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Meesho startup story Social eCommerce company


Businesses have a lot of ways for marketing and sales techniques. Even the ultimate funda of every business is sales trajectory. So, every business always waits for opportunities to increase their sales.

In this scenario, social media acts as a boon for businesses. Because millions of users have their presence and actively engages in the platforms.

Now, any business can showcase its products on various social media platforms. Besides, businesses can have better engagement with their audience.

What if your product is promoted by someone? Ultimately both get beneficial over the process. Now your business can be promoted by various people over social media platforms. 

The social eCommerce space is blooming rapidly. Numerous businesses are getting multiple sources of opportunities for sales. 

Meesho online shopping is one such social eCommerce platform. However, this social eCommerce app is helping a lot of small and medium businesses. Even it is creating awareness of online presence for the businesses. 

In this blog, we are going to wrap out the Meesho startup story. Then the business model of the Meesho platform.

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Meesho app 


Meesho is an Indian social eCommerce platform. Even this platform provides various opportunities for the resellers to make money online.

Social eCommerce empowering a lot of women to start their businesses at home. Where Meesho bridges between the sellers with the audiences.

Meesho was founded in 2015 to empower Indian local businesses. Also providing the platform, to sell their products online.

Besides, some random people can promote your products via social media. Eventually, that random person reseller will be benefitted throughout the process.

Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal are the founders of Meesho. The mode of aspiration is to help and improve the small businesses in India. Besides the desire to build 100 million small business communities.

In April 2021, Meesho becomes India’s first social eCommerce unicorn. There was a lot of demand for online shopping due to the pandemic. 

Even online deliveries are the top priority from the consumer’s end. Because all were restricted on their movement during lockdowns.

From this platform, many women have become financially independent. Even they have also started their businesses and become entrepreneurs as well.

 There are over 13 million women entrepreneurs in the Meesho app and also selling to 50 million consumers.

Due to the pandemic, every online business had a lot of demand. Besides, Swiggy and Zomato were in demand of all time. Even online groceries and medicines are at the top of the list. Everyone small business is looking to online.

So, for them, the Meesho app was the best platform to sell products online. As a result number of orders were skyrocketed up to 20 million in March 2021. In the previous year, only 3 million products were sold at the same time.

Users can get a wide range of products in the Meesho app. There are around 50 lakhs of products with 650+ varieties. Meesho online shopping can get you tons of good products and profits as well.

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Story behind the Meesho startup


Meesho’s startup story is an inspiring one. Initially, Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal started a venture called Fashion Near.

Fashion Near is a hyperlocal delivery for fashion and clothing items. The duo understood the problems in the logistics in the fashion industry. So, they want to solve the existing problem in the respective industry.

But destiny was in the other direction. Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal have seen a lot of traction for online businesses in India. There are too many factors for booming up for the online businesses. 

Because of internet connectivity of fast and robust. Then smartphone adoption rates were going high year on year. 

Further e-commerce like Amazon and Flipkart also providing huge discounts. So, ultimately people were trusting the online shopping experience.

On the other hand, social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram had huge user bases. These platforms giving users a separate segment to build their businesses and can increase their sales.

Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit Aatrey were pivoting their startup. Eventually, they started Meesho n 2015. It is an online reselling eCommerce company. Where small businesses and manufacturers can easily sell online. 

Even users can share the details of the products on various social media and negotiate the pricing. Then the user can buy the products and make some profit.

Meesho startup was getting a lot of traction. Every small and medium business wants to sell in the Meesho app. Even homemakers found selling opportunities on this platform. Now, Meesho is generating nearly 500 crores of revenue. 

Even their supply chain is extensive and robust. Meesho has nearly covered 4800 cities and 26,000 pin codes in India. 

This platform also gave the best opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Where they can sell their products online and can get more users.

Meesho startup story gives a lot of valuable insight into starting their startup and pivoting at the right time.  

