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Paralympics Indian Medals in 2021 Tokyo


Paralympics is an event where disabled athletes compete at the international level. So there will be a lot of enthusiasts athletes who compete from all around the world. This event took place right after the Olympics 2021.

In 2020 due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, there was a postponement of the event. As a result, Tokyo Paralympics 2020 is taking place in 2021.

Paralympics Indian medals are most expecting and actively anticipated from all the Indians. So, there was a huge support and cheer from the fans. Paralympics takes place once every four years.

In Paralympics 2021, India made top-notch performances. In the 2021 Paralympics, India won a high number of medals compared to previous events.

Paralympic Indian Medal Holder’s Autobiography

Indian Paralympic athletes once again made all the Indians proud of their performances. Even they secured a maximum number of medals in the 2021 Paralympic.

In total, 54 athletes are actively performed in the event. India Paralympics athletes got 19 medals in the event. This number is quite astonishing. Because from 1968 to 2016 India was able to manage to win merely 12 medals in Paralympics.

But now India got 19 medals in a single Paralympic event in 2021. Out of 19 medals, 5 were golds, 8 were silver, and 5 were bronze. From this achievement, Indian athletes made a massive comeback and great inspiration to all.

Paralympics Tokoya 2021 is a great moment for all the Indians. All the athletes have given their best performances. But all the athletes couldn’t able secure a medal. So, wish them good luck in the future. 

Some of the winners of the Paralympics biography

Paralympics Indian medals are a dream for all athletes. But some athletes secure more than one medal this time.

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Avani Lekhara

Avani Lekhara got the gold medal in Paralympic Tokyo 2021. She won the gold medal in Air Rifle Shooting in women (10m). Even she also won a bronze medal in women (50m).

She made all the Indians proud. Avani was a wheelchair holder. Finally, she holds the Indian flags on the wheelchair. Where the flags flying high made our day.

Paralympic athlete, Avani Lekhara had a disaster life story. She met with the tragic accident at the age of 11 in 2012. Due to the severe accident, her spinal cord got fractures at multiple places. As a result, she couldn’t lead a normal life.

Then she stood bravely and desires to be an athlete. Even her father gave her motivation to achieve. Avani Lekahara was also inspired by Abhinav Bindra Autobiography. Her towards the shooting never ends.

Her determination and hard work finally gave massive results at Paralympics 2021. Now Avani secures Paralympics Indian Medals.

Pramod Bhagat

Pramod Bhagat won the gold medal in the Badminton singles men’s SL3 category. So, he took India’s pride to the next level. The whole nation is proud of his achievement.

Even he had a very hard and suffering childhood. He could not able to enjoy the pleasure of normal childhood. Because Gold medal winner Pramod Bhagat was suffering from polio at the age of 5.

Even the polio was severe and had adverse effects on the spinal cord. Then their parents consult the doctor at the last stage. Where the doctor was helpless and told that legs or hands will be paralyzed.

Eventually, Pramod Bhagat’s legs got paralyzed. So, he did not give up on his dreams and aspiration. Instead, he worked hard in the field of Badminton.

As a result, Pramod Bhagat won the gold medal in Paralympics Tokyo 2021. This inspiring character brings Paralympics Indian Medals. Even he is the first Para-Badminton to win gold for India. 

Sumit Antil

He is a wrestler turned Javelineer. His fate made him a great athlete in the javelin throw. Sumit Antil won the gold medal in the Paralympics 2021. So, his victory made millions of Indians joyful. 

Sumit Antil’s biography is also unexpected disastrous. Where he was a well-known wrestler. As he took wrestling as his passion and also his future goal. But destiny had some unique turns and cross in his life.

Gold medal winner Sumit went on to experience a severe accident with his motorcycle. Where he lost his left leg in the tragedy. Everyone started to show sympathy and also gave words of demotivation. 

As he could not do anything in life further.

Instead of hating, Sumit Antil took as a motivation. He builds his passion towards Javelin throw. So he went to work hard and continues his passion for the game.

Now, he won the gold medal in the Paralympics 2021. So no one has to get demotivated in any situation. Even one should have strong intent and motive to achieve hugely in life.

List of Paralympic Indian Medals Holders


Badminton Single

Krishna Nagar won a gold medal in the Badminton Single in the men’s SH6 category. His victory gave a sense of pride to the nation.

Even Suhas L Yathiraj won the Silver medal and Manoj Sarkar won a bronze medal in Men’s SL4 and SL3 categories respectively.

Javelin Throw

  1. Devendra Jharjharia won the silver medal In the F46 category.
  2. Sundar Singh Gurjar made the nation proud with his bronze medal in the T63 category.

High Jump

  1. Mariyappan Thangavelu and Praveen Kumar won the silver medal in Paralympics 2021.
  2. Sharad Kumar won the Bronze medal in the T64 category.

Mixed Pistol Shooting 

  1. Manish Narwal won the gold medal in the men’s P4 category.
  2. Singhara Adhana secures sivler medal in men’s P4 category.

Discus Throw

Jogesh Kathuniya won the silver medal in Discus throw Paralympics Tokyo 2021.

Recurve Archery

Harvinder Singh Grabs bronze medal in the event.

Table Tennis

Bhavinaben Patel won silver in the women’s single table Tennies Class 4 category.

These are the athletes who bring Paralympics Indian medals to the country. Indian para-athletes won 19 medals in a single tournament which is an incredible achievement. Their tremendous performance made India proud and also brings hope of light to the Paralympics in the future.

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