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Mark Zuckerberg net worth drop 2022 

Mark Zuckerberg-net-worth-drop

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg net worth drop is a hot topic. Even he lost his lot of wealth this year. Almost 50% of his wealth sinks in 2022. 

Mark Zuckerberg was the third richest person in the world. By then facebook founder’s wealth was $142 billion. But now he lost his Fortune and wealth too. 

In 2022, he lost 50% of his wealth and reached 19th position in the Forbes table with $61 billion. 

So so what are the reasons for mark Zuckerberg net worth drop? Also, what are the factors that affected Mark Zuckerberg net worth drop? 

Facebook videos VS TikTok videos competition 

Facebook was a big sensation in social media. It got billion of monthly users. Everyone started using Facebook as a trend and status. 

Ultimately Facebook was ruling social media. Even facebook revenue was soaring over the years. In 2021, Facebook’s revenue went on to touch over$117 a billion. Even the previous year, Facebook’s revenue in 2020 was $85 billion. 

In this manner mark, Zuckerberg net worth was also growing. But now Fortune is changing and in the case of Mark Zuckerberg, the case is worst. 

Now the trend has changed. Everyone are are switching from Facebook to Instagram. However, Instagram is also owned by Mark Zuckerberg. In 2012, Mark Zukerberg Facebook acquired Facebook for $1 billion. 

So Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg did not have many issues. But the real trouble came when Tik Tok started growing social media. Gradually Tiktok started to Grab the social media market. 

Now, in 2021 Tik Tok’s revenue went high up to $60 Billion. Even Tiktok is also growing in massive user growth. In 2022, according to reports, the TikTok user base has grown by over $1.4 billion. 

On the other hand, Facebook users are over 3.5 billion. It took almost 7 years for Facebook to touch a billion users. But Tik Tok took only 4 years for its billion users. Therefore TikTok is growing twice the rate of Facebook. 

The growth of Tiktok is the reason for mark Zuckerberg net worth drop. However, facebook’s revenue is dependent on its ads. On hover, 97% of Facebook revenue is dependent on advertisers. 

If the user growth of Facebook still drops. Then advertisers V give money to Facebook to publish their ads. Even Facebook lost 500,000 daily users in the last 3 months of 2021. 

A new generation of young people is not at all using Facebook. Now Facebook is used by the older generation. Young people are more attracted to Instagram and Tiktok. 

Tik Tok’s maximum growth is one of the main reasons for Mark Zuckerberg net worth drop.

Mark Zuckerberg net worth changed from Apple’s privacy 


Surprisingly, mark Zuckerberg net worth loss plunged up to $ 10 billion for apple’s new privacy policy. 

Facebook was always dealing with privacy policy issues. Everyone criticized Facebook because of the tracking of its user data. Upon that, even Facebook sells users’ data.

Facebook earns a lot from tracking users’ data. Social media Giant, Facebook keeps track of the user’s data. It will be tracking users’ websites and app visits. 

For example, if any user searches to buy a new t-shirt from google or any other platform. Then Facebook oK will keep on tracking users’ patterns. Eventually, e whenever a user opens Facebook for the next time, he or she gets advertisements facebook related to T-shirts. 

In this way, Facebook targets its user. If any user buys any product from such ads. Then Facebook gets some amount of commission from the advertiser. In this way, Facebook revenues depend upon our 97% from advertisers. 

After the new privacy policy from Apple, now no more facebook and track Apple users’ data. So it is a big loss for Facebook because it cannot attract data of users. Eventually cannot forget them on Facebook. 

There are over 1 billion iPhones in the world. Even there are 588 million Apple phone users. So it is a youth loss for Facebook revenue. After the new privacy launch. Mark Zuckerberg lost $10 billion of their wealth. 

Apple’s new privacy policy was one of the reasons for Mark Zuckerberg net worth drop.

Even Google also earns from using users’ data. According to Apple’s privacy, any third party e cannot utilize uses data. But Google is integrated into the Apple default browser Safari. So it is one of the search engines in Safari Browser. 

For this deal, google pay a heavy amount to apple. According to the report, Google paid over 1.16 Lakh Crore for apple in 2021. Even in 2020, the deal was over 7300 crores. In 2019 also Google and Apple deal made worth 59,098 crores. 

Mark Zuckerberg net worth drop from Meta

In 2022, mark Zuckerberg wants to bring a revolution by launching Meta. Meta is the future of Augmented and Virtual reality. 

Everyone thought Meta will be a game changer for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. But now Meta losses pile up to $3.3 billion. In Indian currency, Meta losses were 22,000 crores. 

Mark Zuckerberg still invests in the Oculus AR to improve Meta. He believes that AR and VR are the future of the internet. 

Mark Zuckerberg properties

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, is among the wealthiest person in the US. He has a lot of assets in the country. In terms of the estate, mark Zuckerberg owns an estate worth $7 million. 

Even he has a Property worth of hundred million in Hawaii. The world’s richest man made a lot of property for the time. Even he has a beautiful luxury Yacht worth $150 million. Even he has properties over 1500 acres.

Most often we have seen Mark Zuckerberg what a simple blue T-shirt. Still, we had a wrong misconception about his t-shirt. Because Mark Zuckerberg T-shirts costs $400 each. Such T-shirts are called Cocinellli Shirts. 

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s misfortune led him to sell his property. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg Sold His san Francisco bay area homes for $31 million. This mention has 4 bedrooms, four bathrooms, goa all with 7000 square feet area. 

Earlier mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan broad this Mansion for $ 10 million in 2013.

Mark Zuckerberg net worth drop comprises all these factors. But now Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is in deep misfortune. 

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is not performing well. Even its user base is plunging day by day. On the other hand, apple’s new privacy policy again let Facebook’s revenue down. It made Facebook unable to track users’ data. 

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is facing one of the tough times in his life. Because no one has lost this huge amount of wealth in the shorter. 

Tiktok and Apple was the main cause of his misfortune. Once Facebook was ruling social media like a king. Everyone was talking about Facebook but now hardly anyone talks about FB. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg lost 50% of his wealth within a year. 

In this way, these are some of the factors which led to mark Zuckerberg net worth drop.

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