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Khan Sir success, achievements, and Biography 


Success meets people who fight against struggle. Also continuing the journey of their dream. The people who constantly work hard will meet success face. 

So everyone wants to be persistent and consistent towards the work. Many people will quit in the middle. But those who believe in themselves and their work will continue till the end. The spirit of fighting and struggle should instill in the achievers. 

It’s not all about convenience and facilities will get to success. But the way a one who faces hard times will win. 

So in this blog, we are going to learn about khan sir success, achievements, and biography. 

Khan Sir Childhood 

Khan sir comes from a humble family from Uttar Pradesh, Gorakhpur. Then Khan Sir was Born in 1992. He was not fortunate enough to enjoy the basic facilities. Because he was born into a poor family. 

He came to know that his family was in the shadow of poverty. In Khan Sir’s family, his father does not retire from the Army. So his father could not get a stable job. As a result, his family was suffering from a financial crisis. 

It is a very pathetic situation for Khan Sir. Because he could not able to afford to buy a pencil. At worst, he could not even buy a notebook. So Khan Sir would go near the place of his school, where the old notebooks were thrown. 

Then he used to take the pages from the old notebooks and collect them and finally reach home. Then Khan sir’s mother joins those pages with the help of a thread. So he could able to go to school with a notebook. 

In this Where Khan sir’s financial situation was worst at its peak. But still, Khan sir would get the beatings from the master. Because he could not able to purchase the books given by the school. 

This was the utmost poverty that anyone could face. In this way, khan sir childhood went on to become challenging. But Khan Sir did not quit, instant kept on fighting the odds. 

Khan Sir Education 


After fighting his financial condition during his childhood. He built his interest in the army. Also, Kahn Sir so was very passionate about the work. Because he was inspired by his father, a Soldier. Even his elder brother was also in the army. 

In this way, he was connected to the army and e wanted to work for the country. He had a deep vision to represent his country. But the fortune had different routes for him. 

Khan Sir was very good at shooting. In his tenth class, his master/ Colonel Uday Singh was impressed by his shooting skills. He used to aim the target so closely, that not every other student would. 

So these kills impressed Uday Singh and also gave them the motivation to work and achieve his goal. To achieve his goal, he wanted to clear the NDA exam. So, with his relentless hard work, he cleared the NDA exam as well. 

Khan Sir was one step ahead of office success. The next step was to clear his fitness test. During his fitness test after his NDA exam, unfortunately, he miserably failed. The unique angle of his hand also the structure of his leg made him unfit. 

So finally Khan Sir dream did not transform into reality. During that time, he was shattered and lost hope in his life. Khan Sir success was not easy from now onwards. As a result, he completely collapsed. 

Khan Sir could not able to contribute to the country. He had a lot of Dreams to serve his motherland India. But unfortunately, he could not able to become Army. During this hard time, his father gives a lot of motivation. Also told it is not the ultimate way to serve the country. There are a lot of other ways to contribute your work to change the country. 

So, this was an important moment for Khan Sir’s success in the future. This gave him a lot of positive energy e and then thought to continue his education. 

Khan Sir completed his 10th standard, in CBSE English. Then again in the 12th, he went to Hindi medium. Because he felt that CBSE was hard to learn. Even he hardly understand anything. Basically, he comes from a rural background. So, his English could not meet to understand the CBSE syllabus. 

Then after completing his 12th, Khan Sir continued his education in BSC, Geography. 

Advice for youths from khan Sir

From Khan Sir education, one can understand that he took a lot of different approaches. So once in an interview, khan sir told me that if you are not comfortable with any of the things then try to change them. Because one cannot come up in life and move forward if he is not enjoying it. 

Even Khan Sir describes the student interest. Every student Has different capabilities. So the student has to identify their capability and act accordingly. But most of the students follow the other student. 

And finally, become a failure. Because the student is not focusing on his strength. As a result, a lot of student faces issues in their life. So the advice from the Khan sir, this focus on your interest, rather than following the herd.

Even Khan sir followed the principle and now a lot of people are reading about “khan Sir success story”.

Khan Sir Success story: Beginning 

After completing BSC, Khan Sir thought to open educational institutions for students. So, Khan Sir went to Patna, in search of a place for his institution. 

A lot of times he could not able to afford train tickets for his journey. Most of the time he could not able to reach his home due to a lack of money. Even Khan sir had only 40 rupees, but the track cost of the train ticket was 80. So, khan Sir rapper stays in Patna. 

Then finally, he started his educational institution in Patna. He becomes famous because of his teaching skills. Because khan sir was teaching students humorously with his Bhojpuri dialogues. 

Khan Sir success footprint was going gradually upward. But there were a lot of struggles that began again. Because in his institution, the price was affordable. Also, students were eager to attend his classes. This made other Institutions hostile toward Khan Sir academy. 

