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Top 7 Best Marketing Strategies of Big Companies


Big companies make a huge impact in their respective industries—Jio company media had a drastic impact on the Telecom industry. Then Hindustan Unilever is a market leader in FMCG products.

So, big companies make a lot of money and have a huge impact in their respective industries. So what are the best marketing strategies of big companies?

Marketing strategies of big companies lie at the core of the business. These big companies follow the best marketing strategies but never fail.

So in this blog, we are going to discuss the best marketing strategies of big companies. Then even you can apply it to your business and impact a lot.

Entry Barrier


Why small businesses cannot grow. Here is a simple reason, they follow the copy and paste model. If any grocery shop is in demand in that area. Then few more groceries shops will raise in that specific location.

Eventually, all the revenue will be get divided and not stays profitable. This is what in every small business. Each business tries to Replicate another business model.

In this way, every small business struggle a lot. But big companies avoid this copy-paste model. Even they don’t let another business copy their model. In this way, they stay ahead in the competition. Even no one can try to compete with them.

In big companies, I will always find entry barriers. So this entry barrier will not let other businesses compete with them. For example, OYO is the market leader in the hospitality industry.OYO created an entry barrier of quality living spaces at affordable prices.


Earlier many people find it hard to find good quality rooms at affordable prices. But room prices were too expensive for normal people. Then OYO came to disrupt the market. So now people trust OYO a lot.

Now people are so dependent on OYO. Before going on any trip people text availability of OYO rooms. So in this way, OYO creates an entry barrier of low price and trust from the people.

Entry barriers are the best marketing strategies for big companies. Then they can be a market leader in that industry.

Marketing Strategy of product


Big companies always try to capture the market with their unique product. So that, not every other company can just copy it. For that reason, they follow the patent model.

A patent is an exclusive right given to the company by the founder of the product. So, other companies cannot replicate the product. If they do then there will be a defamation case against them.

Always unique products win the game. So many big companies invest a lot in research and development. Innovation makes the company lot stronger.

For example, Coca Cola worldwide brand of drinks still has not exposed its syrup formula. Till now the formula is known by the founder of the company.

When the syrup is mixed with the carbonated water then the outcome will be Coca-Cola. In this way, Coca-Cola company maintains its trade secret.

Even KFC also did not expose its trade secret. KFC is all about delicious and mouth-watering dishes. Till now no one can find out the right ingredients to make KFC products.

So this KFC has grown and become a world leader in the Food Industry. This is the best business strategy. Having an exclusive right will make the company huge.

Patent it and trade secrets are the top marketing strategies of big companies. This will ultimately lead to a sign of growth.

Excellent customer service

Customers are the king of the business. This is the famous quote told by Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon. Every small and big business is a customer. But those business grows and serves customers effectively.

Here the customers are the ultimate decision maker. So if the business satisfies the customers then the business will grow. To grow your business your customer service should be excellent.

Your entire business model depends on your customer service. For example, Zepto online grocery delivery startup promises the customer to deliver the grocery within 10 minutes. So they are promising to the customers 10 minutes delivery.

So here, Zepto is making a bold move and trying to satisfy people fastly. So that people will not forget their company and their service. As a result, if the groceries are delivered within 10 minutes then the overall customer experience will be superb.

Then the customers will not forget the company. If the customer satisfies, then the customer tends to order groceries from Zepto only. This is the power of excellent customer service.

Customer service should be the core of your business model. Ultimately your product will be used by the customers. So businesses have to focus on the way the product reaches the customer.

If the product is excellent but customer service is worst. Then your business thinks like Titanic. So having the best customer service is the best business strategy.

If you take care of the customer, the customer will take care of your business. This is the rule, the Boat company follows. The Boat company is one of the best Wearable ( Bluetooth, headphones, speakers, and many) selling companies.

In this way, the best customer service is the ultimate top marketing strategy of big companies.

Advertisement Campaign is the best business strategy

Now companies are investing a lot in advertising. From advertisements, customers are going to remember the brand. Even the way the ads are rendered impacts a lot on customers.

So, so now you can witness many companies coming out with unique ad strategies. For the latest, Cred is one of the best companies in running successful ads.

