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MBA Chaiwala or Chaiwali Business is not Tea


Now every engineering student wants to drop out and want to start selling tea with XYZ Chaiwala.

Yes, these days there is a lot of traction had been going towards selling tea. Sometimes people feel that it is a very good idea to get a dropout and start selling tea.

I will tell you the truth. If you are anyone trying to drop out and want a startup Chaiwala kind of business. Then please stop and don’t fall into the deep dark well.

Don’t be a fool. Earlier to run a successful business hard work, intelligence, and being first in the competition was important. Even one has to provide quality products to their customer as well.

Now running a business became too easy after the online revolution. But some being smarter use the internet wisely to get successful in quick steps.

Yes, now being famous and having a community is very important to become successful. In this decade every teens need motivation and inspiration to move on. 

So, now there are lots of fathers and mothers on social media to give advice and guide you. But all of the influencers are influencing the goo. Most of the influencers just hook you and try to sell their product to you by becoming an Icon from your perspective.

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Fame and Game

Now it’s the game of fame. Have you ever noticed any influencer start their journey on social media for two main reasons

  • They want to start their online business
  • They want to scale their business
  • They want to build a community

Yes, influencer uses their talent for speaking and creativity on social media. So, that they can attract more audience.

Even MBA Chaiwala also tries to sell his story of struggle in any corporate event, podcast, or interview. So, that he could win the hearts of teenagers.

Here Praful Billore acted smart and he sold his experience as the product. Yes, MBA Chaiwala founder Praful Billore always tries to hook the audience with his story. In any of the events, he tried to add extra species to his stories with rhyming quotes and dialogues.

This is the reality, the influencers are trying their stories or talent like bait so that people like me and you can hook up. Finally, they will make all the profits.

This blog is not to criticize influencers. Some good influencers are spreading positive news and real stories. But some influencers try to build their business by acting like fake artists.

MBA Chaiwal Cases 

In the recent past, there are over 10+ cases registered against Praful Billore from the franchise owner. Where they are criticizing him for his false promises.

If MBA Chaiwala would do great business, then he would have thought about his franchise owners. Because franchise owners would have invested lumpsum cash in his name and brand. So, that they can run their business.

But now some MBA Chaiwala franchise owners are not able to make more than 1000 per day. However, their situation is worst because they would have invested a hefty amount because of the brand.

So, MBA Chaiwala franchise owners are in a pathetic situation. 

MBA Chaiwala-type business model


Now the current generation believes what they see. Even if they want to buy a pair of shoes they should scroll over 10+ videos on the internet.

This MBA Chaiwal Type Business model has 5 main Steps

1) Build a Business in real

2) Start a social media account on the business and try to tell your stories

3) Try to connect and build an audience from your stories and work

4) Become an Icon on social media

5) Now people will buy the product because of the brand you created

Finally, you will become a motivational speaker and give speeches at corporate events, schools, and colleges.

Now the person will become a brand. Because there is a saying ” Kiske pass Janta hai uski bath suntha hai”.

Finally, they will get to earn from multiple business streams like

  1. Corporate talks
  2. Business Consultancy
  3. Franchise model
  4. Monetizing their accounts on Insta and Youtube

So this is the reality of the Chaiwala-type business model. Some of them get trapped by the hype and fame of the personality and not by the actual business.

Here some of Chaiwala type Business

  1. Betch Chaiwali
  2. BMW Chaiwala
  3. Panipuriwali

In this way, MBA Chaiwala Business runs with factors of fame, community, and personality.

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