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Ather founder predicts high demand for Mechanical Engineers


Ather founder Tarun Mehta predicts that there will be a great demand for mechanic engineers in the future. As the EV industry is evolving every other company is coming out with its own indigenous designs.

Now most companies are avoiding importing EVs from China and other countries. There are two main reasons

Now the customers are aware of a lot of things and if they know that any EV company is importing from China. Then the company will lose the trust of the customers. Eventually, the EV company loses lots of customers.

So, in order to win customer trust many EV companies are reluctant to import EVs from China and other countries.

Another reason is customer obsession with new designs. Today’s users are always trying to go with new features and designs of the scooters. So, no EV company can settle with the design and looks of the scooter by just importing stuff.

As a result, there is a high demand in the coming future and there will be more disruption in the EV Segment. 

Importing EV will not Work

Till 2010 many EVs in India were just imported from China. So, the EV market just crashed in India because of the inferior quality of China’s imported EV scooters.

In the era from 2009 to 2011, there was a decline in EV scooters in India. Even Ather founder said that customers in India hated EV scooter quality.

Imported EVs could not climb the upstream roads of India so the rider eventually started pulling the scooter. This was the fate of EV users in India.

China is always settled with the quality and features of EVs. But Indian customers need the best quality and features at the best price. As a result, there was a drop in EV users in India.

Tarun Mehta, Ather founder understood the EV market in India. Then tried to solve it by launching a high-performance EV scooter in India.

Until now India users were fed up with the poor quality of EVs in India. So, Ather came with their Scooter with the best features in 2018

These scooters had many milestones

  1. It is the first scooter in the world with an LED screen
  2. First Scooter in the world with Google map integrated
  3. First EV in the world with high accelerated power.

In this Ather founder, Tarun Mehta cracket Indian EV space in India. Till, then India was still compromising with the quality and features of EV scooters.

Now in 2023, It has become a normal standard that every EV scooter needs to have an LED display and maps integration system. Another just changed the scope of EVs in India. Ather is a pioneer of the Electric scooter space.

Now Indian users expect more from the EV scooter from the company. So, every EV company needs to come put with great features to impress Indian users.

Eventually, there will be demand for Mechanical Engineering in this space.

So, a Mechanical Engineer with good knowledge of design will definitely have a future in the EV segment.

Rise in EV in India: Another founder

Ather founder said that they just sold only 1000 scooters in 2018. But his number went up to 1,00,000 EV scooters in 2022. There is a great demand for EVs in India.

Tarun Mehta founder of Ather also talked about the EV sales of their competitors

Ola Electric 1.5 lakhs scooters

Bajaj 1 lakh scooter

Then adding up other company sales, in 2022 more than 7 lakh EV scooters have sold across India.

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Constant Features Upgrade in EV Scooter

In early 2010, the EV scooter range was just over 30 to 40km, and also top speed would just touch below 55 to 60 kmph.

However, these features will no longer work now. At present any EV scooter in India needs to 100kmph top speed and with range of 150 to 200km range with a single charge.

These are the minimum requirements for Indian EV users. Yes, this is the kind of development that has occurred in the Indian EV space in the last couple of years.

So, there should be a constant upgrade in the EV features like range and top speed. Then only EV users will opt for the scooter to purchase. Otherwise, the EV company cannot excel in the Indian EV market.

This leads to the constant innovation in the battery and motor of the EV Scooter. So, there is a need for talented electrical and mechanical engineers.

There is a huge opportunity in the Indian EV space for Mechanical Engineers to design a motor, battery, and other accessories for EV scooters.

Mechanical Engineers need to be good at designing software and should have problem problem-solving and an innovative mindset. Then the company will hire them with a great package.

Ultimately, it is high time for Mechanical Engineers in India to grab the massive opportunity in the EV sector.

This statement is made by the Ather founder, Tarun Mehta in his recent interview.

“Ather founder predicts high demand for Mechanical Engineers”

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