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I was an Guilty Mother Nykaa founder Falguni Nayar


Falguni Nayar founder Nykaa regretted that she could not spend much time with their daughters. 

She was focused on her professional life and did not want to quit her job because of her children. So, she managed with her utmost effort and determination.

She always respects her work and is a very ambitious woman. However, her “pedigree” shows her interest in studies. She was intelligent and always eager to learn new things and had a goal to reach high in her life.

Even she cracked into IIM Ahmedabad as well. In her batch, Falguni was one among the 150 students who made it to the IIM.

Falguni Nayar Husband


Nykaa founder, Falguni Nayar had a love relationship with her classmate Sanjay Nayar. Eventually, she married him in 1987.

She always expressed that her husband was always supporting and understanding of her profession. He never interrupted her doing stuff. 

He was never told to quit her job after having children. Instead, he used to ask about her work and understand and analyze her work situation.

Falguni knew that Sanjay Nayar her husband would support her work and ambition. Because she knew that he had a great understanding of me during my college days.

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Falguni Nayar childrens

Falguni is the mother of twin daughters Adwaita and Anchin Nayar. She said that because of her work, she could not find much time to spend with their daughters.

Falguni told about a few instances of her guild as a working mom. Her Daugher Adwaita Nayar went on a school trip and was expecting her mom to pick her up from the spot.

But due to her busy schedule, she sent her friend to pick her up. As a daugher, Adwaita Nayar felt broken and was upset because absence of her mom.

When Falguni Nayar was in the USA with her family, she was not able to pick up her daughter from school as well. As Falguni’s work made her stay in the office till 5 PM. Whereas, her daughter was out of school at 3 PM.

Most often, Falguni would request her friends to pick up her daughter from school. However, as a mother, Falguni regrets her responsibility. 

But now the time has changed, Falguni and her daugher Adwaita Nayar run a multi-billion dollar beauty startup Nykaa. 

Adwaita Nayar heads up the marketing and product development part. She understands the present generation very well and also has a business degree from Harvard as well.

Now Falguni and her daughter working together.

In this way, Falguni Nayar was a guilty mother. Now time has changed the duo are running a startup. 

This is the lives of the majority of working women. So, the family needs to understand a woman and should keep supporting her.

A passionate woman always needs an understanding husband like Sanjay Nayar. Then only women will get the motivation to work and achieve big.

In the life of Nykaa founder, Falguni Nayar an ambitious woman got an understanding husband.

A loud appreciation for Falguni’s dedication to her passion for work.

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