

These are some of the genuine and money saving apps where it benefits people. Those who desperately want to save money can easily use these platforms. Save money from online apps

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