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Very Much Indian at Shark Tank India Saree Startup


Very Much Indian is the startup featured on Shark Tank India Season 2. Once again, shark Tank India is bringing another wave of startups and entrepreneurs. 

Shark Tank India is an Indian version of Shark Tank US. This show was a blockbuster, it gained widespread popularity. In season 1, there were around 200 startup pitches were presented in front of Shark Tank Judges. 

Now, Shart Tank India S2 is featuring on sony LIV. So, Very Much Indian is a saree startup where it is uplifting the Paithani Saree community. 

Sarees represent the traditional culture of India. One can notice that Sarees have a rich tradition and Heritage culture. Even, Indians love to wear sarees on all special occasions and festivals. 

In India, there is a great demand for silk sarees. Additionally, there are wide varieties of sarees manufactured in India. 

Very Much Indian Startup Pitch

Very Much Indian Saree Startup

This Saree Startup from Maharastra, Very Much Indian is making to represent Paithani Sarees across the world. So, this startup is trying to uplift the Paithani weavers community and try to build a business around it. 

However, Paithani Sarees are 2000 years old and are also remarked as the ” Queen of silk sarees“. Now, this startup is trying to make enter the saree market of India, worth 38,000 crores. 

Slony Baldev Gambir is the founder of Very Much India. Even her husband, Manish Atri the bank manager, supports her morally and financially. 

Slony Baldev comes from Yelo, Maharashtra, and also has a family fabric business. So she got a lot of experience in the fabric industry and the market at a very young age. 

 She is an MBA graduate and also worked in Corporate for 12 years. Finally, she ended her Corporate career at MWH company. From here, her entrepreneurial journey takes off. 

Then she started Very Much Indian in 2018. It was a humble beginning, where she used to sell sarees, going to households. From being having in early days 25 weavers now in 2022 there are 400 weavers.

Shark Tank India S2: Revenue, valuation, sales, Gross Margin


Very Much Indian, a Saree startup came on Shark Tank India S2. Now the startup is trying to raise 50 lakhs for 3 % of the company at a valuation of 16.67 crores. 

Slony Baldev Gambir pitching for her company ” we just trying to bring Paithani sarees across India”. However, her family’s fabric business was an advantage to the startup in terms of connections and getting raw materials at a cheaper rate. 

Very Much Indian Pitch became unique and more realistic. Because the startup showcased the weaving of Paithani Sarees at the Shark Tank show by calling 63 old weavers, Vishnu. 

Even the saree startup, Very Much Indian, gave Namita Thapar and Vineeta Singh the to wear the Saree. So, they wore sarees in their costume. 

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Very Much Indian Revenue

Since Very Much India, the Saree startup started in 2018, now it is clocking revenue of 2 crores per year. This startup is selling 100 per month. 

Even now, there is a client who is given an order of a single saree which is worth of 1.88 lakhs. So, it almost 2.5 months to complete the order. Since the Paithani Sarees manufacturing process is completely hands-on.

 However, this startup is weaving sarees manually. So, a Paithani saree needs over 200 to 250 hours of effort to bring to life by a weaver. 

Here is its revenue 

Very Much Indian Revenue BreakdownRevenue
2018-201917 Lakhs
2019-202021 Lakhs
2020-202165 Lakhs
2021-20221.5 Crore
2022-20232 crores (to date)

So there is an increase in revenue over the years. Even the average ticket size is 10,000. Also, Paithani Sarees have great gross margin of 35%.

Final Deal in Shark Tank 

Shark Tank India Judges Vineeta Singh, Anupam Mittal, and Peyush Bansal are out of the deal. The only sharks left were Namita Thapar and Aman Gupta. 

Initially, Namita Thapar offered 50 lakhs for 10% of the company. Finally, the same offer was made by both Namita and Aman Gupta. 

Finally, Very Much Indian Founder Slony Baldev Gambir accepted the offer for 50 lakhs for 10% of the company at a 5 crore valuation.

Namitha Investment strategy at Very Much India

Namita Thapar and Vineeta Singh in Saree at Shark Tank India

Initially, Shark Tank Judges did not interested in investing in the startup Because Very Much like Indian Saree Startup 

  •  Sarees were made manually and it takes almost a month to prepare a saree 
  • There is no chance of mass production 

But Namita Thapar made the first investment offer to the startup. Since Slony Baldev had a fabric family business. As this was started by her grandfather after the Indo-Pakistan portion. 

So, this startup gets fabrics, and raw materials at a very cheaper cost because of the previous family business. This factor intrigued Namita Thapar to invest in the startup. Even startup revenue was also growing year on year.

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Product list of Very Much Indian

Here are all the Paithain varieties of sarees

Other products such as 

  1. Tussar Silks Handloom
  2. Iikals and khuns
  3. Linens
  4. Bandhani

Top Googled Question about Shark Tank and Very Much Indian 

1) When Shark Tank India S2 be released? 

The most anticipated program, shark Tank India Season 2 got released on January 2, 2023, on Sony LIV. 

2) Which is the first startup in Shark Tank India Season 2? 

Very Much Indian is the first startup featured in season 2 of Shark Tank India. Even it got funded by Namita Thapar and Aman Gupta 50 lakhs for 10% of equity. 

3) Which is the Saree Startup on Season 2 of Shark Tank? 

Very Much Indian is the Saree Startup from Maharatra featured on the show. This startup focuses on selling Paithani sarees which have a history of over 2000s years old. 

4) Who is the shark tank India season 2 anchor? 

Replacing Rannvijay Singh, Rahul Dua, a stand-up comedian is the host of Shark tank India. Even he also performed at Comicstaan on Amazon prime. Even has over 950k subscribers on youtube and 400k followers on Instagram. 

5) Who founded Very Much Indian? 

Slony Baldev Gambir is the founder of the startup. Even her husband, Manish Atri, the banker helped financially to support her startup.

6) Who did not invest in Very Much Indian?

Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh, and Peyush Bansal are the judges of shark Tank who did not invest in this Paithani saree startup, Very Much Indian.

Questions on Founders

7) Who is missing from the Show?

Since Amit Jain will be featuring in the coming episodes. So, Amit Jain, Cardehko founder did a mission on the show. Earlier, Ashneer Grover, Bharatpe founder, was there on Shark Tank season 1.

8) Who is Slony Baldev Gambir?

She is the founder of Paithani Saree startup, Very Much India. This businesswoman put a break for 12 years of a corporate job. Then in 2018, she started the startup, and now it clocked 2 crores of revenue and got shark tank investment as well.

9) Is Slong Baldev Gambir come from a Textile business family?

Yes, Her grandfather started the textile business after the Indo-Pakistan partition. Even Slony at age 14, sits in the shop and understands the customer very well. Even she sold a saree worth 14,000 to a customer with all her interaction skills.

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