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Why Khan Sir Rejected 107 Crore Worth Job Offer from Edtech 


Khan Sir is known for his work in providing quality education for backward and underprivileged children. Now he is the iconic star of India and everyone adores his work.

Everyone knows about his struggle from childhood and the struggles he underwent to learn.   

Khan sir’s goal is to make education affordable across India. So, he is giving out courses for competitive exams at very cheap prices.

Yes, Khan Sir courses are available from 200 to 1000 rupees for such affordable prices. His courses are related to Biology foundation, SSC, Statistics, English, NDA, Police exams, History, and other related courses.

In India average, UPSC exam preparation courses range from 1 lakh to 2.5 lakhs. But Khan Sir took a revolutionary step by launching the ” Khan Sir UPSC Course ” for just Rs. 10,000. 

He is just making a lot of impact on the Indian education system. Now, education in India is becoming more expensive and it is far from the reach of privileged students.

Even now there is unprecedented demand and rise of ed-tech companies in India. So, it is directly making education even more expensive.

These ed-tech companies give some lucrative offers for famous lecturers from different parts of India and onboard them to their companies.

So, students who are getting some good teaching from the best teachers are now in the hands of ed-tech companies. As a result, students are enrolling in ed-tech companies to get access to teaching from their best teachers.

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Khan Sir 107 Crores

Likewise, some ed-tech companies approached Khan Sir to sign a deal to become an educator for their company. As Khan Sir is widely famous for his affordable courses.

So, the ed-tech company planned to acquire Khan Sir and later mint money from their students. So, edtech companies are indirectly taking advantage of the fame of educators.

However, Khan Sir did not go behind the money. Even though they gave an offer of 107 crores worth of job offer. In a recent interview, Khan Sir questioned the rejection of a lucrative offer from the ed-tech company.

Khan Sir Students and their bond

His response to the rejection of the costly offer made the audience spellbound. Khan Sir expressed his love towards his children. If he took the offer then he would break his trust with the students. 

Even the amount of love that his students showed to him is much more valuable than his 107 crore job offer.

Yes, Khan Sir always knows the love and value of his students. There was a time when other coaching class owners protested by throwing stones and bombs at his academy. Because of Khan Sir’s very low-price coaching classes. Even some could not digest the immense popularity of Khan Sir in the town.

In this critical situation, his students fought back and always supported Khan Sir’s coaching classes. At some point, his students were literally guarding his premises from the attacks of protestors.

So, Khan Sir is just blown away by the immense love and respect bestowed on his students. Even his mission to give quality education at affordable prices made him stand stronger and reject of offer.

Which Ed-tech company offered 107 crores for Khan Sir

As this is a private matter, even Khan Sir did not reveal the media. We from did some research and tried to find out the ed-tech company that made 107 crore worth of job offer.

In India, there are two main edtech companies leading from the front. Byjus is one of the highly valued started in India with a valuation of over $20 billion in 2022 ( but now Byju’s valuation is down over $5 billion and a lot of other allegations are running against the company).

Another big giant in this space is, Unacademy which has a high valuation of over $4 billion. This company has been fighting head-on-head against Byjus since 2019.

So, it might be Byjus or Unacademy which could have offered 107 crore worth of job offer to Khan Sir.

If we dig more deeply into the matter, it is Unacademy that is focusing on the competitive exams more than Byjus. So, there is a high probability that Unacademy might have offered 107 crore to Khan Sir.

Even Unacademy had given a lucrative offer to Physics Wallah founder Alakh Pandey. However, Alakh Pandey just rejected the offer too.

We need more iconic stars like Khan Sir to make education more affordable to the students. Khan Sir job offer………………….

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