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Ola electric scooter problems with delivery and features


Ola company enter into electric scooter space in 2021. Even it got some good response from the people. But now there are certain issues with the Ola electric scooter.

As all of you know, Ola is a cab-sharing platform. The founder of the Ola is Bhavish Agarwal and Ankit Bhati. Then it made a new revolution in the automotive sector.

In 2019, Ola made annoncment to enter into EV space. So, everyone got surprised about the move. Even it had also acquired EV startup Etergo. 

Etergo is an Ev scooter manufacturing company. It had made the best quality and features scooters. As it inherits the features of swappable batteries, also produces a range of 240 KM.

By then, India had only electric vehicles with a speed of 100Km/hr and a range of over 100Km. So, Ola had an opportunity to capture the EV market. Then it had the main focus of bringing EVs with the best range and speed.

Now, there is concern about the Ola electric scooter problem. Even there are a lot of other issues with the scooter as well.

In this blog, we have covered Ola’s scooter inconsistency. Also, give reasons for their failure in delivering the scooter on time.

Ola electric scooter problems

Ola company made the announcement on August 15, 2021, that Pre-booking of Ola electric is available. Then the customer was obsessed with Ola scooters. In one day. 1100 crore worth of scooters was pre-booked.

Many of the customers were happy with the features of the Ola scooter. Ola electric scooter comes with two variants

  1. S1
  2. S1 pro

Both models gave a top speed of 90Km/hr and a range of more than 180KM. Furthermore, its costs were also affordable. Even Ola made a promise to deliver the scooter in October of 2021.

From there, onwards Ola electric scooter problems pile up.

Fail to deliver Ola electric scooter on time

Many of us booked Ola electric scooter because of the legacy of the OLA company. Even the company founder Bhavish Agarwal is also a great leader. So, everyone believed in the company and its founder.

Even Ola has built the world’s largest electric two-wheeler manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu. Approximately, the manufacturing unit was over 500 acres.

Later, all the hopes and trust started fading up. Because Ola company did not deliver the scooter on time. So, every customer was worried and a bit irritated. Subsequently, the delivery date keeps on being postponed.

This made the matter worse. Ola customers took to Twitter to show their hatred.

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OLA scooter model with incomplete features

However, Ola tried their best to deliver the scooter by January of 2022. Even people were happy about the response.

But the negative news about the Ola electric scooter spread in no time. Many customers were not happy with the features. As the company did not install the features it had promised.

Ola defended that the remaining features will be updated in the future. This made ola customers annoying.

Ola company lost focus

Many guides to staying focused on one objective. So that we can achieve in a great manner.

But Ola did not focus on one sector. As Ola became India’s largest cab sharing platform. Even the company is valued at over $7.8 billion. But it did not make much profit in the cab sharing space because of Uber.

Ola was looking for the opportunity for diversification. Then they enter the online food delivery space. So, Ola acquired Food Panda for $200 million.

In the long run, it did not make an impact on the food industry. Even it could sustain the intense competition with Swiggy and Zomato. 

Later, it came into cloud kitchen space, launching OLA food. Even it had the same fate as the latter.

Simultaneously with EVs, Ola is also entering the online grocery sector. Ola dash is now starting its operation. Now there is fierce competition in the online grocery space. There are big players in this field like

  • Big Basket
  • Zepto
  • Swiggy Instamart
  • Blinkit( former Gorfer)

Even ola was not behind, so launched Ola dash. Ultimately, OLa did not stick on to a single business. Subsequently, it went on to diversify its business model. Finally, it had a major impact on its core business.

It could be one of the reasons for Ola electric scooter problems. Because it could not address the problem due to a lot of diversification. Somewhere it had lost its focus.

Ola Electric scooter problems review

Many Ola electric scooters had negative feedback on the battery performance. Initially, Ola did not manufacture its in-house battery. So, some of the vehicles had batteries from their party companies.

After building its manufacturing unit, then it decided to manufacture its in-house battery. So, in this process, the ola scooter battery could not be at par. This is one of the main Ola electric scooter problems.

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