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Ola VS Ather head to head EV Battle in India


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Electric vehicles will be the future. The world is emerging on a carbon-neutral mission. Yes, people are aware of the adverse effects of carbon and other poisonous gases.

Even the economic disruption made people adopt EVs rather than spending lucratively on fuel.

So, when there is a demand, there will be competition among companies. Yes, now it’s OLA vs another head-to-head EV battle going on in India.

Now Ola has taken over the electric two-wheeler market share by more than 50%. Yes, Bhavish Aggarwal has taken a bet to disrupt India from its OLA Ev’s.

Ola just entered the EV market in 2021 and then just left the traditional competitors behind. Now Ola Electric is ruling across Indian states. Anyone can witness the rise of Ola S1 and S1 pro models on roads.

According to the latest report, in total Ola Electric has sold more than 2 lakh EVs from 2021. People are also become fans of Ola electric models.

There are several EV players are emerging in India. But here are the legendary companies fighting OLA VS another EV Battel

OLA VS Ather


Ather is a pretty old player in the EV space of India. Ather started its operation in India in 2013. Since then it has been serving Indians with electric vehicles. So, there is a trust in the brand.

But Bhavish Aggarwal leverages his credibility on his success of OLA. He disrupted the cab aggregating space from his startup OLA. Again he came up with the OLA electric in 2020 to bring the EV revolution in India.

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People also believed in his mission and lots of support and encouragement were given over the internet. Even Ola founder Bhavish Aggarwal also announced the launch of Ola electric vehicles with 2 variants and with 10 colors.

At the end of 2022, Ola Electric started fulfillment of the orders. When Ola launched its pre-booking on August 15, 2021, in just one day more than 1 lakh bookings were made on the site. So, there was a lot of demand for Ola Electric in India.

However, Ola Electric didn’t fulfill the orders on date. There were lots of delays and criticism and frustration shown by the customers.

After some hungama of hatred and criticism on social media, slowly people were happy with the quality of Ola modles.

Now in 2022, Ola Electric had sold over 1.08 lakhs of EVs. On the other hand, Ather hardly managed to sell 51,000 EVs. It is just half of the total sales of EVs.

OLA and Ather Fundings

Still, there is a dark shadow of funding winters going on Indian startup ecosystem. On the contrary, Ola Electric has managed to raise $140 million in the latest funding rounds.

On the other side, Ather raised $108 million in its latest funding rounds. Now Ather will make investments in its manufacturing centers. As of now, Ather has two big manufacturing hubs with a total capacity of 5.4 lakh EVs per year.

Whereas Ola has the world’s largest Electric two-wheeler manufacturing hub in Tamil Nadu. Its annual capacity goes up to 2 million EVs per year.

OLA VS Ather head to head EV Battel will go to take great shape in the future. Yes, their competitive spirit will disrupt the Indian EV sector.

According to the latest report, Ola Electric is also planning to manufacture electric superbikes. Even it released its superbike blueprint on its official website. In the future, Bhavish Aggarwal also manufacture electric cars as well.

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