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Physics Wallah Startup Story: Alakh Pandey Entrepreneur 


Many startups will have a humble beginning. In the initial phase, intent and the idea should be crucial. Now, India got its, 101st unicorn startup called Physics Wallah. 

Today, we are going to analyze Physics Wallah Startup Story. It is not because it got Unicorn status. But there is immensely hard work and determination from the physics Wallah founder Alakh Pandey. 

A boy from a small town made a big difference today. Now many Edtech startups are struggling to make a profit. Even the startups are to such an extent that they are laying off employees to cut the expenses. 

On contrary, Physics Wallah formally started as a YouTube channel, now it is valued at over 8500 crores. It is all about the success story of physics Wallah. 

In this blog, one will be motivated to start their startup and the way to sustain and grow their startup. Physics Wallah startup story is an example of an inspirational story. 

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Physics Wallah Startup 


This is not a formal Edtech startup where they sell courses for unfair prices. Even it is not one of the most lucrative and high valued Edtech firms. But it is now started to bloom from its valuable services to the students. 

Physics Wallah is an Indian Edtech startup based out of Noida. Initially, it was started as a YouTube channel to teach physics and Chemistry online. 

Alakh Pandey the founder of Physics Wallah Startup. It is totally about his determination and motivation that made the startup successful. There was a time when you did not have any is like equipment quality audio and video recording equipment for the YouTube channel. 


Now, Physics Wallah Startup has taught 6 million students. Now, the company has raised $100 million in funding at $1.1 billion valuations. As a result, Physics Wallah became the 101 unicorns of India. 

Physics Wallah Startup is valued at 8500 crores. At present, the Physics Wallah youtube channel has 7 million subscribers with 1.3k videos in 2022. 

The company is also charging minimal fees from the students. For example, if you want to take any course from Unacademy or Byju’s it will be around 15k to 30k. But Physics Wallah charges as high as 3k. 

In the next section, there is a humble beginning of the Physics Wallah startup story. 

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Physics Wallah Startup Story 

It all started with Alakh Pandey. In his early days, he taught mathematics and physics in his tuitions. Even he taught the student for 9th and 10th. 

Alakh Pandey’s family’s financial patch made him teach students. However, his dream of studying at IIT could not happen. Because he could not able to crack the competitive examination. Even he did not get any kind of supreme facilities of studies and study material. 

Then Alakh Pandey joined Hartcourt Technical Butler University at Kanpur. However, he was not able to complete his degree. He dropped out and returned to Allahabad. 

There, he joined an institution as an instructor. His salary was nearly around 5k. Then in 2014, he started a YouTube channel with an investment of 30000. In the initial stages, Alakh Pandey did not have the right audio and video recording equipment. 

In fact, he was just teaching with a whiteboard in dim light. It was a very humble beginning for the Physics Wallah Youtube channel. In the first year, Physics Wallah’s youtube channel had 10k subscribers. Alakh Pandey did not give instead he uploaded videos about physics and Chemistry at regular intervals. 

However, his YouTube channel had grown with mouth-to-mouth marketing. His YouTube Channel was very favorable for the students. The reason is his teaching style and his presentation on the whiteboard. 

Beginning of Physics Wallah startup story 

In 2017, Alakh Pandey left the teaching job. Then he committed full-time to his YouTube channel. Since then, his entrepreneurship journey started. In the upcoming time, the Physics Wallah Youtube channel will have tremendous growth. In 2019, the YouTube channel Physics Wallah had 1 million subscribers. 

The increasing user base made him analyze the potential of online learning. Simultaneously, he started to take his youTube journey into the business world. 

So Alakh Pandey, incorporated Physics Wallah as a private company. Meanwhile, is another co-founder of Prateek Maheswari’s joined the venture?. He looked at the software part. Even he made an app for the Physics Wallah startup.

Growth of the startup 

On the first day of the App launch, due to tremendous demand for the app, it crashed. The timing for his startup was magical because in 2020 e Corona pandemic hit India. As a result schools, colleges, and institutions got shut down. Therefore there was a surge in online learning. 

Physics Wallah startup provided value to its customers. Where the students got online learning services for affordable prices. Unlike, Byjus and Unacademy they did not price too high for the students. 

So, this is the special part of the Physics Wallah startup. This made them unique in the edtech sector. Even the marketing of the company was completely organic( mouth-to-mouth). 

Physics Wallah startup story is a kind of inspiration for all. At Present, Physics Wallah’s startup value is over $1 billion. Even in 2021, the company made a profit of over 60 crores.

In terms of revenue, the Physics Wallah startup made 350 crores in 2022. Also, the company is projecting 650 crores of revenue by 2023. 

Physics Wallah startup has 1900 employees,500 instructors, and 100 Tech experts. It is an incredible journey for Alakh Pandey and Prateek Maheswari. 

From starting as a YouTube channel in 2014, to now in 2022, the company has the status of a unicorn. 

So, an entrepreneur’s passion and immense hard work make a Startup successful. This is aligned with the Alakh Pandey entrepreneurial journey. Physics Wallah startup story is the motivation for young entrepreneurs.

