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Indian OTT Platforms are misleading Indians 


OTT platforms are on a great rise as never before. All the OTT platforms got covid Pandemic as a blessing in disguise. Yes, Covid has ruined many lives and businesses. But these OTT platforms got a new way, direction, and growth in that period.

It’s 2020 due to corona pandemic there was hell lot of restriction to get out. So, people started looking for alternatives to get some entertainment. However, due to strict covid protocols, even TV serials and reality shows were halted for a year.

It was the perfect time for OTT platforms to make the customers happy with their tons of content. In the first half of 2020, Netflix added over 25 million users and then it went on to become the market leader in the OTT platform.

Yes, it’s the pandemic that made everyone stick to the OTT platform’s media content for long hours. Especially in India, there was a massive rise in OTT platforms like

 Amazon Prime







MX Player

In this way, there was a massive adoption of OTT platforms in India.

Post-Pandemic OTT Platforms Business


Now it is 2023, and we all get vaccinated with 2 doses of covaxin or covishield. And the world started to work normally.

Schools and colleges were open, and slowly work from home culture is fading away, massive decline in the ed-tech platforms in India. But there is one sector where we can see still there is massive adoption that is OTT.

Yes, OTT platforms in India are fighting back to retain their customers by providing them with quality content. Even as humans, if anyone gets used to something then it is less likely to give up soon.

Still, there is a race for OTT platforms in India. Now there 4 main OTT competitors Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, and Zee5.

But don’t think these are the only big competitors. Now the real Badshah of the business made entry into the OTT space in India. Yes, the Real Babshah is nonother than Mukesh Ambani’s Jio Cinema.

Jio Cinema took a massive bet on the Indian OTT space where they did deal with IPL for broadcasting rights. There Jio Cinema spent over 23,000 crores for the rights from 2022 to 2027.

No one can take Jio Cinema an OTT platform lightly. Because they have two super powers Telecom and a massive customer base.

So, it is becoming truly competitive in the OTT space in India. OTT competitors are just insanely competing with each other with more intent than ever before.

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Evil Side of Indian OTT Platforms Business Strategies


Every OTT platforms have its own intention to grow and make money. But the only prey for all of the giant platforms are we the audience.

So, they are trying all the possible means to lock you up in their media content.

Let’s talk about the Indin OTT platform’s intentions and strategies

Netflix Business Strategies

As everyone knows, Netflix is the world leader in the OTT space. Where Netflix has a massive user base of over 24 crores and 62 crores of viewership across the globe. This media giant has 160 million hours of watch time per day.

So, it is an incredibly huge user base. Now, Netflix is trying to conquer the Indian market as well. However Indian market is a price-sensitive market and we Indians are more reluctant to pay for costly Netflix subscriptions. 

However, Netflix is focusing on giving out excellent content to the audience. So, that Netflix can retain and grow its customer base.

Ultimately, Netflix’s Business plan is to conquer the Indian OTT market in the next 5 to 10 years.

Amazon Business Strategies

Amazon is the world leader in the e-commerce sector. But Amazon has a great interest in India’s e-commerce sector as well. 

However, Amazon had established its services in India and now in 2023 became the leading e-commerce site in India. They have more than 30% of the market share.

Still, Amazon wants to be the market leader. Even they know that future millennials or young bloods are lucrative customers for them. So, they are planning to hook them into their platforms.

So, Amazon planned a brilliant trap for Indians by launching Amazon Prime. Where Amazon Prime provides access to watch the latest movies, web series, and shows for minimal fees of Rs 999.

Any Amazon Prime user can have two benefits

Prime users will get massive offers and discounts

They will the delivery from 1 to 2 days

Therefore, Prime users are most likely to shop online from Amazon. So, Amazon used the Prime OTT platform as bait to hook up the fish ( Indian customers).

Recently Amazon launched their in-app OTT platform called ” Amazon Mini TV”. So, any user must log in through Amazon Website to access the Mini TV web series and shows.

After entering the Amazon Mini TV site, there is a lot of content and most of the content is targeting millennials.