So the other institution made a lot of attacks. 

Khan Sir Bomb attack 


Sometimes some Gangster would throw bombs into the institution. Fortunately, Khan Sir’s life was saved many times. Sometimes bomb was so close to Khan Sir, that he would go directly from this earth. But due to god grace, the bomb did not explode. 

Then Khan Sir was also abused and thrashed by the “GUNDAS”. But after the attack, he did quit. Even the student also supported him instead of running the home to save their life. 

After the bomb attack, students would guard the Khan sir academy outside. Then e another student would replace them so that they can study meanwhile. In this way, students supported Khan Sir. 

Khan Sir success was not an easy and comfortable path to meet. Instead, the way was filled with danger and struggles.

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Khan Sir Success story 


Gradually, Khan Sir success was meeting the Patna. He was recognized for his teaching skills. Initially, the capacity of his Academy was Limited Hundred. To meet the demand, it extended its capacity to thousands. 

Later, the student interest was so high, that even the Academy hall was not enough to fit the students. Even some students would stand in the hall to listen to the lecture of Khan Sir. 

Khan Sir felt pity because a lot of students could not able to listen to his teaching. Because of a lack of space in an institution. Even his Desire for teaching more students made him take a different approach. 

So in 2019, Khan Sir started a YouTube channel called ” Khan GS Research Center“. It was a humble beginning, he made lighting arrangements with bamboo sticks. 

Later in 2020, the Corona pandemic strikes the world. Then the scene was completely changed. Consequently, e student was not able to go to or institution. All schools, colleges, and institutions were closed. 

Then Khan Sir wanted to help a student. So he went on to create YouTube videos. Now he was completely dedicated to his YouTube channel. 

The success of Khan Sir Youtube channel 

On his YouTube channel, khan sir was teaching about current affairs, geography, e physics zoology, Botany, and many more. 

The main traction was his teaching style. Most of the educational videos but professionally taught. So most of the educational videos were not engaging enough. 

But Khan Sir h YouTube channel was unique because he taught the most difficult topics easily and humorously. There were some Bhojpuri dialogues in his teaching so that students would enjoy and learn. 

In this way, Khan Sir YouTube channel become a favorite for Aspiring students. From having 100K subscribers initially, now in 2022 the subscribers went up to 17 million. 

For every video from Khan Sir YouTube channel, I would easily reach 2-3 million views within a few hours. Then Khan Sir success went on exponentially with the growth of his YouTube channel. 

At present, Khan Sir alto launched paid courses for students. Khan Sir courses for affordable for students. It surprised around 200 rupees so that it could reach a lot of students. Till now, 42 lakhs students have taken the courses. Now Khan Sir success is impacting a lot of students’ lives.

What is Khan Sir Real name? 

Most of the students don’t know the real name of Khan sir. A lot of people know him as a “Khan Sir”,” Patna teacher” or ” Patna Sir”. In most of the interviews, Khan Sir told that no one need to know me by his name.

That they would know me by taking skills and his work. Also, Khan Sir told that he was not working for any Fame. He just wants to dedicate his work to the nation’s development. 

According to some reports, Khan sir real name is ” Amit Singh”.

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Khan Sir Achievements

Khan Sir success path was incredible. He just disrupt the education system. Even he had an impact not only in education but even in other fields as well. 

Even Khan sir has a great love towards animals, especially Towards cows. So he opened “Goshala” in Patna. Even Khan Sir built a library in Patna so that students would get the benefit. He is doing incredible work to empower students.

Protestor and went to Jail 3 times 

Khan Sir was an activist in his college days. During his BSc, he used to participate in protests. Even he would fight for the rights of the student. 

So he took active participation in the protest and wanted to make a difference. Many times, Khan sir’s radical nature in the protest, made him go to jail 2-3 times. 

Strengths and Weakness

In one of the interviews, Khan sir told about his strengths and weakness. 

So here is Khan Sir Weakness 

  • He is quite emotional. So someone could easily make him emotional. Sometimes he will become emotional and also give words (promises). 

On other hand Khan Sir Strengths 

  • He is extremely persistent in his work. No one could stop him to achieve his goals. Even Khan Sir success path in building his institution was a great example of his relentless hard work. 

So in this way, Khan sir built his institution and now empowering millions of students in India. His dream is to reach every student of India. From now onwards money should not be a barrier for any student to get formal education. 

Now Khan sir is contributing to his Nation. Even though he could not able to become a soldier to serve his Nation. But being a teacher is empowering students and contributing to his motherland.

Blog Summary

  • Khan Sir Success story
  • Khan Sir childhood
  • Khan Sir education
  • Khan Sir struggles
  • Khan Sir success on the Youtube channel

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