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Vedantu acquired Pedagogy: Acquisition new of Vedantu


Indian ed-tech startups are raising both fundings and acquisition intensely. As online educational startups got prominence over the coronavirus pandemic.

In the last financial year, Indian ed-tech startups in total have raised $2.2 billion. Traction is huge in online educational services.

Indian most well-known ed-tech platform, Vedantu acquired Pedagogy in July 2021. So, this acquisition aims to expand its services across the Indian cities. 

Why Vendantu acquired Pedagogy

Pedagogy is an ed-tech startup, provides digital books and courses online. So, this platform provides digital books from the most trustworthy publications. So the students can trust the books without a second thought.

Even, Pedagogy sells online courses. Where it gives a lot of prominence to the latest updated syllabus.

Moreover, this platform provides digital books into MCQs, important Q&A, and tests. The digital book is more likely to be a handbook. So, students can practice and get prepare for the examination while reading itself.

This platform is entire of students for cracking competitive examinations. So, the platform prepares students for CET, JEE, NEET, UPSC, and Banking examinations.

Archin Shah is the founder of Pedagogy startup. The platform aims to give the best quality of the content at affordable prices. Besides, Pedagogy has already 175 books and courses. The startup business model is similar to Netflix. 

Pedagogy provides books and courses on a subscription basis. You can buy books and courses on subscription. Till now this platform has 250K users have enrolled.

 Besides, there are over 100 million practice questions and 500K tests are taken.

Vedantu acquired Pedagogy, to enable its 30+ million students to get access to more effective study material. Even Vedantu focuses on preparing students for competitive examinations.

So, the acquisitions help them to work together and prepare the student to their highest potentials. Even they can collaborate and helps students with their preparations.

Pedagogy has got the fundings of about $400K (3 crores) in series A. Inflection ventures are the major investors in the funding round.

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Vedantu acquied pedagogy and Instasolv


Earlier in the year, Vedantu made an acquisition of the Q&A platform Instaslov. This platform solves doubts of classes 6 to 12. 

Even the platform focuses on IIT, JEE, and NEET competitive examinations. Besides it also solves queries of mathematics and science subjects.

Aditya Singal, Nishant Sinha, and Bahul Arora are founders of Instasolv. Instasolve came into the market in 2019 as the savior for the students in solving doubts.

Moreover, Instasolve also launches its live online classes for Mathematics and Science for 800 per month. Which is more affordable and accessible in tier 2 and 3 cities.

From the acquisition, Vedantu wants to gear up its services to tier 1 and 2 cities. It aims to give quality content at affordable prices and should reach every aspiring student.

Instasolv already has tons of content. The platform has 1 million users and a 20 million questions and answers database. This database helps students with their preparations.

The platform has already raised 2 million in series A.

Till now, Vedantu acquired Pedagogy and Instasolv for their effective preparation strategies. Even they have to compete with big giants like Byjus and Unacademy.

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Vedanty acquired pedagogy while Byjus


Byjus is also acquiring startups in heaps. This platform became one of the valuable companies in India. Now the present valuation of the company is $16.5 billion.

To create a monopoly and make its platform super powerful it acquiring a lot of startups.

Recently, Byjus acquired Epic a US-based startup for $500 million. So, the acquisition helps Byjus to expand its services through the US market.

Even, Byjus also make one of the most valuable acquisitions worth $ 1 billion. They manage to acquire India’s Educational Services Akash. It has over 220 centers across India. 

Due to the pandemic, it was on the wreck. So, it made a deal with Byjus to save from the pandemic. 

Coding has become one of the prominent skills for students in present. To make it possible to learn coding at an early age, Byjus manage to acquire WhiteHat Jr for $ 300million.

Unacademy acquisitions

Unacademy is also India’s raising ed-tech startup. Even it enables aspiring students to crack competitive and government examinations.

Roman Saini, Hemesh Singh, and Gaurav Munjal are the founders of Unacadmey. While Vedantu acquired Pedagogy, this platform also backing some of the platforms like

  1. Kreatryx
  2. CodeChef
  3. PrepLadder
  4. Mastree
  5. TapChief
  6. NeoStencil
  7. Coursavy

In this way, Indian ed-tech startups are growing and expanding across the cities. Vedantu acquired Pedagogy to empower its platform with another innovative startup.

The ed-tech startup market is going to reach $30 Billion by 2030. Let us wait and see what kind of revolution it brings.

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