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Paytm IPO would be the largest ever in the history of India


Paytm India’s leading digital platform is going to launch its IPO. Paytm IPO would be considered as India’s largest IPO so far. The company targeting to raise $ 3 billion (21800 crores).

Paytm founder Vijay Shekar Sharma founded the company in 2009. Now it is estimated the valuation of the company would reach $25 billion to $ 30 billion.

Paytm IPO launch is expected to be in November 2021. The company decided to go public because of its expansion and cover the losses incurred. As from the report, Paytm in 2019-20 made a net loss of about 2942 crores.

Many are thinking the Paytm IPO might make the record as largest IPO in India. The company had gained a lot of trust and reputation over the decade. People might show interest to buy Paytm shares.

Paytm parent company One97 communication had built a lot of trust in India. The company started as bill payment and then launch Paytm wallet and dominated the whole payment market. Paytm present valuation is $16 billion and is expected to $ 30 billion after the IPO.

Another reason for its IPO is to give strong competitors. Google pay, phone pe and Amazon pay are making their best effort to capture the market.

Paytm major investors

Paytm IPO will be successful because it is backed by the world’s best investors like Warren Buffet, Jack Ma, and Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son

India’s largest IPO is in the name of Coal India Limited. It had raised over 15,000 crores in 2010.

A lot of banks ready for its IPO this year. Major banks shortlisted are JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup.

Paytm had India’s merchant payments. There are nearly 20 million merchants and have monthly 1.3 billion transactions.

Soft bank and Alibaba major investors of Paytm 19.6% and 7.4% respectively. These Chinese companies might take an exit by diluting their shares.

We want to wait and see till November. what will be the fate of Paytm IPO 2021?

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