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Think School Founder about his mother


The majority of the members know about Think School Founder Ganesh Prasad. Yes, Think School provides great content on geopolitics and business case studies.

However, they reached 3 million subscribers within 2 years down the lane. But it was not an overnight success instead Ganesh Prasad and his team had worked hard day in and out.

Ganesh Prasad and Parsh are the founders of the Think School YouTube channel. Their hatred towards the Indian education system made them start this channel back in 2020.

This duo initially started as a Design thinking class but it did not make any kind of impact. Then they quickly think about another idea. Back then Ganesh Prasad was good the English. So, they came up with the Public speaking and interview preparation classes.

It was a very humble beginning for both Ganesh Prasad and Parsh to venture into the uncertainty game. However, they took the challenge and rented a room of 7 thousand. 

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Think School Earnings

It was a roller coaster ride for the duo. Their classes became the instant hit and talk of the town. Gradually, their single classroom could not accommodate all the students.

However, their happiness did not last for long. In 2020, there was a pandemic hit the world which eventually brought everything to a halt.

So, the ThinkSchool founders started their footsteps into the world of YouTube. In 2020, they started a YouTube channel named “ThinkSchool”.

Since then there has been no setback to the ThinkSchool founder Ganesh Prasad and Parsh. Yes, it is now 2024, and they currently have subscribers over 3.5 million.

Think School founder Ganesh Prasad Proubley said that their content is becoming study material in the most prestigious IIMs of India. Even many students got their jobs from learning the Think School’s contents like business case studies and Geo Politics.

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Think School Founder Family

Ganesh Prasad is the face of Think School and Parsh is the backbone. Yes, Ganesh is the one who faces the camera and narrates the story with his adorable and elegant tone. Which makes the audience to stick the screens.

Recently Ganesh Prasad featured on the Ranveer Show BeerBiceps. Here he talked about his mother who gave him the freedom to succeed. Ganesh Prasad said that his mother never hampers his confidence and always supports him if he is on the right path.

Even when he finished his graduation and started YouTube, his mother never opposed him. Back then Ganesh Prasad was earning hardly 9,000 per month from youtube.

Even Ganesh’s family was not in great condition. As his brother was affected by his medical condition and the majority of the family’s income was going to his brother’s aid.

But still, his parent never opposed him to stop what he was doing. Even Ganesh Prasad told about his co-founder Prash as well.

Prash left his well-paying job at the KPMG and joined hands with Ganesh. Even he had some commitments where his 50% of salary would directly go to clear the Educational loan.

So both Ganesh and Parsh were not doing great in their life but still took the risk of starting Think School.

Think School founder Ganesh Prasad thinks that their parent’s support made them successful. If they pushed back, then we would not have had enough courage to stand against their words and make great content.

So, it is a great and proud feeling to have such a supporting parent like them.

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