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Carl Pei Nothing company Biography


Now the word “Nothing” is everything. It is making a promising start in the Mobile industry. All tech giants are focusing on “Nothing”. So, now “Nothing” is on buzz. 

Nothing company was started in October 2020. Carl Pie is the founder of nothing. He was also the former co-founder of One Plus. 

In this blog, one can read about Carl Pie nothing company. 

Why did Carl Pei Left One plus? 

iPhone was ruling the tech industry. It has created a monopoly. So it was hard to compete with them. But during the times, when iPhone created hype and buzz all around the world. 

Then the company that started in 2013 called Oneplus took over iPhone. It was also projected that One Plus will be the next iPhone. 

Carl Pei and Pete Lau are the founders of the OnePlus company. So OnePlus mobile create a great demand in the market. All the strategies were set by Carl Pie. 

He was the ex-employee of Oppo. Carl pei was the main reason for the success of OnePlus. But Carl Pei’s innovative moves were taken into control. 

Then and there was a lot of conditions and restriction held on Carl Pie. This made him set back from the company. Carl Pie is a very passionate tech enthusiast. Even he gives importance to innovation. 

But OnePlus company did not let him innovate to the extreme. This made him step back from OnePlus in 2020. 

This led to the beginning of the new company Nothing.

Why Nothing Company started 


After the quit of the OnePlus company, Carl Pie desperately wanted to start another mobile company. Carl Pei is a tech-savvy and innovative guy. He loved innovation in the mobile. 

But in the last 4-5 years, there was no extreme innovation in the mobile industry. Hardly mobile company e will come out with the new set off camera features and display features. 

But most of the time smartphone industry lacks innovative products. All company wants to make money, rather than making innovative smartphone products. 

So this instigates Carl Pie to start Nothing in 2020. Accept Carl Pei there are other 7 cofounders in Nothing company. 

Carl Pei Biography 

He was an immigrant to the US. So Carl Pie witnessed all kinds of discrimination. There he did not get the same kind of facilities and freedom. Most of the time he did not get the toys to play with. While other American children got. 

This made him the hunger to step up in life. Then he decided to grow in life. Then he becomes more passionate about tech. At the age of 12, he started to build websites. Then he started to make money as well. 

In High School, he created a website for a company, where he built the largest community. He did it at the age of 14. So there he got the ability to set community. Even he got to sense entrepreneurship. 

Then he had iPod, he was the first child to get one in school. It was a mess to connect the iPod to the computer. There he wanted to use a port. But still, his love for tech did not avoid buying the stuff. 

Later he also got iPhone. To purchase the iPhone Carl Pei got the assistant from his friend. Carl Pei did not get iPhone directly. Instead, his friend has to book and then made paid a $450 cancellation fee. In this way, Carl Pie got the iPhone. 

Then he always enjoyed innovation in the smartphone industry. In each period, there was massive innovation in the industry. Initially, there was an Android phone then iPhone came with massive changes. So this instigates Carl Pie’s thirst for innovation.

In the future, Carl Pie Nothing company brings massive disruption to the smartphone industry.

 Carl Pei Nothing Company Values 


Every company has its core value. These core values help the company to grow and sustain for years. Even Nothing company also has some values which made them grow quickly. 

So here are some of the Carl Pie Nothing company values 

Be the Change : Values of Nothing Company

Carl Pei believes that innovation can distract. CEO innovation or being the change is one of the core values of nothing company. Because every product will not be perfect. So there should be e continuous updates of the product. 

Then only a product can become flawless. So so now in the Smartphone industry, there are no massive innovations. But Carl Pei Nothing Company is bringing it to change the industry. 

The proof is Nothing smartphone comes with unique lighting at the back. So this is the kind of innovation they bring. 

Even the future plans, there will be a progress bar on the home screen. So this progress bar with an indicator of battery charge. Also, I will indicate whether the cabs arrived at your home or office. 

So there is no need to look into your phone for waiting for cabs. This is the kind of innovation upcoming by Carl Pei Nothing company. 

Giving Priority for Products : Values of Nothing Company

Every company gives importance to its product. But the importance fades off once there is growth in the company. Then the company focuses on making revenues. Later the company slows down with product improvement. 

In this way lot of smartphone, companies are lacking in product development. But Carl Pei Nothing company e is focusing on product development continuously. 

Carl Pei OnePlus company made to understand the importance of Products development. But Oneplue made Carl Pie avoid product development. This became the prime reason Why did Carl Pei leave OnePlus? 

Diversity : Values of Nothing Company

Carl Pei Nothing company is focusing on diversity. So here Carl Pie told that a great team can be built by people from different states. 

Because everyone will have the ability to bring change. So one has to look after the great people around the world. Rather than searching around the sides of the wall. 

