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Licious Startup story Abhay Hanjura


India is a country of multi varieties standard of people. You can find any food in any part of the country. Every state has its unique flavors.

Different states as their unique standard of cooking styles. Even every Indian state has its prominent food.

In the context of non-veg, every Indian state has pleasure in consuming meat. Meat unites the entire country. Meat has got prominence across the country. So, everyone loves consuming non-veg food items.

But this meat sector in India does not have a good supply chain. Also, the meat supply chain is deprived of hygiene and good care. Even poultry farms are not adopted the latest technology.

So, to tackle this problem unique startup has taken the initiative. It is with the mission to deliver fresh online meat with the best standards. Here we are going to dive deep into the Licious startup story.



Licious is an online meat delivery startup. It not only helps in delivery but also even has its supply chain across India. The company aims to provide the best online meat products.

This online meat delivery startup was found in 2015. This company provides fresh chicken, seafood, and mutton to its consumers. Besides its assists poultry farmers with the latest technologies and also in feeding the right kind of foods.

India consumes meat worth $30 billion every year. So, it is the best opportunity for startups to dive into this sector. As Licious is becoming India’s best online meat delivery startup.

Now the company has its presence in 14 cities across India. The average basket size is 700 rupees. The online fresh chicken startup, Licious has partnered with 180 vendors.

This online meat delivery brand has 56 delivery centers across Indian cities. Even it gets nearly 10,000 orders every day.

Vivek Gupta and Abhay Hanjura are the founders of the Licious Indian meat brand. These two founders the worth of the meat market and found the loopholes in the industry. 

So, they came up with the idea to start an online meat delivery platform.

The online meat delivery company has a lot of challenges. Because they are dealing with highly perishable food products. 

The delivery has to be done with 90-120 minutes. Otherwise, the meat freshness would affect.

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Licious company


 This online meat delivery platform was found by Vivek Gupta and Abhay Hanjura in 2015.

Here is a short story about the founders of Licious and how did they take off.

Firstly, Vivek Gupta is born in 1988 and belongs to Chandigarh State. Then he made his schooling in Devi school. Further, in 1988 he got admission to Punjab University.

Besides, he was also aiming to crack the CA examination as well. Finally, in 2002 he got passed in CA examination.

His professional life starts from the year 2002 in TAVANT Technology. After few years he makes a shift to another company called Helion Venture.

On the other side, Abhay Hanjura belongs Jammu pandit family. He completed his schooling in Jammu. Then he came to Bangalore for higher studies.

In Bangalore, he joined BSc in Biotechnology. He completed his course from 2004 to 2007. Then he got an interest in the business. So, he joined MBA in 2007.

After completing his graduation, He got his first job in Bajaj. Then he keeps on venturing his life. He had worked with Indian Insurance as a risk manager.

Finally, in 2015, he joined the Futuristic company. During this time, Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta met. Vivek Gupta was a client of the Futuristic company. Licious startup story is very inspiring



Abhay Hanjura was an meat lover. He used to like all the non-veg food items. Further, both Abhay and Vivek came to know the poor supply chain in the meat industry. 

Even the livestock are not caring, feeding, and breeding them properly. They decided to start a startup to tackle all these problems.

Eventually, they found the online meat delivery platform Licious in 2015. They had only five employees during the initial year. It was a great challenge for the company at the beginning.

They had to control all the processes until to deliver meat to the consumers. They are in charge right from sourcing and also have their ideas to feed the livestock to make them healthy and hefty. The company did not use any unfair methods on livestock like injecting chemicals and make them grow faster.

The company has its own style of cutting the meat. The cutting of the meat is fully automated. Even they have the machine to for chopping the meat. The meat to delivery to its consumers has undergone 150 safety and quality checks.

Now, the online meat delivery company, Licious delivers about 375 tons of meat every month. Even they are getting 1.8 million traffic month on month.

Licious company is growing at a good pace. They are getting a good response from the consumer’s end.

Licious Unicorn

Licious, online fresh meat delivery platforms have become the 28th unicorn in 2021. Since the company execution was so well now it has turned unicorn.

In the latest fundings round, Licious was successful in raising $52 million or INR 389 crores. In the end, Licious’s valuation shoots up to $1.05 billion or INR 7853 crores. The lead investor in the funding round was IIFL.

The startup, Licious will utilize the fundings in expansions both in offline mode in the form of a Physical store. And also expands geographically. Besides, it also focuses the promoting the ready-to-eat product.Licious startup story portraits the best business model.

Online meat delivery startup, Licious is growing steadily. It is the first D2C brand to become a unicorn ever in Indian history. Now, the company is delivering nearly 1 million orders per month. Even it is completing 10 million orders across 14 cities every month.

Licious profits in 2020 were INR 180 crore or $24 million. Its growth trajectory is growing at a steady pace. The fresh meat industry is worth $40 billion. 

In this way, the online meat delivery platform, Licious is impacting society. They are providing fresh meat online and also helps in protecting people’s health. Licious startup story should be a motivation for the budding entrepreneurs.

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