Cred startup is coming out with literally the best ad campaign. Even in the ad campaign, you must target the right customers with the right ad co-star

. Cred is an excellent example. Because it is focusing on rewarding credit card bill payments.

So credit card holders’ average age will be 40. In it, there are those actors who are famous for the last 20 to 30 years. So Cred’s ad is featuring old stars rather than new stars. Old stars can easily attract their customers.

Cred Ad stars are Madhuri Dikshit, Rahul Dravid, Karisma Kapoor, Ravi Shastri, and many others. So in this way, your ad campaign correlates with the celebrity and its customers.

Boat if another company runs their ad campaign successfully. The boat company basically sells Bluetooth, headphones, and many latest products. Boat products are exclusively for young customers.

So, now the Boat company has targeted young customers. There and campaigns really successful in capturing young customers. In India, young people I will love Bollywood and cricket a lot. This hook was right with the boat ad campaign.

So Boat ad campaign featured Hardik Pandya, Shreyas Iyer, KL Rahul, Jackqueline Fernandez, Kaira Advani, and many more. In this way, the Boat company was successful in its ad campaign.

Big companies are always focusing on their customers. So your advertisement should be relatable and catchy. Ad campaigns are the top marketing strategies of big companies.

Tagline makes the best Business strategy

Many companies find out hard to find a perfect tagline. The tagline is nothing but another name for your brand. Where people just connect with those two or three-letter words. So now companies are more focused on finding the right tagline.

For example,

Cred company has the tagline called ” Download CRED”

Zomato company has the tagline ” every meal matters”

Every company has a tagline that connects with its customer. So the company should focus on the tagline. Therefore relatable and catchy tagline makes the best business strategy to Grab customer attention.

Getting the best tagline at the top marketing strategies of big companies.

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Distribution Network will win the business

Having a good distribution network is one of the keys to any business. Because the distribution network will ultimately reach your product to your end users. The availability of your product makes a lot of sense.

So if your company is making a good product. Then customers are more likely to buy. If your distribution network is weak. Ultimately your product will not reach the customer on time. That customer loses interest in your product.

So your distribution should be strong and stable. For example, Nokia had one of the biggest distribution networks. But now there is no company called Nokia. Nokia failed in giving the right margins for the distribution networks.

Nokia mobiles are the top selling products. So retailers and distributors were not getting enough margins. However, retailers were selling the product getting meager margins.

But Oppo and Vivo company just disrupt the market. They gave a high margin for the retailers. Then the distribution network becomes strong. Then the retailers for promoting their products because of high margins.

Here is the Nokia did not ok to give high margins. So so as time passes away, Nokia company got faded away. Big companies always try to you have the best distribution network.

The distribution network is the path to the company’s success. Because it is the way that your product reaches your customers. If you keep that path clear and free of obstacles. Then the company is going to become successful soon. So big companies invest a lot in distribution networks.

Distribution networks are the top marketing strategies of big companies. Even those distribution networks make the business strategy good.


Branding is a game changer for every business. It will bring customers to your basket. But before branding, you have to look after your product. If your product is excellent then your branding is done.

Now big companies are investing a lot in branding. Branding is nothing but creating awareness of their product. A good product doesn’t need any branding. But now branding gives 2 extra benefits trust and hope.

When there is branding on the product, then people trust it more. This is the reason, big companies focus on branding a lot. If you are branding is right then people recall your product by their brand name.

For example, if people need noodles then they buy Maggi. If anyone wants to drink pure water then they purchase Bisleri. If anyone wants to celebrate happiness then Purchase Dairy Milk.

So these are some of the examples of branding of the products. People never say do shopkeepers give noodles rather than “give Maggi”.

This is the power of branding. Big companies make branding very well. CEO branding is the top marketing strategy of big companies.

Marketing Strategies of Big Companies

In this way, big companies marketing strategies works. So this is the secret of the companies which are having millions of customers. These are the business strategies they follow.

Even you can implement this business strategy into your business. Whether it is small or big just try to implement these marketing strategies. Now there are lots of apps and websites which make them possible.

Have faith in your business and use this business strategy wisely. For sure your business will be a successful one in the future.

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