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Boat Founder Aman Gupta CA studying 18 hours a day


Aman Gupta Boat founder is famous for his humor in Shark Tank India. He is one of the coolest and funniest sharks in the show.

Everyone knows that he came from 0 and now ruling the entire audio wearables industry. He is the “Gundaa” of the Bluetooth headphones market in India.

Recently, Aman Gupta was invited to a program to encourage youth about the importance of CA (Charted Accountancy).

Then he started to speak about his journey while he was pursuing CA. Aman Gupta was pretty focused and determined in his studies.

During his CA degree, Aman Gupta used to study 18 hours a day. Yes, you heard it right, 18 hours a day.

CA Aman Gupta

In this generation studying for an hour without distraction is a great task. But Aman Gupta used to study all day long except 6 hours a day.

It is a very commendable action of appreciation. Then Aman Gupta was not a morning person, as he did not like an alarm sounding early in the morning. In his Charted Accountancy course, his friends use horns outside the house. So, that he gets up and comes to class early.

Aman Gupta also told that his CA taught him efficient time management lessons. While doing his CA, Aman Gupta was planning his day according to the examination day. As a CA one have to give 8 paper in 8 days and work all day long.

Because of CA’s tough curriculum, Aman Gupta adopted to take a lot of pressure, plan his day, being sincere and dedicated to his work.

So, he is grateful for his CA journey because he learned so many valuable things. Now in his entrepreneurial journey as well he is applying the same old values of hard work, dedication, and sincerity.

Aman Gupta also told that his CA choice. It was his father who decided and insisted he pursue Charted Accountancy.

Boat Founder Aman Gupta opens up about his article ship during the CA course where he used to earn from Rs 200 to Rs 300.

Any CA aspirants need to stick to their plan and should execute it efficient manner. Aman Gupta was very hard-working and dedicated to his studies.

Aman Gupta is a great inspiration for all of us. After failing from 5 to 6 business, again with a lot of determination he came up and started Boat. Now it is one of the most profitable companies in India and also has a 50% market share in audio wearables in India.

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