Meesho Business Model

meesho-business model

The social e-commerce platform is the latest and trending idea in the Indian startup ecosystem.

Meesho provides the platform to sell its products online. Meesho business model is very successful for the following factors.

Helping small business

More than 50 million small businesses are struggling to go online. Even women having artistic skills could not get the opportunities to start the business. But Meesho startup was a powerful tool for these businesses to move online.

Eventually, they can showcase their products in the Meeso app. Besides can get more audience and hope for more sales.

Social Media

Meesho is not an ordinary eCommerce site. Instead in the social e-commerce company. 

Meesho products can easily share via various social media. Some users(resellers) share products details with their friends and families and negotiate with pricing. Then they order the products and the reseller can make some profit out of pricing.


To run a successful online business logistics plays a vital role. So, Meesho has an extensive supply and logistics chain. These platforms provide delivery services to their resellers. Meesho earns a penny in this delivery business.


Meesho mainly from a commission business model. Where there will the certain percentage of the commission goes the company according to the sales.

Besides Meesho puts a penalty on its sellers due to the lower and cheap quality of products. Even if the seller is not coordinating with the delivery partner and makes the delays will be getting a penalty.


Meesho earns from ranking products in the app. Certain sellers give extra money to promote their products in the search result.

This platform has huge user base information. From this valuable database, they earn some money by using legal means.

In this way, Meesho earns in all verticals of the business. Meesho startup story is being key for many budding entrepreneurs.

Meesho Fundings

The social e-commerce company Meesho was able to raise $300 million in April 2021. The Soft Bank Vision Fund was the led investor in the funding round.

Prosus Ventures, Facebook, Shunwei Capital Venture Highway, Knollwood investment are the other investors in the funding round. 

From this fundings round, Meesho valuation rose to $2.1 billion. The company is aiming to build a 100 million business community.

Meesho new ads

Social e-commerce company back with the attractive ad. The ads, it portraits the benefit of purchasing on the Meesho platform.

Consumers can easily buy good products directly from the vendor.
Traditionally, People buys products on exorbitant price at the shops. Where the cost of products has been raised during the chain of supply. The products have to cross wholesalers, middle man, retailers, and finally to the consumers.

But in the Meesho platform, all the steps are being eliminated. So, in the ad, we can see a girl purchases the cloth from the manufacturer and pay less.

Meesho 2022 News

From Meesho lot of changes in households, where women using artistic skills, can sell their products on these platforms. So, Meesho created a lot of entrepreneurs in a family. 

For example, if anyone is good at designing handicrafts, sarees, toys and other products can directory sell on Meesho. So there were no middlemen for Commission. So it made the life of Indian households economical. 

Then in 2022, Meesho changes its entire business model. Now the company is focusing on e-commerce. So it is focusing on the Marketplace model. As a result, it is troublesome for Meesho-made entrepreneurs. 

A lot of women who were selling products at Meesho criticized the company. Because this change in business model will affect their family drastically. Even the women who work just cross-selling products across the Meesho platform also sued Meesho. 

These changes in the business model with the intention to make the company profitable. 

Meesho Fundings 2022 

Recently, social commerce platform, Meesho raced the fundings worth $192 million from its parent entity, Meesho Inc. 

These fundings will be procured Meesho platform to scale the business in the festive season. Now there is an upcoming festive season in India, so there will be a lot of purchases across the platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho. 

Meesho’s revenue in 2021 was over 793 crores and in the coming year 2022, it is expecting 2.6X growth. Because it has changed its business model from social commerce to entire e-commerce. 

Previously In 2020, Meesho’s revenue touched around 300 crores. So it is a positive sign for the company to go towards profitability. 

If we talk about the negative part that is losses, Meesho losses in 2022 grow up to 498 crores.

In this way, Meesho is empowering small and medium businesses to transform online. Even a lot of women sitting at home are now doing a handful of business and earning. Meesho startup story is inspiring and motivating for all people.

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