Meaning of Physics Wallah 

Meaning of wondering what is the meaning of Physics Wallah. Once Alakh Pandey decided to drop out of college. So he called his sister to another railway station to discuss the decision. 

When Alakh Pandey told them about the dropping of the decision on his sister. His sister told him will you become a ” Chai Wallah” after dropping out. Then Alakh Pandey told about his love for teaching physics. There he got an idea about the name. He told that he will not become ” Chai Wallah” instead ” Physics Wallah”. This is the ultimate truth behind the name the Physics Wallah.

Physics Wallah VS Byjus VS Vedantu 

Physics Wallah founder Alakh Pandey has a negative opinion of the big Ed-tech players. Because this company is are spending a lot of money e for branding. Even it is spending a lot of money for the influencers. 

Alert Pande advised this company spend on good teachers rather than spending on influencers. Even the prices of the courses are too high. So the students from Tier 2 and 3 cities cannot afford it. 

So, Alakh Pandey makes a course worth around 4000. Then all the students can easily access these courses without any financial barriers. 

Physics Wallah startup is a company that made a revenue of 300 crores and a profit of 100 crores. This success was possible because of the focus on our curriculum and the quality of teaching. 

Many Ed-tech companies are not focusing on the curriculum. Instead there focus on branding, marketing, and influencers. Ultimately students will opt to search for courses with gives value to their studies.

Physics Wallah Alakh Pandey Family struggles

Physics Wallah founder Alakh Pandey had seen a lot of struggle in his early days. In his childhood, his father lost half of the house. Because of the difficult circumstances and financial backward, his father took the decision to sell half of the portion of the house. 

Then during his Highschool time, his father’s financial status was not well. Even his father’s business did not give good results. From being a contractor his father becomes a salesman. Due to the extreme financial crisis, his father sold their house. 

Finally, Alakh Pandey’s family shifted to a slum. Then Physics Wallah founder Alak Pandey realized the financial status of their family. To support his family, Alak Pandey took tuition for their slum children. So from the tuition, he could get some penis. So this money helps the family financially. 

Alak Pandey had a supporting sister Aditi Pandey. His sister was his ultimate strength. During the time, When Alak Pandey dropped out of his college, his sister supported him. Also, look at the loan as well. 

So, Physics Wallah founder Alakh Pandey still remembers that her sister Aditi Pandey was his ultimate strength. Alakh Pandey’s father and mother always did not know what he was doing. They were anxious about his future.

Physics Wallah Revenue

Physics startup became Unicorn in 2022. It has known for its founder Alakh Pandey. The startup is providing affordable courses. So that students from Tier 2 and 3 cities can easily e take the course.

At present, Indian educational startups such as Byjus, Unacademy, and Vedantu are under loss. They are spending a lot of money on advertisements and also expecting revenue towards profitability.

After the post-pandemic, all schools, colleges, and tuitions have started once again. So there is a youth shift from online to offline once again. As a result, all these online edtech startups are struggling. And Academy and vedantu had Laid off their employees to sustain in the future.

Even Byjus India’s most valued startup has a valuation of over $22 billion. Also seeing a slight dip in the users. Moreover, the courses are also too costly to afford the student.

In this scenario, Physics Wallah Startup is trending and is under the spotlight. This startup gives way more affordable courses. Also, it is expanding and also opening offline institutions. Now, in 2022 the first quarter it crossed over 350 crores. Even online course subscriptions also increased by 2.5x in 2022. Also aiming to make 1200 – 1300 crores revenue in 2023.

Physics Wallah startup story struggles

Alak Pandey started is YouTube career in 2016. Within 2 years his YouTube channel physics wallah got a lot of subscribers. So it became a responsibility for him to teach correctly. 

Because if he goes wrong ultimately if the student goes wrong in the examination. So from his mistake lot of students’ futures will be at risk. So, Alak Pandey went to Kota collected the best teacher notes, and even purchased some of the best textbooks. So that he can teach better to his students. 

Physics Wallah founder Alakh Pandey purchased books worth 6 to 7K at Kota. White returned back he hardly had the money to come back to his hometown. 

Alakh Pandey had a lot of passion for his teaching. Even the left is a job at a tuition center. Then he took YouTube as a full-time career. 

During his teaching phase, one of the edtech founders gives the opportunity to take a course and sell it online. And also you can find him to make a price of rupees 8000. 

But Alakh Pandey did not accept it. Because his students were not financially stable to purchase the course. So, Alakh Pandey told us to make the price around 2000. But the ed-tech founder is not interested to negotiate the price.

Physics Wallah startup got launched and its early teachers were Tharun, Sarvesh, Rohit, and Pankaj.

In this way, Alakh Pandey became one of the iconic entrepreneurs of India. Alakh Pandey’s success story had a lot of struggles, miseries, determination, and resilience. 

During the growing phase, Unacademy offered him a job worth 40 crores per year. But still, Alakh Pandey denied continuing his entrepreneurial journey. Other companies also offered 75 crores to shut down his Physics Wallah startup. 

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