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Brainly startup founder Mickel Borkowski 


Now everything is connected to the internet. Every activity is transforming into the online world. For example, physical shopping is transforming into online shopping. 

It is very easy to share information and knowledge through the internet. Even now education is also transforming online. Now new online schools are Byjus, Unacademy, Vedantu, and many others. 

Today, we are not discussing the above-mentioned startup. But a unique startup that is enabling students to enhance their knowledge and share it with the world. 

In this blog, we are going to analyze Brainly startup. How Brainly startup founder Mickel Borkowski made students get homework answers. Also, build a 350 million student userbase. 

Brainly startup 

Brainly is a student community where students can find and share homework answers. It is enabling students to learn and enhance their problem-solving skills. 

Even this platform is enabling to learn and find homework solutions. So, from this service, a student can be benefitted in two ways, where students can find solutions to tough problems easily. On the other hand, students can also post answers to the question posed in the Brainly app. 

The answers posted by the students are verified by the Brainly startup teacher. Ultimately, the Brainly app is a student learning community. As of now, Brainly’s user base is more than 350 million. 

Brainly startup was founded in 2009 in Poland. The startup was started with the intention to help students. Where students can learn and find solutions to the questions. Brainly app created a platform where students can ask doubt it and get solutions. 

Brainly startup founder Michael Borkowski created a revolutionary platform. 

Till now Brainly app is very unique in its service. According to the report, 20% of middle and high school students use the Brainly app every month. 

So, the startup is making a new revolution in the student community. Barely startup user base hundred million students from Poland, 25 million students from Russia, and India’s student user base is going exponentially high. 

Till now, Brainly startup has got funding of 68.5 million. Even it is expecting, 500 million users in the next four to five years.

Presently, Brainly startup is operating in Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, the USA, and India. Brainly app is used by a lot of students to find homework solutions.

Brainly app has one of the active communities in the student sector because Brainly app has some gamification services so that students can enjoy and solve problems funnily. 

How did Brainly startup founder Mickel Borkowski get the idea to start the company? It is very interesting to discuss in the next section.

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Brainly startup founder Mickel Borkowski 


Building a Startup is always having a problem-solving attitude. Whenever you see a problem you should always think about a solution. But in the entrepreneur’s life, find the business around the problem. Ultimately e everyone is benefited from the solution. 

Brainly startup also got the same building process. The founder of the Brainly app is also keen on his school classroom scenes. He always wanted to build a business around the student’s activities. 

Mickel Borkowski founder of Brainly app always recalled the school classroom scenes. Where there will be always a collaborative and competitive atmosphere. In the classroom, there is always a quiz game done traditionally. So, every student is enthusiastic about participating in the Quiz games. 

Likewise, every student is always eager to solve a harder problem given in the class. As a result, every student will grow in his or her knowledge. 

In this activity, Mickel Borkowski Brainly founder, every student helps each other in solving problems. Even kind enough to clear his or her friends’ doubts. 

So this collaborative work made him inspired to build a startup. Even he wanted to impact the attitude of collaborative work. 

Beginning of Brainly  

In 2009, Mickel Borkowski started Brainly startup. Basically, it made the student’s tasks easier. Here every student can post doubts and tough problems. However, it is a social learning community, students are eager to solve the questions and post them on the Brainly app. 

From this kind of activity, students will grow a good problem solver, Even the students stuck in a homework problem will also get the solution from the community. 

Brainly startup founder Mickel Borkowski made a huge online learning place. Now, every other student will download the Brainly app to solve problems or find the answers. There is a lot of collaborative work well done. 

In this way, 

Brainly startup has got a massive response from the students. As of now, there is over 350 million Brainly app user in the world. 

The business model of Brainly 

It is very fascinating to analyze the business model of the Brainly app. It is a shocking fact that Brainly startup is not spending any money on acquiring users. 

You heard it right, Brainly startup spencer’s zero rupees for the user’s acquisition. Brainly startup business model works on ” Zero Customer Acquisition. 

This business is all about the data’s main questions and answers. This kind of service needs a lot of solved questions. Whenever a student posts a question, then there will be an answer posted by another student. So in this way, millions of questions will be answered in the Brainly app. 

As a result, Brainly startup tons of solved questions. Whenever Brainly startup expands its services to other countries like India Russia USA. Mainly it focuses on the data, and the students as questions, and someone will solve the questions. Then the app gets a lot of data and through the Search Engine Optimisation technique, the Brainly app gets a lot of students. 

Even the answer that was started by a student is verified by the teachers appointed by the Brainly startup. 

The main revenue streams for the Brainly app are ad revenues. On the Brainly websites, there will be advertisements from where Brainly startup earns. 

And another revenue for Brainly startup is the film subscription model. There are two plans a yearly plan cost around 2400 and a monthly plan cost around 299. 

From this subscription, students get premium services from the teachers, where they can get solutions from the experts. A student gets a one and one tutorial from the Brainly app experts. 

In this way, a Brainly startup earns. Brainly startup founder Mickel Borkowski fascinatingly made the online learning community.

About App 

Now on the internet, Brainly answers are the top trending one. Whether you’re searching for any mathematical questions or solving aptitude. It’s one place where you will find answers is none other than the Brainly app. 

Not only you will get the solution, but even you will also get the steps of the solutions. In the Brainly app, one can search for answers to questions by typing. Even one can ask or post questions in the Brainly app. 

There is a used online community where the solutions will be given instantly. On the other hand, the app will also give solutions for the NCERT textbook from class 4 to class 12. 

If you compared to edtech companies like Byjus, Unacademy, and other charges a lot of money for online learning. But the Brainly app gives its valuable service for free. So, many just stick to the Brainly app. 

Brainly startup founder Mickel Borkowski emphasizes the student’s benefits. Mickel Borkowski understands the core problems of the students.

 If the students understand the problems and got the solution stepwise. Then he or she will get a lot of confidence to solve problems.

In this way, Brainly startup is making a huge difference in the online learning community. Even the founder of Brainly, Mickel Borkowski is also working tirelessly in improving the services. 

Brainly startup will be inspiring for a lot of young entrepreneurs. Also, get the idea to find the problems and bring the solution.

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