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China and Taiwan war conflicts


China and Taiwan war conflict is not a new dispute. But now the tension around China and Taiwan disputes have once again risen. 

So again, another war might follow Russia and Ukraine’s horrific tragedy. Once again, there might be a terrific war between China and Taiwan. 

Some experts believe that it is the beginning of World War 3. But most people are unaware of the China and Taiwan war conflicts. 

So in this blog, we will take you down about China and Taiwan’s history and the political reasons behind the war. 

Why there is again China and Taiwan dispute 


Recently, the china Taiwan conflict has once again sparked off. The reason for this china and Taiwan conflict is because of the US. 

Everything was fine between China and Taiwan for a while. But due to the action of the US speaker Nancy Pelosi, now there is a sign of war. 

Every year, Nancy Pelosi, US House of Representative Speaker visits Asia countries. So, this year, China warned her not to visit Taiwan. But Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan by disregarding China’s warning.

This made china President XI Jinping ferocious. China still does not consider Taiwan as a separate entity. Nancy Pelosi visits every Asian country once a year. If she visits Taiwan this year, then it would be assumed that Taiwan is a separate country. 

So, Jinping, China’s president warned Nanci Pelosi to avoid Taiwan’s visit. XI Jinping openly told that ” If Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan, then there will be China-Taiwan disputes once again. 

Finally, e Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan. In Taiwan, there was a grand celebration for the entry of Nancy Pelosi. Even the finance minister of Taiwan expressed his pleasure to meet US speaker Nancy.

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The war between China-Taiwan now

After the visit of Nancy Pelosi, china became ferocious against USA and Taiwan. Many times, the president of China, XI Jinping declared that ” Taiwan should accept the peaceful reunification between China and Taiwan. If not there will be conflicts. 

A war was broken between China and Taiwan. Many missiles from china went near the border of Taiwan. Even some explosions happened near the border. 

In response, Taiwan also so sent their missiles and also made some kind of explosion. The China-Taiwan war might take a different turn. The ultimate leadership condition between China and Taiwan is not well. The wall might break down at any time. 

China and Taiwan war conflicts will harm the globe. So it is concerning every other country. 

China attacks Taiwan war problems

If China attacks Taiwan there might be a serious threat to the whole globe. Every other country is facing an economic crisis. Due to the Corona pandemic, all countries are now recovering financially. 

On the other side, Russia and Ukraine war made the situation worse. The fuel prices skyrocketed and other commodities prices which were exported from Russia became Too high. 

If China and Taiwan war conflicts broke down. Then there will be tension about the financial structure of the globe. To make the matter worse, there might be a recession in the future. 

Experts are predicting that it recession might be in India, China, and the US. So it is better to prevent China-Taiwan disputes. 

On the other hand, Taiwan is all set for an upcoming war. As a country, Taiwan is fully equipped with its army forces. Even they are ready to take the war against china. All the Taiwan army is set and ready, even though they have hints that china might attack at any time. 

So, they are all ready to face war against china.

Will China Attack Taiwan

Always China made a good name for setting up wars and disputes. Especially against India china always keep on fighting at the borders. 

But now, China is not in a stable position to set war against Taiwan. Because china’s financial condition is worst. Rapid and unplanned real estate development in China made the financial Matter worse. 

Many real estate companies took us Dept from China banks. Real estate companies have built more buildings and apartments than required. 

So the condition in China is that there are more houses than people. Due to unprecedented growth in real estate, many cities in China are called ghost cities. Because there are a lot of buildings, houses, and apartments. But no people are living in that city. 

This real estate company took huge loans against a Chinese bank. Now, these companies are not getting enough clients or tenants for the purchase of buildings. 

As a result, the real estate company put a hold on ongoing projects. In these projects, even Chinese citizens made investments. So, so many citizens are protesting the idea to build their houses or repay the amount. 

In this way, there is no money with real estate companies and even with the Chinese banks. Even Chinese citizens are continuously protesting day and night. 

Ultimately it is a new issue going on in China. According to the reports, china will not attack Taiwan. Because they have to revive from the worst financial condition. 

So now China will not attack Taiwan.

China and Taiwan war history 

According to history, southern China people lived in Taiwan. Japan won the war against China in 1895. So many Chinese went to Taiwan to escape from the danger. 

Again in World War 2, Japan lost the war. So again China became the supreme leader. Then in 1947, china made a crucial attack on the Taiwan people. In these horrific scenes, many times once lost their lives. 

In 1949, a civil war broke out between the Communist Party and Chinag Kai in China. So in the war, the communist party won. Then Chiang Kai migrates to Taiwan with 1.5 million people. 

Then, China Kai when the time to set up a new government in Taiwan. So in Taiwan, there was an end to the monarchy. And there was a complete democracy set up in Taiwan. 

In 2000, Lee Teng Hui became the president of Taiwan. He was the best leader Taiwan had in those Times. He gave a lot of importance to democracy. 

During that time, the communist Party offers reunification with Taiwan. But Taiwan President rejected the offer. This took the china-Taiwan dispute to another level. 

For ages, China and Taiwan war conflicts are anticipated. So China and Taiwan conflict is ferocious. 


Now, Sai Ing-Wen became the new president in 2016. She is one of the best Thai political leaders. Sai Ing wen always focuses on the development of the country. 

She has a machine that is not too much with China. Then she wants to make Taiwan a separate entity in the globe. Her passion for politics and the country made her a great leader of Taiwan. 

As a result, she is continuing as the president of Taiwan for the second term.

China Taiwan war strategies

Always china won’t play a fair game. Even in the corona pandemic, China was speculated. But due to China’s extreme financial control, not many countries supported the view. 

Now, China-Taiwan tensions are the primary concern of the world. Instead of directly attacking Taiwan, china is playing a different game. 

Indirectly china is attacking the people living on the island of Matsu and Kinmen. These two islands are near china. So, china is indirectly attacking the residents of Taiwan. 

Because most of Taiwan’s friends, relations, and close ones live in Matsu and Kinmen. So Taiwan might surrender itself to China. 

America and Japan are supporters of Taiwan. Show Taiwan is getting support from the world’s best countries. So it is very difficult for China to capture Taiwan. 

China is planning to surround Taiwan with its ships, from all corners. Even it is planning to isolate Taiwan with its airforce. So china would block Taiwan completely from both water and air. 

China and Taiwan war conflicts might be more intense. But Taiwan is getting a lot of support from the USA and Japan. 

Even China is planning to cut the optical cable network beneath the sea. Then Taiwan will not get an internet signal. Finally, Taiwan will be isolated from the rest of the world. Then it can’t get any kind of information. 

USA VS China VS Taiwan 

USA president openly declared that they entire support Taiwan in terms of soldiers, weapons, aircraft, and many more. It is intermediate in China for a reason. 

If China captures Taiwan then there will lot of loss for the USA. Because big companies like Apple import semiconductor chips from Taiwan. Then there will be lots of chaos between the USA and China. Obviously, China will not allow any more imports of semiconductor chips. 

So, it directly impacts the economy of the USA. On top of that, Apple company have to face more issues with a shortage of chips.

China and Taiwan war conflicts are essential for the future of the USA and for the rest of the world.

Finally, the china and Taiwan war conflicts is concerning the whole world. So it is better, to avoid such a horrific movement. 

China-Taiwan war should not occur, this will have a negative impact on the globe.

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