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Everyone wants to be successful in life. Even all need fame and name in the early stages. But there will be no intent and attempt from the people.

Success will not come with ease of comfort. Instead, there should be a lot of determination and confidence in the work. Then there should be consistent in their efforts too.

So, one should be ready for all challenges in the future. Even he or she makes up their mind optimistic. Then only one can be positive in the worst situation. Even one should be ready for facing the most unknown situation in life. founder Anumpa Mittal also went through all the phases in life. Now, Anupam Mittal is over $50 million. So, founder is a very enthusiastic and visionary person.

Anupam Mittal came to the business field right from his teenage. Even he comes from a business background and his father was doing export business.

Finally, from a business point of view, he went to the US, and then the business went under loss. So, Anupam Mittal thought to continue his education.

Then after completing the education and getting a high-paying job. But his thirst for entrepreneurship did not have an end. Once in a while, he use to come to his hometown, Mumbai.

There he got the problem of bride and groom where the selection was limited. So, he thought to start an online matrimonial site.

Later, he again went to the US and started Then the business got all the positive feedback and growth. On the other hand, there was a downfall of internet companies. During that phase, many internet companies got shut down, and lakhs of employees lost their jobs. Startup

Even Anupam Mittal also lost his job and even his shares in the company too got collapsed. Then, Anupam Mittal came back to India and get into the other side of life.

In India, Anupam Mittal went on to start an internet service business, where the company built the website for business.

Finally, he started rebranding) as a matchmaking platform in 1996. So, finally, Anupam Mittal got the steps to success. Now, has created a revolution in India.

Over time, founder Anupam Mittal has also become an Angel Investor. Even he had invested in over 200 companies.

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Here Anupam Mittal gives some advice to young people and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Always dream big founder Anupam Mittal advises people to dream big. Because if one dreams big then only he or she can achieve big. Otherwise, it will be tough to become successful in life.

Even in his career also, Anupam Mittal dreams big to build a successful company. The company also went through tough times like the recession period. So, here founder Anupam boldness and perseverance made it possible to cross all the barriers.

Product-Market fit and Technology

Anupam Mittal advises entrepreneurs to bring the right kind of products into the market. Now, over 95% of a startup will shut down in less than 5 years.

Entrepreneurs mainly make fault by choosing the wrong products. Here, founders should primarily validate the products and confirm the product-market fit. Many entrepreneurs will fail due to a lack of market research.

One should be aware of these two questions

  1. What is the problem in society?
  2. Whether people going to buy the product or services?

If the products are going to be purchased by the customers then the business will grow exponentially.

So, here founder Anupam Mittal is insisting on people to validate the product.

Anupam Mittal investment rules: founder Anupam Mittal

Always investment should be done depending on the founder’s characteristics. Anupam Mittal is also one of the best investors in Indian startups.

Even, Anupam also invests in a business where the founder of the company is loyal. Then the founder should be a hard worker and consistent. founder Anupam Mittal is the first investor in the OLA company. During the time, Bhavish Agarwal (founder of OLA) was desperate for funding.

Online taxi is a unique concept, so investors were reluctant on investing in the company. Then Anupam Mittal called the helpline of OLA to connect with the founder. Out of surprise, Bhavish Agarwal was receiving calls at the helpline section.

So, Anupma got impressed with the passion and dedication of the OLA founder. Later, after the first meeting, Anupam was impressed with the passion and boldness of Bhavish Agarwal.

Finally, Anupam Mittal invested over 15 lakhs in the OLA startup. Now, the ola made a revolution in India and it is worth $ 6.5 billion.

So, these were some pieces of advice from founder Anupam Mittal. Now, this is the time for entrepreneurs and startups in India. From 2020 to 2030 is an opportunity for the startups to get the best investments.

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