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Shushil Kumar wrestler murder case -caught by Delhi police


Indian Werstler Shushil Kumar was arrested on May 3.Delhi Police caught him when he was collecting money from his friend in the west of Delhi.

Shushil Kumar is suspected accuse of the murder of the junior Werstler Sagar Rana at Chattrasal Stadium. It is speculated that Shushil Kumar and his gang had killed him by assaulting with a stick and punching him on his face.

He absconded on May 3rd as soon as the murder happened. He left the place immediately as it has been recorded in CCTV.

Shushil Kumar moved to a different location to escape from the cops. He absconded to Gurugram and then make move to Chandigarh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, and Punjab

He also switched off his cell and communicating with the internet with his friends. Finally, he and his friend Ajay Kumar was arrested in moring on May 3. 

Reason for the murder


As Shushil Kumar was in contact with the Jathediya an underworld don. They both became friends and started loot lands and did a lot of illegal activities. Shushil had a costly flat in Medal Town, Delhi

The relationship between these two was broken. As Shushil made contact with the Niraj Bavana and Naveen Baali who were enemies of Jathediya.

Then Jathediya forced Shushil to give back Flat at Delhi. This made Shushi very anger and decided to take an act of revenge.

Shushi Kumar Targeted Sagar Rana who close friend of Jathediya. Sagar Rana is also a wrestler from Chattrasal Stadium.

On May 3rd Shushil gang planned to murder Sagar Rana. There was a dispute that broke out between Sagar Rana and Shuhil’s gang at Chattrasal Stadium.

The dispute turned into violence and Sagar was brutally assaulted with few punches to his face and blows from the sticks.

This led to the death of the wrestler Sagar Rana. Immediately Shushil and Ajay Kumar left the spot. Shushil Kumar’s hand had bloodstains according to CCTV footage.

Finally,Delhi police arrested two accusses and Court also denied giving anticipatory bail to the wrestler.

Shushil Kumar Disputes

Shushil Kumar a world-class wrestler involved in various cases like

  • In the 2019 World championship wrestling match, Shushil had attacked his opponent Jathender vigorously by twisting his finger and punched to his left eye
  • Various incidence claims that Shushil had a lot of dispute between wrestlers and coaches at Chhatrasal Stadium.
  • In the 2018 Commonwealth trial games, his opponent Praveen Rana had received life-threatening phone calls from the Shushil’s gang.
  • Shushil Kumar had cheated Narsingh Panchama Yadav by adding drugs to his food. As a result, Narsingh failed in a doping test.

Shushil Kumar Achievements

  • He won the Bronze medal in Olympics in Beijing.
  • Shushil won a silver medal in London Olympics in 2012.
  • To his achievements, the Indian government tributed him with many reputed medals like the Arjuna award, Padmashri award, and Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna award.

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