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Padcare founder Ajinkya Dhariya in Shark Tank


Akshay Kumar was known as the Padman of India. But now Ajinkya Dhariya, Padcare founder is acknowledged as ‘ Padman of 2022’.

He made a tremendous invention of the disposal of sanitary pads. Even Ajinkya made three products related to sanitary pads. So, the Padcare Shark Tank episode made his true inspiration for all.

Here is the complete story of Ajinkya Dhariya founder of Padcare.

Shark Tank India and Padcare startup

Now Shark Tank India season 2, is taking India by the new storm of entrepreneurship wave. This show brings startups from India and helps get funding from the Shark Tank Judges.

Padcare startup was also featured in Shark Tank India in 2023. As this startup is solving the major issue of disposal of sanitary pads.

Sanitary pad takes 500 to 600 years to get disposed of on the earth’s crust. So, think about the magnitude of to impact on the earth’s crust. According to the research, 1200 crores of sanitary pads gets manufactured in India every year.

This is a major concern about the disposal of sanitary pads. Even the founder of Padcare Ajinkya Dhariya expressed his voice for women.

Where a woman needs over 7500+ sanitary pads for a lifetime. Even an average woman spends 5 to 6 years of her life in periods.

Therefore, Ajinkya Dhariya started Padcare in 2021 for the safe disposal of Sanitary pads.

Padcare founder journey

Padcare startup

Ajinkya Dhariya is a mechanical engineer from Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vishnupuri,

He comes from an open-minded family where his mother always strives for him to work for a social cause.

So, her mother was a great support for his growth. As he was working in Grind Master Machines as an R & D engineer, he came across the most horrible scenario.

Ajinkya Dhariya visited landfill emulsion for project purposes but he saw ragpicker separating sanitary pads and diapers with bare hands. At that moment, it shooked him up.

Then he understood the worst situation of ragpickers. Even at the same time about the whole cycle of sanitary pads disposal in India.

In India, sanitary pads are just thrown out as normal waste. But then it has to be segregated and then it is burnt. As a result, it causes a massive amount of carbon emission and is a threat to the earth’s crust as well.

Ajinkya Dhariay witnesses that Sanitary pads are a great threat to Earth, rag pickers, and sustainability.

So, he went on to research sanitary pads. Then he got the problem started from the disposal. If there is a solution for Sanitary pads disposal then the problem will be solved.

Padcare founder’s mother and sister

Ajinkya’s mother works for social causes for a long time. So, her mother was very supportive and open-minded. 

Even when Ajinkya came up to his mother that he was going to research on Sanitary pads disposal machine. Her mother stood and told openly about the problems.

Even her Sister too helped his brother Ajinkya Dhariya. During the research, he wanted used sanitary pads. In this critical situation, her sister made it all possible. Finally, his mother and sister stood for the cause.

Padcare Products

Padcare products- PadcareX,Padcarebin, PadcareVend

Ajinkya Dhariay, Padcare founder came up with excellent and patented products for Sanitary pads. There are three main products

  1. Padcare Bin
  2. PadcareX
  3. Padcare Vending Machine

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Padcare Bin

It is a decentralized disposable bin that can store hazardous waste( Sanitary pads) for 30 days.

Here it will be installed in the local toilets so that where the woman can easily and safely dispose of their sanitary pads.

Padcare Bin is already in demand and now this system had incorporated by many companies like

  • Praj Industry
  • Capgemini
  • Goldman Sachs

There are over 150+ clients for the Padcare Bin product. Till now, 4000 Padcare Bin installations have been done.


It is India’s first 5D technology-based patented Sanitary napkin disposable recycling system.


  • It weighs over 1 ton
  • It can process 15,000 pads per day

This is a huge device, where it is essential for the disposal of sanitary pads. Here there is an opportunity where it can be installed in a specific location. Then the sanitary pads can be dumped into it.

Padcare Vending Machine

It is a Sanitary Napkin vending machine. So, women can easily get sanitary pads from the machine. 

All these products are present in 6 Indian cities and 150+ organizations.

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Padcare Fundings

Padacare is working for the social cause and the menstrual hygiene management ecosystem.

So, Padcare got funding from the government- aided entities like TCS and Wipro for 2.25 crores.

Even it raised funding for 75 lakhs at a valuation of 8.7 crores.


Padcare startup was started in 2021 by Ajinkya Dhariya. It had made a great start and in the financial year 2021 to 2022, it made 1.05 crores of revenue.

Even its last month (September 2022) revenue stands at 14 lakhs.

But still, the startup is not profitable and has a monthly burn rate of over 5 lakhs.

Shark Tank Judges Investment in Padcare founder startup

Padcare founder is seeking 50 lakhs for 2% of the company in Shark Tank India season 2 at a valuation of 25 crores.

All Shark Tank Judges were amazed and impressed by the founder Ajinkya Dhariya. As he did an enormously huge achievement.

Lenskart founder, Peyush Bansal made an open offer for the first time in Shark Tank. Because Peyush needed him on the board. He was impressed by the founder. In the show, he went to the founder and gave the blank cheque.

On another side, Anupam Mittal gave an offer of 25 lakhs for 2%. Then Namita Thapar and Vineeta Singh gave a joint offer of 50 lakhs of 2%.

Finally, Padcare startup got funding of 1 crore for 4% of the company at a valuation of 25 crores. The investors were Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar, Peyush Bansal, and Anupam Mittal.

Why Shark made Investment in Padcare startup

In Shark Tank India, judges are ready to bet on the entrepreneur. Even though the business is running under losses. Many times it happened in Shark Tank.

Earlier, Loka was a Meta-like startup. where the Shark Tank Judges made the investment because of the spirit and courage of the entrepreneur.

Most of the time, the investment runs into those startups which are making crores of revenues in a year.

But Shark Tank Judges invest in Padacare because of the impact it is creating in society. Being a man, Ajinkya Dharia made research on a sanitary pads and came over all social taboos.

Here judges invested even though the Padcare startup was losing 5 lakhs per month. 

Judges just adore the entrepreneur’s work. Also amazed by his motive, resilience, and perseverance.

It is an inspiring entrepreneurial journey of Ajinkya Dharia. His dream will change the lives of many people. Even his vision on sustainability and hygiene will save many lives of ragpickers.

Most googled questions on Padcare founder in Shark Tank India

1) What is the education qualification of Padcare founder Ajinkya Dharia?

Ajinkya Dhariya is a mechanical engineer from Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vishnupuri, Nanded. 

2) What is the funding of the Padcare startup?

This startup raised funds from the government. So, it got around 2.25 crores of government funding and also it raised 75 lakhs from investors. Even in the Shark Tank India season 2, it raised 1 crore for 4% at a valuation of 25 crores.

3) what are the products of Padcare startup?

There are mainly three products 

  1. Padcare Bin
  2. PadcareX
  3. Pacare Vend

4) who made the investment in Padcare in Shark Tank India?

Anupman Mittal, Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, and Vineeta Singh made an investment in the Padcare startup.

5) What is the age Ajinkya Dhariya?

The founder of Padcare startup, Ajinkya Dhariya present age is 28 (2023)

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