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Spotify founder revealed secrets of top 1% of entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs are the ones who try to make business by solving the pain points of the problem. In simple words, entrepreneurs find out the problem and try to build business over it. In total, they are modern-day problem solvers and saviors.

Now in this modern day, everyone wants to become an entrepreneur in their life. The majority of them will not even step into entrepreneurship and then put the blame on the situation.

On the other side, there few sets of people who have struggled their whole life to be a entrepreneur but mostly their startups fail in the first year and the next five years.

Most entrepreneurs pick the wrong business and try to make it big then eventually fail. Then another set of entrepreneurs will not make any difference because they do not have any clue about their vision.

But many startup founders lack the qualities to take their business to the next level. So what are the qualities that entrepreneurs should possess to build successful startups?

Spotify founder Daniel Ek Revealed


In one of the podcasts, Spotify’s founder revealed the qualities of being a successful entrepreneur.

Before answering the question Daniel Ek narrated a small story of his childhood.

Daniel Ek was an introvert in his childhood. Most of the time he used to be alone. Even his mother observed and tried to change his character. His mother knew that his life would be difficult if he continued to be an introvert.

Even his mother raised Daniel Ek without anyone’s support. So, she knew the hardships of being alone. Then his mother joined his son Daniel in an athletics program that most of the females would join. So, that his son should not hesitate to converse with females.

Then his mother joined her son to the theatre. So, that he would mingle with everyone and try to express himself on the stage. Then he would be free from stage fear and also become an extrovert. His mother pushed him in all directions so that he would become a social person.

This incident made him a social person. So, Daniel Ek can hang out with anyone and can make new friends easily. He can connect with anyone without any hesitation.

Now, Spotify founder Daniel Ek gave credit to his mother for his success. Because his social skills helped him to build a successful startup.

So, Daniel said that being social and connecting with everyone helped him to build a strong rapport with the team. As an entrepreneur, Daniel Ek believes that it is important to maintain the same energy and rapport.

But in this modern day, entrepreneurs are not putting enough effort into having strong bonds with each other. Even now entrepreneurs will not push themselves in every other aspect of the business.

For example, if the entrepreneur is a technical guy then he will strong bond with the technical team compared with sales, marketing, and other team. Even the entrepreneur never tries to involved with the other team with great intent. 

So, he never got into depth with the other aspects of the business. This is the root cause of the failure of many startups. As an entrepreneur, never knows about the root cause of the failure in a particular area. Because he never holds good rapport with the other team.

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Daniel Ek is a good team player

Spotify founder Daniel Ek gives advice to entrepreneurs to be social and involved in every aspect of the business. It’s not like micro-managing instead having a good and healthy relationship with every team.

Don’t stick to your strengths instead push more and have knowledge of everything like sales, marketing, management, design, and other aspects of the business.

One should be a good team player if anyone wants to be in the top 1% of the entrepreneur in the world.

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