Even in nothing company most of the software engineers and designers are from Europe and Sweden. Then the hardware engineer is from China. So China is known for its great iT hardware parts. So the people in China are obsessed with making hardware components. And also they are best at working with hardware components. 

So Carl Pei Nothing company needed them the most. In this way, nothing company can become successful and people company. 

To build a great company, there should be great talents in the house. So nothing company’s core value is diversity. 

Survival core value of Carl Pei Nothing company 

Nothing company had a humble beginning. So it was a great challenge for Carl Pie how to set up a company without money and influence. Even though he is a former OnePlus founder, but still struggles a lot to build another company. 

There were times when the companies struggle to survive for months. So, so and another core value of nothing company is survival. Every is like a challenge for nothing company. 

So the employees dream about the next day’s survival. As a result, its employees will work e relentlessly for the survival of the next day. 

Carl Pei Oneplus company did make him survive in the company. This made him for hunger innovation at an extreme level. 

In this way, Carl Pei build Nothing Company in 2020. Also gave core values to the company.

Nothing Company initial phases 

Carl Pie started Nothing Company in 2020. But during the initial stage, Nothingcompany did not have anything. So it was challenging for Carl Pie Nothing company. 

In 2020, Nothing company went on to manufacture Bluetooth headphones. For the manufacture, a manufacturing company was needed. But no manufacturing company to make a deal with Nothing company. 

So it was tough for Carl Pei to make a deal with the manufacturing unit. Then finally Nothing Company got one of the worst manufacturing units. Besides, it had a plot of lawsuits. 

However Carl Pei I was happy to find the least manufacturing unit. But this manufacturing unit could not able to replicate the designs done by the engineers. 

So it was a big task for carl Pei to deal with the challenge. Later Carl Pei took apartments near the manufacturing unit. Then he appointed 15 engineers to work in the manufacturing unit all 7 days a week. 

Engineers literally had to work on the floor, to rectify the fault from the manufacturing unit. So it was a very humble beginning for Nothing company. 

Carl Pei Nothing company started introducing headphones rather than directly heading to smartphone manufacturing. They did it deliberately because initially, Nothing company gained recognition and trust from the people. 

This was the initial Carl Pei Nothing company story.

Nothing company struggle in 2020 

In 2020, Nothing company got started to disrupt the smartphone market. But the Corona pandemic spread all across the world. 

Finally, there was an economic slowdown. At this stage, Carl Pie did not get it is funding easily. 

This made him very anxious. Also, he would get nightmares. There are so many instances that he would wake up at 4 a.m. Then started thinking about the funding. 

So it was a tough time for Carl Pei and to Nothing company. Finally, he would get the funding agreement to deal with. But the funding would start to come after three or four months. 

In this way, Carl Pei Nothing story was becoming harder and harder. 

Nothing Company in Indian Market 

Carl Pie OnePlus company disrupt the Indian smartphone industry. So similarly, Carl Pei wants 8 to capture the Indian market once again, but this time with Nothing company. 

So, nothing company is aiming to capture the smartphone industry. But Carl Pei states that the Indian market is too tough to crack. Because a lot of people here are tech Savy. Always the people look for perfection. They know in and out the information about smartphones. 

Therefore it will be challenging for Nothing company to crack the code. But in Indonesia, the people focus on the price. So mobile companies can track the market if they give affordable prices. Their people will not look into the feature intensely. 

Now there are over 3 million BlueTooth headphones are shipping. On the other hand, 1.5 billion smartphones are reaching customers every year. Now Nothing company enters the game.

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Role of Carl Pei in Nothing 

Carl Pie is the founder of a nothing company. Most of us Wonder What Carl Pie does in the manages. 

 so Carl Pie answered in an interview in a humourous way ” I don’t know what I do “. But as a founder

  • He manages the team 
  • If there is any disputes amount the team member then Carl pie would go and solve the problem. 
  • Make sure the environment is fine to work 
  • Think and execute the future plans for Nothing company.

Meaning of Nothing Company  

Most of us wonder about the name ” Nothing”. So, Carl Pie would keep one searching for the names of his new company. But he could not find the appropriate one. So, he would discuss with his younger sister names like 

  • Next 
  • Stone 
  • Essential 

But Carl Pei’s sister did not like either of them. So, one day he got the name ” Nothing” and even her sister finds it cool. Finally the name out as ” Nothing Company”.

Nothing company investors 

Carl Pei till now ( September 2022) raised $150 million of funding. But the special about the investment part is that some Indian celebrities and entrepreneurs are also taking part 

  • Yuvraj Singh 
  • Karan Johar 
  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee 
  • Ranveer Allabadin 

Some of the lead investors of Nothing company are 

  • Future Shape 
  • Crowndcube 
  • Animoca Brand 
  • C Ventures

In this way, Carl Pei Nothing story is getting interesting. Therefore Carl Pie Nothing company will disrupt if things go well

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