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Money heist season 5 teaser out now- Confirmed Release on the month of

Money-heist-season-5-teaser -out

The most awaited series the “Money Heist” has released an official teaser of season 5 today May 24 2021.

Monet Heist fans had got a small treat from its most-loved series.

Earlier this month May 2021, Netflix officially announced that Money Heist had wrapped up the production.

The Professor’s lead role in the series had bid farewell for its set recently. All the heist gang members shared their pic in their respective Instagram account.

Money Heist Season 5 splits into two volumes

The series is separated into two sets. However, Money Heist Season 5 will be releasing on September 3 and December 3 of five episodes each.

Money Heist Teaser 2021 Detailed Review


 The teaser duration is of 70 seconds. Initially, Tokyo crashed their mask off with her feet. Further, Martin is desperately running to save himself from the attacks.

Denver seems to be in a high temper. On another hand, Monica Gaztambide and Julia saw unarmed and were likely been attacked by the cops.

Bogata, Helsinki, and Marsella are ready to attack the enemy.

Bogata has seen right in the front and signals to his troop to attack.

Helsinki is shocked at what he sees right after him. Explosion had taken him out of the blue.

Money Heist main Hero the Professor seems so helpless. Subsequently, Raquel appeared in the teaser as if she had lost everything and close her eyes for her final pray to god.

The overall situation of the Heist is out of control and unprecedented attacks from the cops.No one know what to do next.

All are in dilemma.

At the end of the Teaser, one can observe the unity of the professor’s team. All are united and are ready to fire against the cops.

One mystery from the teaser is one member from the heist has been locked. It is observed that the member has been tied up the hand on the back and down the feet. This might be the turning point of the series.

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