 So, it is evident that Amazon’s main intention is not to provide free services to the audience of their media content ( web series and shows). Rather they are trying to hook, influence, and finally shop on Amazon.

Finally, Amazon is just trying to use its Indian OTT platform to hook up the audience. Later make money from converting them into potential customers.

This is the ultimate reality of the Indian OTT platform’s business models and strategies.

Jio Cinema OTT Business Secrets

Mukesh Ambani also knows as the Indian Badshah of Business. Yes, if Ambani enters into any sector, later or sooner he emerge as the market leader.

This is absolutely true, when JIO launches their SIM in 2016 no one would ever think that they will emerge as a leading telecom player by 2023 with 40 crores of users.

So, this is the power of Mukesh Ambani’s business strategies. Now, Mukesh Ambani is stepping into the OTT space. It is evident from the above example that Mukesh Ambani’s Jio Cinema will emerge as a leader in the Indian OTT market.

However, they have taken some massive steps to conquer the Indian OTT space. Yes, already Jio Cinema had signed a contract with BCCI for broadcasting rights of IPL for the next five years. Jio Cinema spent whopping 23,000 crores for the deal.

Mukesh Ambani knows Indian markets very well as he did business for decades. India is a nation where millions of people love and admire cricket. So, he took IPL Rights, as he know that Indians surely love to watch cricket.

To make the story even more fascinating, Mukesh Ambani made it free for all to watch IPL. Earlier fans used to give subscription fees for Hotstar to watch IPL. However, Indians love freebies. Even Congress also won the election from freebies schemes. So, don’t get diverted.

Come let’s talk about the Indian OTT platform’s business strategies. Now Jio Cinema after taking IPL rights of 2022, got a massive user base and they jumped from 10% to 40% in viewership.

Mukesh Ambani hooked up Indians with the free IPL scheme. Now, Jio Cinema is planning to focus on regional content. 

Because the majority of rural people do not have much content for the consumer. If Mukesh Ambani’s Jio cinema could capture India’s rural market then they will win the OTT business game very easily

Now Jio Cinema partnered with regional content media production houses like Zee, HOICHOI, and TVF.

Even to hook up the audience, Jio Cinema launched private shows like Kharon ka Khiladi, OTT Big Boss, and Roadies. These shows can only be watched on Jio Cinema. Here they are creating to hook the audience to come to their platforms for free exclusive content.

Ultimately, Mukesh Ambani wants to conquer the Indian OTT Platforms Business in the next 5 years. So, that he can create an entire ecosystem in India. As JIO is operating in telecom and if Jio Cinema becomes the market leader then Reliance as their parent company can make large chunks of money.

OTT Evil Business secrets


So, these are the intentions and business strategies of Indian OTT platforms to hook up the youths of the country and to make money.

This blog’s intention is not to criticize the OTT platforms, from a business point of view they are doing brilliant business plans. However, we are standing on the side of the audience to guide and unwrap the reality.

Finally, it’s in the hand of the audience to control and get influenced by OTT Platforms. This is clear guidance from SSIN24 for youths, please be cautious and conscious about your actions.

However, this big giant makes crores of rupees every single day. At the end of the day, the only matters is your life.




Indian OTT Shows misleading Indian youths

Nowadays there are free exclusive OTT shows available in different OTT platforms.

However, they are coming with dancing, singing, and reality shows. 

Most of their content is influencing young Indians and makes them hook up with their shows.

At the end of the day, all the OTT platforms are trying to retain and grow users.

So, they come up with a unique business model by launching their private reality shows. 

Most of the reality shows might be scripted because of their added masala to attract users’ attention.

At the end of the day, these OTT platforms do anything to influence, retain, and grow their user base.

However, it’s our young Indians who are targeted because they are having the free time and money to spend.

These OTT platform’s intention is to hook up you to their product and make money. So as young Indians should have enough consciousness about their choices.

At the end of the day, its your life and your choice. Try to opt for good things and be productive instead of falling prey to the cheap gimmicks of these OTT platforms.

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